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'True Blood,' '30 Rock' up for Producers Guild nods

After being largely ignored at the Emmys, HBO's vampire drama "True Blood" has landed a nomination for the Producers Guild of America awards. In the Norman Felton producer of the year category for drama series, "Blood" faces awards juggernaut "Mad Men" and three other best series Emmy nominees: ABC's "Lost," AMC's "Breaking Bad" and Showtime's "Dexter." In the Danny Thomas producer of the year comedy series category, another dominant awards player, NBC's "30 Rock," is nominated alongside NBC's "The Office," Showtime's "Californication" and "Weeds" and HBO's "Entourage." CBS' veteran newsmagazine "60 Minutes" leads the pack in the nonfiction TV category, joined by four unscripted series: Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch," A&E TV's "Intervention," Bravo's "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the 'D' List" and Showtime's "This American Life." The fourth series category for the 21st PGA Awards, announced Monday, is a head-scratcher. Called "live entertainment and competition TV," the category features four reality series: CBS' Emmy-winning "The Amazing Race," Fox's "American Idol," Lifetime's "Project Runway" and Bravo's "Top Chef," as well as Comedy Central's news satire "The Colbert Report." The winners will be announced at the PGA Awards ceremony on January 24 at the Hollywood Palladium. Source

'True Blood': Grant Bowler Cast on Season 3 - Featured

" True Blood " hired an Australian actor to play one of the new characters introduced in the third season. Grant Bowler, the actor who has recurring roles in both " Lost " and " Ugly Betty ", will be in the vampire drama series for a not-yet-known role. He confirmed his participation to Australia's Sunday Telegraph, saying "Mate, it's HBO and it's the King. ...It's the chance to work for an Oscar-winner [series creator Alan Ball] and alongside an Oscar-winner [Anna Paquin]." No further statement was made. "True Blood" will be back in June next year with the production kicked off around January. Some casting calls have been made for roles such as vampire Franklin Mott, Reverend Daniels, a ringleader of biker thugs named Cooter and an "intensely beautiful" vampire named Talbot. No actors have been attached to any of them. Bowler is still committed to "Ugly Betty" playing Connor Owens who shakes Wilhelmina's world. Upon being cast on "True Blood", he would have to juggle between shooting the HBO series in Los Angeles and "Betty" in New York. Source Here

SideReel Thanksgiving: Top 10 TV Things We're Thankful For - Featured

Happy Thanksgiving weekend Reelers! Now everyone go around the table and say what they're thankful for. Okay, we'll start. Since we here at SideReel have a minor TV obsession, here are the top 10 things on TV kendra and RachelL are thankful for this year! Check out the list below and check out our explanations for each one on this week's special Thanksgiving edition of SideReel's 'This Week on TV' video podcast ! 10. Jon & Kate Plus 8 ending 9. Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory 8. Jane Lynch on Glee 7. Cable TV including HBO , FX , and ABC Family 6. The True Blood wardrobe team 5. ABC's Wednesday comedies 4. Ashlee Simpson's Melrose Place (2009) axing 3. The Office wedding 2. NBC's faith in Chuck and Friday Night Lights 1. Lost got an end date (& a premiere date) Do you agree with us or are there other TV-related wonders of the year you're even more thankful for?

'True Blood' Casting Bill's First Wife

A vintage-looking woman is sought to fill in the role of Bill Compton's first wife on " True Blood ". The HBO show will bring back the image of Bill's family before he was sent to the Civil War and turned as a vampire on his way back home by a vampire woman he was getting food from. In the casting news for Caroline Compton, it is specified that the character lives in 1866 as a "lovely, very strong, brave, well-bred and well-spoken Southern woman". Said to be a "great scene", the role involves Caroline pulling a shotgun on the intruder into her house, clearly prepared to use it, till she realizes it's her husband Bill, whom she was sure had died in the War. One particular requirement for the actress auditioning for Caroline is to have a resemblance to the woman in the attached photo. It means, Caroline should be brunette, pale and rather slim. The show will have the story about her on the third episode of the third season. Based on the information acquired by Spoiler TV, the filming will begin on December 3. "True Blood" had been exposing little spoilers for the anticipated third season through its casting calls. Among the new characters to be introduced are Sam's younger brother, new vampires Franklin Mott, King of Mississipi and Talbot, villains F*ck You Crew and a gay Latino. The new season starts airing in June 2010, creator Alan Ball has confirmed during Paley Center for Media last month. Source Here

Pam of 'True Blood' Says Yes to Lesbian Story

Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Ann may not be the only lesbian on " True Blood ". After creator Alan Ball projected his thought of having other characters to have a same-sex relationship, actress Kristin Bauer has stepped forward to express her willingness to participate in that storyline. Bauer plays Pam the sidekick of Eric and the screener of Fangtasia. Ball said he thinks Pam has a "lesbian vibe", explaining further, "I don't know that that's all she is, but she certainly does seem to appreciate the women." "I wouldn't be surprised," Bauer told E! about Ball's plan to have Pam swinging the other way. "I think she's pansexual." One character that she pointed out to be her potential love interest was Ginger. "There are so many hot ones, but I'll pick Ginger. Ginger's hot. Ginger's fun. She's a screamer and she's a blood donor," the actress stated her reason. The show is indeed no stranger to GLBT characters. Lafayette, who is the flamboyant cousin of Tara, will be getting a new love interest in the third season, Ball confirmed. Beside, the new character King of Mississippi aka Russell Edgington who is played by actor Denis O'Hare will also be gay. He has a long-term partner named Talbot. The third season of " True Blood " arrives in June 2010. Source Here

'True Blood' Spoilers: June Premiere, Naked Eric and More - Featured

It has just been confirmed at the Paley Center for Media that " True Blood " will be back for the third season in June 2010, the same time frame when season 2 debuted. During the panel held in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 28, creator Alan Ball and other writers such as Raelle Tucker and Alexander Woo came out with a lot of spoilers for the new season. First thing first, Ball answered the question about season 2's cliffhanger where Bill was abducted by an unknown person. Ball spilled that fans need not wait long because it will be revealed immediately in the first episode. Another juicy spoiler would be shirtless Eric. "Alexander Skarsgard appears without most of his clothes in the very first episode of season 3," Ball revealed. On which characters will strut back, Ball said, "There are a big boatload of new characters in season. Even the Newlins may appear again." He also confirmed that Evan Rachel Wood will return as Queen of Louisiana, something which the audience at the panel were not too excited about. Pam and Nan Flagan will also show up. Interestingly, one dead character which will be resurrected in the form of flashback would be Godric. Regarding the fate of Sookie, Ball said, "There will be more conjecture about what she is and she will be more driven to discover what she is." In fact the theme for the third season would be "Identity". Her relationship with Bill may not be a smooth ride in season 3 but they "have a connection that will not die." The third season is based on Charlaine Harris' third book "Club Dead". Ball said that he has a responsibility to stay true to the book but then there would be no surprises. Source Here

'True Blood' Casting New Vampires and Sam's Brother

The third season of " True Blood " has begun casting new characters who will either be a regular, a recurring or a guest. Calls are made for the actors to fill in the roles as a new vampire, Sam's brother, and a gang crew who will play a part in torturing Bill. The new vampire would be Franklin Mott who is in Charlaine Harris' third book "Club Dead". Unlike in the book version, the show is looking forward to present Mott as a "sexy" 25 to mid 40s character instead of an early 60s man. Mott has a lot of scenes with Tara because he has "an immediate and torrid connection" to her after meeting at a local bar. Sam's quest to find his real family will be enhanced with his younger brother's presence. Tommy Mickens is a dirty but good looking youngster who works at a Tire Depot in Arkansas. He tends to hide his identity because his family has been owing money all over town. He is unaware who Sam is. Both Mott and Mickens are slated to be regulars. The new villains will be the F*ck You Crew. Cooter is a ringleader of the biker thugs who love the taste of V. Together with the other three bikers Louie, Gus and Jimmy, Coot stabs Bill for his blood. These people may as well be the kidnappers of Bill in the season 2 cliffhanger. Other characters are "intensely beautiful" vampire named Talbot, a gay attractive Latino named Jesus Velasquez, young NYU grads seducing Jason for threesome, Eric's new dancer at Fangtasia, Reverend Daniels, an elderly woman named Olivia and African American couple Betty and Marvin. "True Blood" will be back for the third season in summer 2010. While the characters above have not found the actors, King of Mississipi has had Denis O'Hare to portray him. Source Here

Tara of 'True Blood' Coming to 'Cleveland Show' - Featured

While " True Blood " is still taking a seasonal break, Rutina Wesley is crossing the bridge to provide a voice for Fox's " The Cleveland Show ". The depicter of Tara Thornton in the vampire series will take a new approach by voicing a girl with "big" qualities. "I'm playing Cleveland's wife's best friend," Rutina told TV Guide magazine. "They've known each other since they were kids. She has a big butt, big earrings and a real big voice. I love her." Her character is named Yvette and she will appear in the November 15 episode titled "Ladies Night". According to the synopsis, Cleveland is upset when he finds out that Donna is still attending a single mothers' support group. A spin-off to " Family Guy ", "Cleveland Show" has been renewed for a second season last week. With the back nine episodes order, it will return with 13 episodes in Fall 2010 and stay on screen at least until mid 2011. Meanwhile, "True Blood" will be back on HBO summer 2010 with the third season. Tara has just lost the love of her life, Eggs, who got mistakenly killed by Jason. Source Here

True Blood Tidbits: What's Ahead For the People of Bon Temps? - Featured

True Blood 's Season 3 won't return until next summer, but we can still bring you the scoop on what's happening when the HBO series returns. "It's a crazy season," executive producer Alan Ball tells "It picks up right where we left off and things get weird really fast." As Ball already spilled, someone is going to die and we'll be pretty happy about it. Find out what else he teases, including the juicy relationship between Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Sookie (Anna Paquin), and the addition of some new characters. Also, get a few extra tidbits from your favorite shaggy dog, star Sam Trammell. Theme of Season 3: "It seems to be that it's about really embracing one's identity," Ball tells us. "Season 2 was more about how religions can make people do things that maybe they wouldn't do otherwise; it gives them the freedom to do things. This season is a lot about what it means to be who you are, or what you are." Sookie's background: "Sookie still doesn't know exactly what she is. She will get closer to figuring out why she has these random powers that show up when they do," says Ball. (Spoiler alert: In the books, Sookie discovers she has fairy blood running in her.) "She is definitely part of a different race," adds Ball. "In terms of fairies, like perky fairies with wings, like Tinkerbell, no, they're not like that. If it is fairies, they're fierce. They're not pretty, soft, glamorous, gossamery things. They're really, really, really powerful and primal creatures." Sookie and Eric: Sookie's been seeing visions of her and Eric getting - ahem - friendly. Will their romance actually progress, not just in her head? "I can definitely tell you [we'll see that] in the show. I don't know if it will necessarily be in Season 3. Of course they're going to come together, it's fated. It's not something that's going to happen right off the bat." Sam's real family: "There's some new shape-shifters who may be Sam's biological family," teases Ball. Adds Trammell, "As I understand it, I'm going to be trying to find my biological family, who put me up for adoption or abandoned me. I have a feeling they're going to be very creepy, sketchy, weird, shape-shiftery weirdos. They're going to be bad news." Sam's love life: "Can he ever trust a woman again? I don't know if he can, so he may have to just turn into an animal, stay an animal and seek love that way," jokes Trammell. "I hope he does, in all seriousness, but it could take a season or two for him to build up that confidence again." Who's coming back? "The Queen is coming back," Ball reveals. "Godric is coming back for an appearance, a flashback. There's some new vampires in town, there are some werewolves. We do have a lot of werewolves coming in, male and female, but we haven't started casting for the show yet." Source Here


SOURCE BBC NEWS WEBSITE Talking Shop: Stephen Moyer Stephen Moyer is the latest British actor to take US television by storm as vampire good guy Bill Compton in the hit show True Blood, which starts on Channel 4 later. Moyer has played a vampire once before for a BBC show With his flawless southern-US drawl and chiselled Hollywood good looks, it is a surprise that the 39-year-old hails from Essex, far from the fictional swampy Louisiana town of Bon Temps. In the show, vampires have been drawn into the open after the invention of a new synthetic human blood substitute called True Blood. Moyer's character - an American civil war soldier who turned vamp in 1868 - begins a love affair with telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin. He is now engaged to his co-star who, in 1994 at the age of 11, became one of the youngest Oscar winners in history for her performance in The Piano. The show has been a huge hit in the US already. Are your American fans still surprised when they meet you and hear your English accent? However much press that Hugh Laurie does and however many interviews they see him sounding English, when they meet him in the street, they still can't believe it and that's the reaction I get. It's lovely for me, you know, I have dark hair in the show and I'm pale and I have the dark sideburns so it's like a whole costume by itself. It's very enjoyable. I would ask how exciting it was to be play a vampire, but you've already played one in the BBC series Ultraviolet. Did that make it easier the second time around? Well, the character I played in Ultraviolet loved being a vampire and the character this time is somebody who struggles with it. He struggles with the fact that he has to feed on humans. He's trying to live a decent life and is very conflicted and tortured which is great fun to play. True Blood The cast is about to begin filming the third season of True Blood At the moment, most vampires seem to be brooding and self-loathing - don't you miss the gleefully evil, sexy vamps who enjoy drinking the blood of young virgins? Oh, there's plenty of them in our show. And as we get deeper into the show, we get to meet those vampires that you're talking about . And Bill, for all his attempts at being a decent - for want of a better word, human - is conflicted and he won't prey on the innocent. But he's quite happy to find people who cause pain to Sookie and if he finds them, he will take them down. There are quite a few parallels in the story with, for example, the American civil rights struggle. Many vampires are just looking for social acceptance. Definitely, as soon as you get told that Alan Ball [Oscar-winning writer of American Beauty and Six Feet Under] is involved, you have to take it a bit more seriously. It's not going to be just some camp romp, although there is some of that. But when I read it, I saw parallels between segregation between black and white and the issue of homosexuality and any minority that you want to bring to the table. Bill has gone through such pain and has lost his wife and children and you really do feel for him. Do you have a favourite portrayal of a vampire - who is the definitive bloodsucker? For me , the original Nosferatu is just so compelling and dark and weird. Our fascination with vampires didn't really start until after that and they made the vampire attractive. I'm a massive fan of Gary Oldman and I also love Hammer and the new Swedish movie, Let The Right One In, was an extraordinary film. There's a current revived interest in vampires which has surely helped True Blood's success. On the flipside, are you worried that people will start to tire of the craze? You do think when will the zeitgeist end and when will people stop being interested, but I think that Alan has created so many ideas within our show. The second season has already gone out in America and it was even bigger than the first season so there's going to be werewolves, there's going to be other supernatural characters. Ultimately it's just a framework for telling a story. Our show isn't really about vampires, it's about human relationships and how people interact with each other. Anna Pacquin Paquin's character is initially ostracised for her relationship with Bill You met your new fiancee on the show. Do you find it hard to switch off when you go home for the day? We both love the show, Anna and I, and if we have a scene coming up, maybe we feel that we've seen before, we'll try and do it in a different way and we'll talk about work then. We always try and make it fresh, but when we've done that - it just becomes about life, not vampires any more. We met on set, everyone knows us on set and as a couple, but that's really where it stops. You celebrate your 40th birthday later this week, have you got a big party planned? I've got a bunch of friends coming out to a country house that I have rented for the weekend and we are going to make merry. We've got an Indian Elvis playing and we've got some children's entertainers and it's going to be a riot. I'm sure my 'hilarious' friends will be doing something with comedy teeth. True Blood starts on Channel 4 at 2200 BST on 7 October. Stephen Moyer was talking to BBC News entertainment reporter Kev Geoghegan.