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So Underrated - it hurts my soul.

Man, this is comedy at it's finest. It's a great addition to the growning 'Mocumentary' genre and is very simply produced but with superb effect. There's a movie too, so check it out. Another fine thing from Canada! I did laugh my head off many times, and I love all the characters equally, but have a definite affiliation and empathic to Conkey.... where his best moment begins with: 'This gettaway was brought to you..' and you'll have to watch to catch the rest of one of the funniest lines in comedy.

Funniest Show Ever ~ Canada's Best Kept Secret!!!

As we all know, Canada is responsible for some of the finest things the modern man has ever known. From hockey to professional wrestling, maple syrup to smooth wiskey, Canada has given the modern world a wide variety of marvelous things. Holding true to this mold of greatness, Mike Clattenburg has delivered a jewel of a comedy in Trailer Park Boys. With an awesome cast, and truly hilarious stories, TPB is, by far, my favorite series at the moment. If you've never seen Trailer Park Boys before... the best way to describe it is, COPS, only from the criminal's side. The three main characters, Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles are life-long friends that grew up and currently reside in Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Tired of having to live from one crime to the next, and wanting to be able to live better than comfortably for the remainder of their lives, the boys are always plotting and scheming up ways to make money by any means neccesary. Ricky is, by his own words, "stupid" and "can't think well", but what he lacks in brains, he more than makes up for with his green thumb, when it comes to growing weed. Everyone says that Ricky can grow 'best dope around', and could really do something with his gift of growing, if only his brain didn't get in the way. Julian is the brains, brawn, and the leader of the group. He doesn't tolerate b.s., but deep down has a heart of gold. He'll do anything it takes to helps others... and to get what he wants. Though he's been down before, his 'positive thinking' helps him to make the most out of any hand he's dealt. Bubbles is the conscious of the three. He's insightful, intellegent, and always tries to keep Julian and Ricky from getting into too much trouble. When no one else can control them, Bubbles is the voice of reason. He also loves "kitties" and the band, Rush. As if Ricky's mishaps aren't bad enough, another thorn in the boys proverbial side, is Trailer Park Supervisor, Jim Lahey, and his assistant, Randy. Jim is a former police officer turned alcoholic supervisor. He's constantly blaming Ricky for his alcoholism, as well as the less than satisfactory condition of Sunnyvale. He has made it his mission to rid the park of Ricky, and he will not relent until Ricky is back behind bars. Randy is Mr. Lahey's "assistant". He's also Mr. Lahey's not-so-secret lover. Randy was a male prostitute previously, and that's how Mr. Lahey and him met. In a "it's a small world" moment, Barb, Jim's ex-wife, took Randy in off the streets after learning he was a homeless prostitute, and made gave him a job as Jim's assistant... unbeknownst to their relationship. Needless to say, with the boys schemes to get rich, and Mr. Lahey's burning desire to have Ricky put back in jail, there's all sorts of fun mis-adventures that will have you laughing uncontrollably throughout the entire show. There is simply too much to mention, but rest assured, you'll be addicted after the first episode. There's something for everyone in Trailer Park Boys, so I highly recommend watching it. 5 Star Show