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Total Drama Action

I just added the first two episodes for TDA... Tell me if there's any problem with the link...

A 'Total' Must-See!

TDI is a parody of a certain reality show that sees its contestants stranded on an island, forced to 'survive' through challenges, personal issues and isolation. The characters are not the average stereotypes, but are hilarious modern representations: the crazy one absconding the government, the evil manipulate-ress, the sexist, the chubby fart loving underdog... The challenges are excellent-- ranging from a fear factor-esque eating challenge to an all-night-in-the-scary-forest-challenge. Here's hoping for a second season!

Total Drama Island!!!!!!

TDI is an awesome show that blends a cartoon with a reality show.The show is both funny and crazy,you'll never know what crazy thing is going to happen next! I LOVE TDI! My Rate: 5/5