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Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: True Blood Reactions & Exciting Reality TV Premieres

Welcome to a new week of TV! If you missed any of your SideReel editorial team's columns last week, and/or want to check out our bios and more, visit our editorial team page: ''' Reel Critics .'' Don't forget to check our list of premieres each week like this week's Take A Break From World Cup Excitement To Check Out This Week's Summer Premieres , and keep track of all the upcoming summer premieres on our full Summer Premiere Schedule ! True Blood Premiere Reactions As is often the case with premiere episodes after a dramatic cliffhanger-packed finale, this season premiere of True Blood had to deal with a lot of not-as-dramatic follow-up... but really, when it comes to True Blood, even the "dull" follow-up is downright fantastic, sexy, and still pretty darn dramlicious! While some of the story dragged a little bit, we still had a fully naked Eric, a sexy Sam fantasy about Bill of all people, Bill's badass escape, Tara's (hopefully) almost suicide from Eggs agony, Jason working on getting back to his pre-Christian and pre-Eggs killing self with two girls, and oh yeah - Bill feeding then meeting two seriously scary werewolves! Okay, I take it back - this was a pretty awesome episode! But what did you think? I've seen some mixed reviews today, so tell me if your reaction was that it was all not-so-exciting follow-up or if you thought it was actually great! What I'm Excited for this Week on TV Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List - I guess I lied when I said in This Week in TV 6/13/2010 that Top Chef is my only reality show these days! One of my ultimate light summer favs is definitely Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List which premieres its 6th season Tuesday on Bravo. Some find that Kathy Griffin's celebrity slam humor rubs them the wrong way, but hey, it's all in good fun, and overall, I think she's hilarious! It's also fun to get this actually real (at least far more so than The Hills !) look at celebrity life that isn't all glitz and glamor all the time. She purposefully includes all her embarrassing moments of people and celebrities not knowing who she is (note the show title), and isn't shy to show the rough points in her life too. Overall, it's a pretty real reality show filled with humor, so why not have a little summer fun with Kathy! Top Chef : Washington D.C. - Top Chef is one of my top reasons (besides True Blood ) that I actually look forward to summer TV. This one premieres Wednesday on Bravo at an all new time, 9/8c, so don't miss it if you're a fan used to that 10/9c slot! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the new season plays out in D.C. as just like all cities so far on Top Chef, it has its own flavors and style that I'm sure they'll incorporate into the challenges nicely. But really, I'm just dying to know if they'll get to cook at the White House or if at least Michelle Obama will make an appearance! What are you most excited for this week on TV? The SideReel Editorial Team is on Twitter! Follow Kendra @sidereelKendra Follow Rachel @sidereelRachel Follow Alex @sidereelAlex Follow Dom @animereel Last Week's Editorial Columns Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Glee Finale, True Blood Premiere & Playing TV Catch-Up Alex's Reality Rant: My 10 Favorite Reality Stars To Stalk On Twitter Dom's Boy Meets Reel: Why This Year Is the Perfect Time to Start Watching the World Cup

TRUE BLOOD "Bad Blood" Season 3 Episode 1 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the season 3 premiere of TRUE BLOOD "Bad Blood" Season 3 Episode 1 which airs this Sunday June 13, 2010 at 9pm on HBO. Episode Synopsis: Sookie (Anna Paquin) turns to Eric (Alexander Skarsgd) for help in finding Bill (Stephen Moyer); Andy (Chris Bauer) urges Jason (Ryan Kwanten) to stay the course; Sam (Sam Trammell) reconnects with his past; Tara (Rutina Wesley) seeks refuge from her grief. Source & Preview

'True Blood's' new poster makes us wonder: What does TruBlood taste like?

HBO just released another fun " True Blood " promotional poster, which makes us even more thirsty for the Season 3 premiere on June 13. This time, it highlights TruBlood, the beverage which allowed vampires to come out of the shadows in the series and is actually available in the real world, too. Source Here

Second 'True Blood' Trailer Includes Shocking Facts

" True Blood " throws in a lot more surprises in its second and longer trailer for season 3. From the beginning to the end, the scenes cramped in the two-minute video reveal how Sookie is desperate to find the love of her life, only to be disappointed at the end. The most shocking factor in the trailer could be the phone call from Bill who tells Sookie not to find him. However, there are plenty of other interesting points such as the suspicion of vampire Franklin Mott having a hidden agenda, werewolf Alcide making a startling appearance before Sookie and Eric ending up on Sookie's bed. Additionally there's the first look of Sam's birth mother Melinda Mickens who is played by Tony winner J. Smith-Cameron. In Sam's story, his younger brother starts to know who Sam is but tries to get him killed. Meanwhile, Jessica finds a new mentor in Pam during Bill's absence. "True Blood" sticks its fangs out again June 13 on HBO. Source Here

Check Out SideReel's Summer Premiere Schedule & Mark These Dates On Your Calendar!

As much as we're already mourning the inevitable season-end of all our favorite shows, there's no need to be overly-dramatic. After all, compulsive TV-watching as we know it isn't completely over for the summer months ahead. I mean, for one, there will be more time to start marathon-ing those shows on SideReel that you keep swearing you'll start watching but never do (I'm guilty!), and the summer has plenty of its own shows to look forward to! From much-anticipated dramas like True Blood and Burn Notice to care-free reality guilty pleasures like So You Think You Can Dance and The Bachelorette , your TiVo may go through some Gossip Girl withdrawals, but it certainly won't be empty! Take a look at our list of noteworthy summer premieres to come, and don't forget to bookmark it so you can check back periodically for updates! Monday, May 24 9/8c: The Bachelorette on ABC 10/9c: Saving Grace on TNT Thursday, May 27 8/7c: So You Think You Can Dance on Fox Monday, May 31 10/9c: True Beauty on ABC Tuesday, June 1 8/7c: America's Got Talent on NBC 8/7c: Hell's Kitchen on Fox 8/7c: Wipeout on ABC 10/9c: Losing It with Jillian on NBC Wednesday, June 2 10/9c: Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC Thursday, June 3 9/8c: Burn Notice on USA Network 10/9c: Royal Pains on USA Network Friday, June 4 9/8c: Flashpoint on CBS Sunday, June 6 9/8c: Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime Television 11/10c: The Hard Times of RJ Berger on MTV Monday, June 7 8/7c: Lie to Me on Fox 8/7c: Last Comic Standing on NBC 8/7c: The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family 10/9c: Persons Unknown on NBC 10/9c: Neighbors From Hell on TBS Tuesday, June 8 8/7c: Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family Wednesday, June 9 11/10c: Work of Art on Bravo Sunday, June 13 9/8c: True Blood on HBO Tuesday, June 15 9/8c: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo Wednesday, June 16 9/8c: Top Chef on Bravo Sunday, June 20 9/8c: The Gates on ABC 9/8c: Leverage on TNT 10/9c: Scoundrels on ABC 10/9c: The Real L Word on Showtime Tuesday, June 22 8/7c: Wipeout on ABC 9/8c: Downfall on ABC 9/8c: HawthoRNe on TNT 10/9c: Memphis Beat on TNT Thursday, June 24 9/8c: Rookie Blue on ABC 10/9c: Boston Med on ABC Sunday, June 27 9/8c: Entourage on HBO 10/9c: Hung on HBO Monday, June 28 9/8c: Huge on ABC Family 10/9c: Make It or Break It on ABC Family Tuesday, June 29 10/9c: Rescue Me on FX 11/10c: Louie on FX Tuesday, July 6 9/8c: Warehouse 13 on Syfy Wednesday, July 7 8/7c: Minute to Win It on NBC Thursday, July 8 9/8c: Big Brother on CBS Friday, July 9 9/8c: Eureka on Syfy 10/9c: Haven on Syfy Sunday, July 11 10/9c: The Glades on A&E Monday, July 12 9/8c: The Closer on TNT Tuesday, July 13 9/8c: White Collar on USA Network 10/9c: Covert Affairs on USA Network Wednesday, July 14 10/9c: Psych on USA Network Monday, July 19 9/8c: Degrassi A The Next Generation on CTV -- 2-hour movie special! Friday, July 23 10/9c: Pillars of the Earth on Starz Sunday, July 25 10/9c: Mad Men on AMC 10/9c: My Boys on TBS Tuesday, July 27 9/8c: MasterChef on Fox Wednesday, July 28 9/8c: Plain Jane on The CW Thursday, July 29 9/8c: Project Runway on Lifetime Television 10/9c: Jersey Shore on MTV Sunday, August 1 8/7c: Rubicon on AMC -- 2-hour premiere! Tuesday, August 3 9/8c: Bad Girls Club on Oxygen 9/8c: Shaq Vs. on ABC 9/8c: 18 to Life on The CW 10/9c: The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo Wednesday, August 4 9/8c: Dark Blue on TNT Thursday, August 5 9/8c: The Real Housewives of D.C. on Bravo Monday, August 9 8/10: Bachelor Pad on ABC 10/9c: Dating in the Dark on ABC Monday, August 16 10/9c: Weeds on Showtime What summer premiere are you most looking forward to?

New 'True Blood' Promo: Meet the Angry Werewolf

A " True Blood " featurette that unleashes a werewolf in its animal state is released and marked "The Hunt Begins". Cast Stephen Moyer has confirmed previously that real wolves were used in the filming, and this could be one of the results. One of the actors portraying this creature would be Joe Manganiello who plays Alcide. Meanwhile, the imminent premiere of season 3 will be preceded by a trailer which is released over this coming weekend. In anticipation of that, HBO drops a short snippet featuring voice over. The conversations include "What do you want from Sookie?", "Don't underestimate me", and "This kind of moral anarchy cannot be allowed". Meanwhile, the title as well the synopsis of the first three episodes have been revealed. The June 13 season premiere is called "Bad Blood". Sookie turns to Eric for help finding Bill; Andy urges Jason to stay the course; Sam reconnects with his past; Tara seeks refuge from her grief. To Read More Click Here .

True Blood gets some season 3 promos

You have got to love True Blood , and if you don't well .. suck it! All horrible puns aside, True Blood is a great show, granted you can get past the high speed humping that Jason seems to always be doing. HBO has done a fabulous job in promoting the upcoming season and pushing all kinds of goods across the net and on TV. Check out a behind the scenes clip

TRUE BLOOD Season 3 New Video Featuring Tara (Rutina Wesley)

HBO has just released a new behind the scenes video clip featuring Tara (Rutina Wesley) to promote the Season 3 debut of True Blood which airs SUNDAY, JUNE 13 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT). In this clip, Tara is trying to get out of the house but she is stopped by a man at the door. After pinning her against the door, he seems to lunge at her to bite her. Once HBO has done a great job of selecting the most obscure scene that doesn't tell you anything except to say that Tara is about to get bitten...apparently.Still, this is definitely worth a look so. Source & Preview

'True Blood' Season 3 Promo: Waiting Sucks

The second season of " True Blood " began its encore screening on Sunday, March 21 and HBO decided to slip in a promo of the new season. Unlike a trailer, the short clip is taken from the on-set filming where Eric is armed down by a Merlott's employee and a shirtless guy. It ends with "Waiting Sucks". Watch the Promo HBO has announced that the third season will premiere on June 13. It began shooting in December 2009 with real-life wolves brought to the set in order to depict the werewolves as close to the animal as possible. As of last week, Ryan Kwanten confirmed that filming is still on-going. Some spoilers have made their rounds in the past few weeks including the return of Bill's maker Lorena in at least 6 episodes and the death of one character. Additionally, Carrie Preston is confirmed joining "The Good Wife", leading to speculation that the shocking thing that would happen to her character Arlene is the death itself. Source

'True Blood' Releases Production Start Teaser - Featured

Even the production start of " True Blood " gets an exclusively-made teaser. Without revealing any plot or characters, HBO announces that the third season is officially on track in production stage. The footage uses mostly the making of its synthetic blood drink, TruBlood. Watch the Production Start Teaser The new chapter in Sookie and vampire Bill saga will unfold in June 2010. Creator Alan Ball has added a lot of new characters and revamped the storyline in a way that the villain is no longer one but three. "We have a triumvirate of evil this season," he told EW. "I'm talking about Franklin Mott, Russell Edgington, and Debbie Pelt. They are all bad to the bone. They're not just crazy, they're evil." The show has found actors for Russell aka King of Mississippi and Franklin in Denis O'Hare and James Frain respectively but is yet to discover an actress for Debbie. "We actually beefed up Debbie. She's going to be in more episodes, so maybe that will have an impact on [what actress] we can get for her, which is a big question right now," he revealed the reason of late casting. In addition to the whole villain dynamic, the main characters are also facing personal demons. "He will continue to explore the whole Sookie thing and what that's all about," Alexander Skarsgard said about his character Eric. "He's trying to figure out what's different about her. He's intrigued by that. And in addition to that, there's something that happened a thousand years ago that he's still carrying in his heart. All I'll say is he's trying to avenge someone." Source Here