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I really enjoyed the show, but was surprised that the participants had so little time for their projects and also that they were expected to be painters, carpenters, seamstresses, upholsterers and so on. I thought they would be judged more on their expertise as designers and less on their speed and expertise as construction workers. I would think that top designers would tend to need leadershiip and management skills, shopping skills skills and some time to meditate upon and visualize a project, although their talent certainly rises to the top when they can do such a good job with the above restrictions. With some notable exceptions (!) I was very impressed with what most of them managed to come up with on such a limited budget in so little time. I would have liked more time to see the finished products rather than the speedy flashes we got. After all, how exciting is it to watch water flowing over a sink or watch someone endlessly scrubbing paint off a floor and then feel you missed the main event? Very engaging show. Appleyanne