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TREME Season 2 Finale “Do Watcha Wanna” Season 2 Episode 11 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the season finale episode of  TREME  "Do Watcha Wanna" Season 2 Episode 11 which airs tonight on HBO. Episode Synopsis : TREME "Do Watcha Wanna" Season 2 Episode 11 – Jazz Fest takes  center stage in New Orleans , giving Treme residents a welcome respite from a challenging year. Story by David Simon & Anthony Bourdain; teleplay by David Simon; directed by Ernest Dickerson. Read More... //

TREME “That’s What Lovers Do” Season 2 Episode 10 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos  of the upcoming episode  of  TREME  "That’s What Lovers Do" Season 2 Episode 10 which airs tonight on HBO. Episode Synopsis : TREME "That’s What Lovers Do" Season 2 Episode 10 – The community  mourns a fallen artist; Toni asks Colson for inside help; Sonny is smitten at the docks; Janette earns a new nickname at the Lucky Peach; Sofia is tempted at her job; Antoine’s showboating costs him a singer; and Delmond and Albert head south to cut their record. Written by Eric Overmyer; directed by Agnieszka Holland . Read More... //

Wendell Pierce Jazzes Up Treme

The immensely appealing actor, best known for his role as dogged Det. Bunk Moreland on Treme   cocreator David Simon's   The Wire   brings humor, buoyancy and Nawlins-native street cred to the role of trombonist Antoine Batiste on HBO's post-Katrina drama. The second season has allowed Pierce — and his character — to grow, as he's started up his own band, Antoine Batiste and the Soul Apostles (fronted by the wonderful vocalist Wanda Rouzan) and taken a job teaching band in the New Orleans public-school system. The classroom scenes are reminiscent of the peerless education-themed Season 4 of   The Wire . Read More... //

HBO renews 'Treme' for Season 3

"Treme" will be back for a third season. EW reports that HBO has given the green light for another outing of David Simon ("The Wire") and Eric Overmyer's critically adored drama about post-Katrina New Orleans. The character drama, only three episodes into its sophomore season, is not one of the network's strongest showers in ratings. It's roughly 1 million average audience is dwarfed by its fast-rising Sunday time slot neighbor "Game of Thrones." The latter has seen a steady increase since the premiere, drawing around 2.4 million. But at the end of the day, "Treme" is remains to be excellent television. And HBO does what it wants.... //

TREME “Santa Claus, Do You Ever Get the Blues?” Season 2 Episode 4 - Preview

Episode Synopsis : Aunt Mimi (Elizabeth Ashley) and Davis (Steve Zahn) form a record company and sign rapper Katey Red; Janette makes her dramatic departure from Restaurant  Brulard; Antoine reluctantly lands a teaching job. //

TREME “On Your Way Down” Season 2 Episode 3 - Preview

If you were hoping for things to get better for the people of  TREME , tonight’s episode "On Your Way Down" will not be it, at least not according to Dani’s advance review . But despite it all, there is always hope and that’s why we watch the show. But for now enjoy  the synopsis, episode preview  and some pictures below. Episode Synopsis : LaDonna (Khandi Alexander) confronts the return of the crime problem; Sofia (India Ennenga) channels her father’s YouTube rants; Toni takes the Abreu case; Janette (Kim Dickens) and Albert (Clarke Peters) apply for Road Home money; Sonny barely escapes  arrest. Read More... //

TREME “Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky” Season 2 Episode 2 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of  TREME  "Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky" Season 2 Episode 2 which airs tonight Sunday, May 1 at 10pm on HBO. Episode Synopsis : TREME "Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky" Season 2 Episode 2 – Despite her reluctance to take on new cases, Toni helps a Massachusetts man who wants to know what happened to his son after Katrina. Meanwhile, Albert plans to cook a Thanksgiving turkey whether or not he has a place to do it; Annie learns the quirks of Davis’ music-cataloging system; Antoine considers forming his own band; and Nelson gets acquainted with the local business community . Read More... //

'Treme' sells music videos on iTunes, reminds us about Juvenile

12 years after he invited the world to "Back That Azz Up," Louisiana rapper Juvenile dropped by the Season 2 premiere of "Treme" for a performance with Galactic and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.Looking on from the mezzanine, Davis' (Steve Zahn) explained to Annie (Lucia Micarelli) that the gumbo-like status of New Orleans music permits even someone like her to join in on the fun. And though we question the pairing of Juvenile and the fiddle, we'll keep an open mind. "Treme" as just as much about the music as it is anything else, so it makes sense that HBO would drive that point home in its promotion of Season 2. The network (via USA Today) will post full music videos from the episodes on iTunes every Monday at $1.49 a pop. Galactic's "From the Corner to the Block" is the first tune to get the treatment, and upcoming weeks will see the release of... //

'Treme' Season 2 premiere: 'When an American city suffered a near-death experience'

The Emmy- and Grammy-nominated and critically acclaimed HBO series "Treme," which chronicles the rebuilding of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, is back with its Season 2 premiere Sunday night (April 24)."We are following the actual timeline of post-Katrina New Orleans as a means of understanding what happened - and what didn't happen - when an American city suffered a near-death experience," says show creator David Simon, "In doing so, we're trying to address ourselves to what the American experiment has become and what possibilities remain for us. We are an urban people now. How we live together - and of what we are capable or incapable of achieving as an urban people is going to define our future. New Orleans and its recent history speaks to that."Recent Oscar-winner Melissa Leo tells Zap2it that in Season 2, her character of Toni is "a bleeding heart not just for left-leaning politics but for music,... //

TREME Season 2 Premiere “Accentuate the Positive” - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the premiere  episode of  TREME  "Accentuate the Positive" Season 2 episode 1 which airs tonight Sunday, April 24 at 10pm on HBO. Episode Synopsis : TREME Season 2 Premiere "Accentuate the Positive" – Antoine contemplates a move, while LaDonna resists one; Davis moves in new directions, personally and professionally; Toni worries about Sofia’s emotional distance; Colson contends with the return of crime to New Orleans ; Annie returns from a national tour. In New York, Delmond debuts his new album, while Janette holds her tongue in the kitchen of a demanding boss. Juvenile sits in with Galactic and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Read More... //