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True Blood Creator Talks Alcide, Season Three Romances - Featured

True Blood has made a number of casting moves over the last few weeks. And that's almost an understatement. Denis O'Hare, Marshall Allman, Theo Alexander, Grant Bowler, Kevin Alejandro and Lindsay Pulsipher will also play key roles on season three. But creator Alan Ball - who signed a new contract this week that ensures at least four full season of the show - isn't shy about citing the most important casting addition: Joe Manganiello as Alcide. The new character (a werewolf) plays an integral part in the book series on which True Blood is based. How did Ball know he found the right actor for the role? We were looking for a guy who was big, sexy, decent and heroic, with some darkness, he told Entertainment Weekly. And [Manganiello] showed us all of that in the audition. As for Alcide's relationship with Sookie (semi-spoiler alert!), the werefold isn't introduced as a potential suitor for Bill's gal. As in the book, he's helping her find Bill; and he has a business reason for owing Eric a favor," Ball said. He's there with her during a very painful time in her life - and his life, actually. And they're thrown into some pretty intense situations together. And hello, he's hot! And hello, so is she. Two hot people in some intense situations and, for whatever reasons, their significant others are not there... they're human. Well, not exactly. But we get his point - and can't wait to see how it all plays out. Source Here

True Blood: Lafayette's Boyfriend Found - Featured

One more name is tossed into the " True Blood " bowl as one of the new characters in Season 3. The casting directors have been looking for an actor to play a hot gay Latino named Jesus Velasquez and they have apparently found a match in Kevin Alejandro. The 33-year-old actor will be a major character in the new season because Jesus is slated to be Lafayette's new love interest. Jesus is to take care of Ruby Jean Reynolds aka Lafayette's mother, who is played by award-winning actress Alfre Woodward, and becomes entangled in a relationship with him. No clue yet when he would start popping up on the show but THR said he would appear in almost every episode of the season. Alejandro is one of the regulars on "Southland". The cop drama was canceled by NBC but had been picked up by TNT for a re-rerun of season 1 starting January 12. The rating will then determine whether TNT will extend it beyond the 6 episodes of season 2 which have been in production. It is confirmed that Alejandro would be able to juggle between the two even though "Southland" gets the pick-up. "True Blood" had begun the third season production before Christmas with the premiere target of June. News is still awaiting for the casting of bikers Louie, Gus and Jimmy, Alcide's girlfriend Debbie Pelt, NYU grads for Jason's threesome partners, elderly woman named Olivia and African American couple Betty and Marvin. Source Here

'True Blood': Meet Sookie and Eric's New Love Interests - Featured

More and more actors are joining " True Blood " as the fresh faces who will appear in the third season. Beside finding an actor to play the heavily recurring character Alcide Herveaux, the show also cast three additional actors for Yvetta, Reverend Daniels and Joe Lee Mickens. Showrunner Alan Ball chose to pick lesser known actor to play the werewolf Alcide. Joe Manganiello, best known as Owen on " One Tree Hill " gets his major break as Sookie's aid in finding Bill who was kidnapped at the end of season 2. In the book by Charlaine Harris, Alcide is summoned by Eric and will have a fling with Sookie. However, Alcide is emotionally attached to his on and off girlfriend Debbie Pelt. An actress is yet to be found to play Debbie. Ball said previously that Alcide would probably appear in the third episode. "This good-looking, rough-looking, but articulate and basically decent man is not what he seems. He is a heroic type and he and Sookie get along really well, and it's possible there's even an attraction between the two," Ball elaborated. Eric himself will get a love interest. The casting call for Fangtasia's new dancer has been filled by Natasha Alam, EW reported. Named Yvetta, the dancer is bound to have a sexual relationship with Eric which is not what suppose to happen between the boss and the employee. Alam is best known as Ava on " The Bold and the Beautiful ". Meanwhile, Tara's mom Lettie-Mae continues to explore her religion and she will find comfort in Reverend Daniels. Cast as the spiritual character is Gregg Daniel who made a recurring role on "City of Angels". The latest actor hopping onto the vampire series' wagon is Cooper Huckabee. Dread Central reported that the '80s actor joins as filthy-looking Joe Lee aka the husband of Sam's mother Melinda. The show is still looking for a hauntingly beautiful woman named Crystal, bikers Louie, Gus and Jimmy, a hot gay Latino named Jesus Velasquez, Alcide's girlfriend Debbie Pelt, NYU grads for Jason's threesome partners, elderly woman named Olivia and African American couple Betty and Marvin. Source Here

True Blood's Kristin Bauer Becomes Series Regular - Featured

The fang-tastic Kristin Bauer has staked her claim on HBO 's True Blood , becoming a series regular, TVGuide.com has confirmed. Bauer, 36, has appeared in 11 episodes of the vampire series as Pam, Eric's second-in-command at the vampire bar Fangtasia. Production on the vamp drama's third season kicked off last week. OK, so Pam probably isn't the big death that executive producer Alan Ball keeps teasing. Who do you think it's going to be? Source: TVGuide.com - True Blood's Kristin Bauer Becomes Series Regular