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The 7 True Blood-iest Sex Scenes in True Blood History

  Jason Stackhouse and Sarah Newlin in the church. Lafayette and James in the parking lot. Jason and Jessica in the back of a pick-up truck.Eric and his fangbanger from Estonia going at it for six hours in the Fangtasia dungeon. Jason and a random hook-up outside Merlotte's by the dumpster.The whole town in front of Sookie Stackhouse's residence. In the oversexed world of True Blood, such moments are commonplace; everyone in Bon Temps is doing it everywhere. But of all the sex scenes that have taken place on the show over the course of its seven seasons, its not the many very sweet, touching, and romantic moments that will be True Blood s legacy, butthe crazy, bloody, head-turning ones. Here are seven of True Blood s craziest and most memorable sex scenes.   Read More... //

Top Moments: The Leftovers' Killer Twist and Birth's Big Switch

  Our top moments of the week: 9. Worst Wake-up Call: As if Briggs doesn't have enough on his mind already now that Charlie is pregnant, the FBI agent gets a disturbing phone call on Graceland that turns everything upside down...   //

The 17 Most Disgusting Deaths on True Blood

  A few things to remember about True Blood as we head into this Sundays season finale. First, the show was a foundational building block in the house of adult-oriented, trash-as-prestige drama that now includes far more respectable titles like Game of Thrones , The Walking Dead , American Horror Story , and Fargo . Second, it boasted a unique blend of knowing camp and rule-breaking storytelling that bad-faith critics regularly mistook for incompetence. Third, it was dirty, escapist, sexually gratuitous, and most of all, disgusting . Seriously, this thing was basically a vampire-themed Itchy & Scratchy cartoon at times. With that in mind, let's take a look back at True Blood 's most gnarly deaths.   Read More...   //

True Blood Series Finale: Own the Robe Jessica Wore After Sleeping With Hoyt For the First Time!

True Blood will end its seven-season run in just four days with a highly-anticipated series finale, but if youre not ready to let go of the HBO hit just yet then fear not, because were happy to tell you that a piece of True Blood history can be yours forever for the right price of course. Read on for more details! To commemorate the end of True Blood,, the leading Hollywood collectibles auction site, will host an online auction of more than 1,500 props, set decoration... //

True Blood Series Finale: Own the Dress Jessica Wore to Her Karaoke Party in Season 5!

Want to own a piece of True Blood history before the HBO series ends its seven-season run this Sunday? Read on for more details!   Read More... //

'True Blood' sneak peek: See which of Sam's items will be auctioned off

With  "True Blood"  coming to an end on Aug. 24, HBO and ScreenBid have partnered to auction off some of the most memorable merchandise from the show's seven seasons.   In anticipation of the auction beginning on Wednesday, Aug. 20,  Zap2it  can exclusively reveal two items that will be up for grabs, and both center around Sam Merlotte: Sam's letter to Sookie, and the Merlotte's BBQ Ribs sign. Read More... //

True Blood's Second To Last Episode Remembers Great Love And Weird Sex

What a weird, weird, weird episode of True Blood. This is the second to last episode of True Blood ever and there was so much good, and so much wah-wah Vampire Bill. But that's OK, because love returned and now we are all alive again.   Read More... //

'True Blood's' Jim Parrack on Hoyt and Jessica: "I Dont Think They're Meant for Each Other"

The actor tells THR his character's relationship will have a "hopeful" ending.   Read More... //

Alexander Skarsgrd on The Giver, True Blood and the Sack of Destiny

  As the oldest of eight siblings, Alexander Skarsgrd has always had a way with kids, which may have helped him on the set of The Giver , an adaptation of Lois Lowrys dystopian novel that arrived in theaters this weekend. Playing a character known as Father, hes responsible for taking care of genetically engineered babies before they are placed into their assigned family units. Of course, if any of these infants fail to thrive right away, Father gives them release something Eric Northman, the vampireSkarsgrd has portrayed on True Blood for seven seasons (and who refers to children as teacup humans ) would call the True Death. While Father doesnt recognize the concept of death, Eric has confronted it many times over but its not the prospect of his own death that troubles him anymore now that he has been cured of Hep-V. With Bill (Stephen Moyer) refusing to take the cure himself, effectively deciding to commit suicide, Sookie has grown increasingly distraught, and Eric does not like his love interest to be distraught. Skarsgrd, who has spent the last two months shooting Tarzan , called Vulture up from London to chat about dispensing death, his racy scenes on True Blood , and what hes going to do next.   Read More... //

'True Blood' Series Finale Preview: Will Sookie Have Her Happy Ending?

Sookie is not ready to say goodbye to another person she loves while Bill insists Sookie is going to be better off without him.   Read More... //