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Watch Now Online: Last Night's New True Blood, Entourage, Defying Gravity and More! - Featured

Last night had some deliciously dramatic new episodes of our Sunday favs, plus the premiere of ABC's new space drama! Catch what you missed or re-watch what you loved. Primetime TV: Defying Gravity - Watch 'Pilot' and 'Natural Selection' True Blood - Watch 'Release Me' Entourage - Watch 'Running on E' Hung - Watch 'Do it, Monkey' Army Wives - Watch 'Coming Home' In Plain Sight - Watch 'Once a Ponzi Time' Drop Dead Diva - Watch 'The Chinese Wall' Big Brother 11 - Watch 'Episode 11' The Storm - Watch 'Part 2' Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Watch 'Alpha Dog' J.O.N.A.S - Watch 'Love Sick' Kendra - Watch 'Undress Rehearsal'

Episode 7 PROMO!!!

watch true blood episode 7 promo! As most of us didn't get a chance to attend the fabulous Comic Con (oh what I wouldn’t give to go just once!), here’s what HBO threw at us to agonize over in the next weeks while we eagerly await to see how the story of our favorite vamps and gorgeous human waitress unravels. Enjoy! :) watch true blood episode 7 promo!

'True Blood' Season 2, Episode 7: Release Me - Preview - Featured

During the Saturday, July 25 panel of San Diego Comic Con, Sam Trammell who plays Sam Merlotte in the series said that he "gets a little bit lucky with Daphne". On his character's development in the second season, Sam said, "Sam's a real magnet for abuse this year in a lot of ways. I'm just trying to survive this year. But Sam's journey in this year, and hopefully years to come, is really sort of sparked by Daphne and what she teaches him, and whether he grows from that or regrets it, we'll have to see." Next week on " True Blood ", Sam along with Tara are held captive. Betrayed by Daphne, Sam finds himself in an unenviable predicament at the hands of Maryann and her zombie minions. Also in the August 2 episode, imprisoned with Hugo at the Light of Day camp, Sookie uses her telepathic powers to reach out to Bill, who's being detained at the hotel by an adamantly obsessive Lorena. After crossing a church line, a fearful Jason tries to sever his ties with the Fellowship of the Sun, but gets plenty of resistance from Steve and his lackey, Gabe. To Watch The Preview Click Here . If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now Source Here