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Top Moments of the Week: Risky Business on Entourage, True Blood and The Bachelorette

TV took a few risks this week. Entourage 's Vince cut off all his beautiful hair. An artist created a shocking portrait of a beloved Disney character. True Blood had us clutching our pearls at a genuinely revolting vampire sex scene. James Franco made us worry about his career choices. And Bachelorette Ali sent a potential suitor hobbling off into the sunset. 12. Best Susan Boyle Impression: When Puerto Rico's Carlos Aponte, a nebbishy guy, auditioned for America's Got Talent, the producers played it for laughs. (His pre-performance interview package was to the tune of "Macarena," for example.) But Aponte had the last laugh. When he sang, an impressive tenor issued forth, wowing the judges and the audience. 11. Worst Decision: In the Season 7 premiere of Entourage, after a dazed Vince bungles a stunt, he unilaterally decides to cut off his signature curly locks. (I imagine Keri Russell sitting at home and saying with a sigh: "They never learn.") God, we hope he's not going to have to do any reshoots. 10. Best Tribute: Ryan Seacrest led a touching tribute at the Daytime Emmy Awards to Dick Clark. The legendary American Bandstand host was feted with performances and video messages from a bevy of artists whose careers were launched on his show. Among them: Marie Osmond, the Spinners, Tony Orlando and Chubby Checker. The group came together to belt out Barry Manilow's hit and the Bandstand theme song, "Bandstand Boogie," reducing Clark to tears. To Read More Click Here .

'True Blood': TV's most twisted sex scene of all time?

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched last night's True Blood and intend to, stop reading here. Ken Tucker's got your review of the episode. We just want to talk about that sex scene. We've witnessed - and rewound - some sexy hookups on this show (and, in fact, we've gone as far as to rank them), but I don't think Bill's angry tryst with Lorena qualifies. (Watch it below.) She had once again taken away his freedom, home, and humanity, and essentially forced him to leave Sookie to save Sookie's life, and he was consumed with hate. Any strong emotion for a vampire can cause the fangs to come out, and even though Lorena wanted Bill to make love to her - and somehow seemed to enjoy him TWISTING HER HEAD 180 DEGREES TO FACE AWAY FROM HIM - it's clear he was doing it to hurt her. That's why when she said, Oh William, I still love you with a bloodied grin on her face, all he could do was scream. (Seriously, Bill has become so much more interesting since he ended up in Mississippi in constant formal wear!) Source & Video

Promo - True Blood 3.03 "It Hurts Me Too"

Earlier we posted the news that True Blood has already been renewed for a fourth season. Below we have a promo and a short synopsis for the next new episode of True Blood, which will be airing on June 27. If you're into spoilers, we've also posted episode summaries for all of the July episodes of True Blood. To Read More Click Here .

'True Blood' 3.03 Preview: It Hurts Me Too

The search for Bill and the possible romance between Sookie and Alcide begin next week on " True Blood " episode 3.03. Sookie heads to Jackson, Mississippi in the company of Alcide, a werewolf bodyguard assigned by Eric to protect her. "There is definitely some [sexual] energy between the two of them," said executive producer Alan Ball to EW. "It's not like either one of them is looking for romance, but they're thrown into several intense situations [and] it's hard not to bond on a deeper level." Meanwhile, Franklin charms Tara, and gets Jessica out of a jam. Jason is distracted from his police exams, Bud reaches the end of his rope, Arlene copes with unexpected news and Eric bequeaths a gift to Lafayette. Haunted by visions from his past, Bill makes a surprising pledge of allegiance. "It Hurts Me Too" airs Sunday, June 27 on HBO. Those craving for more "True Blood" after last night's episode can enjoy a Postmortem featurette which is released on HBO's official site right after an episode airs. The one for "Beautifully Broken" contains a footage about the significance of werewolves in the Nazi era. Source & Preview