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TREME Season 2 Poster and Trailers

Check out the poster and some trailers for Season 2 of  TREME  which returns for 11 new episodes on Sunday, April 24 at 10pm on HBO. Treme  Season 2 Synopsis:   It’s more than a year since  Hurricane Katrina  and its aftermath. The national spotlight on the Crescent City has dimmed, and residents are finding it harder than ever to rebuild their lives. Some have become expatriates in distant cities.  The insurance  checks that never arrived for homeowners were followed by the bureaucratic nightmare that was the Road Home program, and a land-grab is underway as developers and disaster capitalists press their advantage. Crime and drug use are up, and corruption and graft are endemic, with civic institutions unable to counter any of it. Read More... //

TREME (HBO) Season 2 Teaser Trailers

Check out a couple of teaser trailer  for season 2  of  TREME  which premieres on Sunday, April 24 at 10pm on HBO. Treme  explores a unique American culture rebuilding after historic devastation, chronicling the life of New Orleans residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Read More... //

HBO Sets Premiere Date for Treme

HBO is heading back to New Orleans with the Season 2 premiere of Treme on Sunday, April 24. Treme chronicles New Orleans three months after Hurricane Katrina as its citizens struggle to put their lives, and their city, back together. Among those citizens are a part-time DJ and jazz aficionado (Steve Zahn), a bar owner torn between staying in New Orleans or settling in Baton Rouge (Khandi Alexander) and trombonist Antoine Battiste (Wendell Pierce). //

Did John Goodman's 'Treme' character Creighton Bernette have to die?

In a word: "Yeah, " series co-creator David Simon said when asked if the elimination of John Goodman's character. a Tulane professor battling post-Katrina depression, was absolutely necessary. "And that was planned from when we went to John Goodman to ask him about the part. We didn't kill him because he had (another acting) commitment. We didn't kill him because we don't love the hell out of John Goodman. He represents something in the psyche of New Orleans post-Katrina that needed to be addressed, and it needed to be addressed in more than an offhand comment from a cop about someone who killed himself. The suicide rate was quadruple the national average for a period after the storm. To Read More Click here .

How many people watched 'Treme' on HBO?

"Treme's" ratings were far from blockbuster. Its premiere had 1.1 million viewers, the finale 931,000 (compared with "True Blood's" 4.2 million on the same night). According to HBO, "Treme" averaged a cumulative weekly audience -- through replays an on-demand views -- of 3.2 million. "I've always gotten creamed on Sunday night, " series creator David Simon said. "I've never dominated (with series premiere ratings), and I don't expect to start with a show about musicians in New Orleans. The real issue is, can we build over time? To Read More Click Here .

Will HBO release 'Treme' soundtrack CD and series DVD?

A soundtrack CD (which will include Steve Earle's finale-concluding song "This City, " "Treme" co-creator David Simon said) and the DVD box set of the first season are in the works, but release dates aren't set. Rob Brown as 'Treme's' Delmond Lambreaux. Best guess: Later this year for the music CD (maybe sooner for downloads), early 2011 for the DVDs. To Read More Click Here .

What will next season's 'Treme' story lines be?

Series co-creators David Simon and Eric Overmyer will meet in July, joined by new "Treme" writer-producer James Yoshimura, to begin plotting next season. Yoshimura worked with both on "Homicide" and won a Peabody Award for writing that show's sixth-season episode "Subway, " in which Vincent D'Onofrio played a commuter trapped by a subway train. The full writing staff will begin meeting again in August. Filming begins again after hurricane season. To Read More Click Here .

'Homicide' veteran James Yoshimura to join 'Treme' writing team

James Yoshimura, who worked with “Treme” co-creators David Simon and Eric Overmyer on the NBC drama “Homicide: Life on the Street,” will join the New Orleans-set HBO drama for its second season, Simon said. “He’s a wonderful writer and a talented producer,” said Simon, adding that he, Overmyer and Yoshimura will meet in July to begin the process of plotting “Treme’s” second season, to be joined in August by the full writing staff. To Read More Click Here .

Treme's Finale Is About the Characters, Not New Orleans

From the beginning, Treme co-creator and executive producer Eric Overmyer has insisted that HBO's post-Katrina New Orleans drama is a different animal from The Wire. And Overmyer says Sunday's 80-minute finale (10/9c on HBO) proves the point again. While Overmyer's co-creator David Simon often ended seasons of The Wire with big thematic statements, Overmyer says their approach with Treme was to remain solely focused on the characters. "We're learning things about these characters as we go," Overmyer says. "We had some notions about these characters to begin with, but they've all changed and evolved as we've discovered how the show works. I think at the end of the season, the characters end where they end at that moment in time. Some people are thinking about leaving, some are more determined than ever to stay. It's just human stuff - it's about these characters and not about New Orleans as the whole." To Read More Click Here .

Treme-zing Grace

As HBO's post-Katrina New Orleans drama has weaved its way towards Sunday's Season 1 finale, even die-hard fans of The Wire creator David Simon have found their patience tested by his new show's pokey pace and frequent breaks for (admittedly fabulous) tunes. Simon seemed to respond to the criticism when he had John Goodman's Tulane professor Creighton Bernette tell his students of Kate Chopin's novel The Awakening: "Don't think in terms of a beginning and an end, because unlike some plot-driven entertainments, there is no closure in real life." Then Creighton apparently committed suicide by jumping off a ferry. Who's complaining about nothing happening on the show now? To Read More Click Here .