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Toradora! Box Set 2 Premium Edition Anime DVD Review

With the first half of Toradora, I got a show that was a fair bit of fun and had some interesting characters and situations as well as some really great animation. I liked the design of it all a lot and the way the characters interacted with each other, but a lot of it came down to the fact that the characters felt real and flawed. It plays the real world card pretty strongly but it balances it with a couple of decent quirks and it made Taiga the key factor with her style and attitude but it never really goes over the top. The charm of the characters is what really shines through and grabs you. Toradora's second half boils down to dealing with all the relationship issues that have been coming to a head. The group that's involved here certainly have had an interesting time so far and we've seen some elements worked through such as Takasu getting involved with Taiga's father issues and the way he essentially abandoned her again. The mix of characters here has a few crossed wires to be sure as there are interests across the board but a lot of them not returning it. Kitamura works through his time and interest with Sumire in an amusing way when he learns that she's leaving the country as he goes all rebel, bleaching his hair and more. His attraction to her definitely comes across as real, especially after Taiga rejected him the year before, and seeing him go through it again is tough and his reactions make sense, even if some of it is a touch forced. Source Here

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