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'Treme' Season 3 trailer: New hope and new problems in New Orleans

HBO's new trailer for Season 3 of "Treme" hints at some good things, and some ominous ones, for the people of New Orleans.On the one hand, the city is continuing to recover from Hurricane Katrina, tourists are beginning to return, and Delmond (Rob Brown) is continuing to to get accolades -- including some from his dad (Clarke Peters) -- for his trumpet playing.On the other hand, houses are still being demolished, and crime is still a big problem (along with corruption or indifference from the police force). There's also an ominous-sounding line about "the chance to monetize the culture" of the city.Janette (Kim Dickens), who's still based in New York, sums things up pretty well by saying that while she thinks of home every day, "I just don't know if I want to through it all again."Season 3 of "Treme" premieres Sept. 23 on HBO. What do you think of the trailer?... //

Treme Season 3 Teaser: This Town, You Can't Make It Up

By the time that Treme dances its way back into the HBO second line, it will have been 14 months since the New Orleans-based drama aired an episode. In that time, the show has moved from the spring to the fall, had a proposed end date floated about, and prepared Antoine, LaDonna, Janette, and all the rest for the next phase in the construction of their post-Katrina lives. But where exactly is everybody at in said phase come season three? From the looks of the first teaser released for the season, it'll be a little bit of progress and a little bit of familiarity. Most exemplifying that diagnosis would be Davis, who seems to have retreated back behind the boards for a role as a producer rather than the front man he tried to be last season. He'll be a more active participant in the music world than his time as a DJ and allowing himself much more creative freedom than he had when dealing with a band, so perhaps this will be the ideal move for him. Read More... //

'Boardwalk Empire' and 'Treme' get premiere dates; TCM sets Ernest Borgnine tribute

News and notes from the world of television, served up in bite-sized form, including items on the coming season of "Spartacus" and Syfy's "Total Blackout."- HBO has scheduled premiere dates for the third seasons of "Boardwalk Empire" and "Treme." "Empire" will debut at 9 p.m. ET Sunday, Sept. 16, and "Treme" will follow at 10 p.m. Sept. 23. [HBO]- Syfy has picked up 16 more episodes of its goofy/fun competition "Total Blackout." The show, Syfy's highest-rated new series of 2012, will return for a second season on Nov. 13, and Jaleel White will be back as host. [Syfy]- TCM will pay tribute to the late Ernest Borgnine with a 24-hour marathon of his films on July 26. The lineup includes his Oscar-winning performance in "Marty" along with "From Here to Eternity," "The Dirty Dozen" and an hour-long "Private Screenings" interview with TCM host Robert Osborne. [TCM]- ABC has ordered up a cooking competition show called... //

'Treme' Season 3 Delayed: Scoop On Season 3

Fans of the acclaimed HBO drama "Treme" will have to wait longer than expected for the third season of David Simon's tale of life in post-Katrina New Orleans. The Season 3 premiere has been pushed back to the fall , according to a report in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. "Treme" had previously been scheduled to return in the spring of 2012, after Simon reportedly told HBO in November that his writing team was planning to wrap up the story in four seasons . The one positive of the Season 3 premiere delay is that it could set HBO up with a stellar Sunday night fall lineup, if the network decides to pair "Treme" with " Boardwalk Empire ." In a recent interview with Moviefone , one of "Treme's" executive producers/directors, Anthony Hemingway -- who was promoting his new movie "Red Tails" -- hinted at the direction the show might take when it does return for Season 3. "It's getting more into dealing with the crime of the city. It's really showing that when no one cares, you have to step up and do it on your own. That's kind of its thematic thing, where you see all the characters end up having to really step up and make it happen on their own," Hemingway told Moviefone. "The government, the city, everything turns its back on you and has no help for you. It's parallel with what's going on in the world today, with Occupy Wall Street and being in the 99 precent. It's along the lines of where we are right now actually." //

'Treme': David Simon says four seasons is 'optimum' for the series

"Treme" began shooting its third season for HBO this week, and if things break the way co-creator David Simon hopes they will, he'll get one more season after this one to conclude the show's arc.Simon, co-creator Eric Overmyer and fellow writer George Pelecanos met a couple times between seasons to hash out the story for the remainder of the series, and Simon tells the New Orleans Times-Picayune that they came up with two more seasons' worth of material. That would put the end of "Treme" at the close of Season 4. Simon tells the paper he sent a memo to HBO detailing their plans for the show.Whether Simon's wish is granted is still an open question, of course. HBO hasn't committed to anything beyond the coming season yet. The channel's executives have previously voiced support for letting "Treme's" story play out the way its creators envision it, but there are no guarantees.In a follow-up e-mail... //

True Blood's Chris Coy Moves to Treme

Chris Coy, best known for playing Barry the telepathic bellboy on True Blood , is moving to Treme as a new series regular, Deadline reports. Coy, 25, joins the HBO drama for Season 3 as a...  //

'Treme' Actor Michael Showers Found Dead in Mississippi River

"Treme" actor Michael Showers was found dead in the Mississippi River near New Orleans' French Quarter, the Times-Picayune reported. He was 45. Showers, who had a small, recurring role as New Orleans police Capt. John Guidry, was spotted by a steamboat captain and pulled from the water Wednesday, the newspaper said. John Gagliano, chief investigator for the Orleans Parish coroner's office, said he appeared to have been in the water for two days. Read More... //

6 Emmy nominations that should go to 'Treme' (but probably won't)

For the longest time, "Friday Night Lights" was our go-to example in bitter Emmy snub rants -- but with 2010 nods for Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton and this year's presumed farewell kudos, it might be time to move on to another criminally overlooked series. "Treme."Despite collective critical swooning and a sophomore season that blew its masterful predecessor out of the water, the HBO drama about a handful of loosely-related characters post-Katrina New Orleans doesn't come up much in awards discussion.Last year it did manage to pull in two Emmy nominations for direction and original music -- oddly matching the series-total of nominations of co-creator David Simon's previous series, "The Wire" -- but by the time the Golden Globes rolled around, it had been overshadowed by HBO's newer, shinier "Boardwalk Empire."So how many Emmys does "Treme" deserve? Well, all of them. But given the confines of the qualifying episodes and the fact that it... //

Treme's Khandi (Alexander) is Dandy

As her character, bar owner LaDonna Batiste Williams, raged at the rapist who attacked her — and the legal system that temporarily freed him due to a clerical error — Alexander powerfully embodied the citywide anger at the lawlessness in post-Katrina New Orleans. The actress, who was unjustly denied an Emmy nomination for her fiercely nuanced turn as a recovering drug-addict mother in Treme creator David Simon's 2000 miniseries, The Corner , deserves long-overdue recognition for this role. Read More... //

Davis and Antoine Face Reality Checks of Their Musical Dreams on 'Treme' (VIDEO)

Being in a band is never an easy thing. With all those fragile egos and dreams of superstardom, it can be difficult to be on the same page always. On 'Treme' (Mon., 10PM ET on HBO), Davis has always made things even more difficult for himself, but to his credit he tried to roll with the changes and punches in the band. When he showed up at a gig to see a new guy in the band and find out that other people had made changes to the set-list and set things up to spotlight themselves a bit more, he even rolled with that. Not without a few curse words, but he rolled with it. //