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True Blood: All New TruebieTV Recap - Season 3, Episode 8, "Night on the Sun"

This week on TruebieTV , Kendra (filling in for your regular Truebie, Alex) recaps and discusses the latest thrilling episode of True Blood , "Night on the Sun." Check out our new TruebieTV ep then comment below with your reactions to the crazy new True Blood developments from Eric nudity to Sookie's girlfight skills! TruebieTV: Season 3, Episode 8, "Night on the Sun" Recap

Sookie Fights a Werewolf on 'True Blood' (VIDEO)

On 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO), Bill is training "baby vampire" Jessica to be uber-fast for an expected fight against werewolves, whom he thinks might go after Sookie, too. "Why aren't you with her then?" asks Jessica. "If she needs me, I will know it," Bill replies. "But you love her." "I do." Werewolves do indeed make an appearance at the house. Meanwhile, Sookie's got her own problems. But being loaded with Bill's healing vampire blood -- and having a shotgun -- prove to be helpful weapons against a female werewolf. And then Bill appears. Is she glad to see him? Source & Video

True Blood: All new TruebieTV News including what's coming for Pam & Alcide this Season & More

It's time for an all new episode of TruebieTV News ! Get the scoop on what's coming up this season of True Blood for Pam and Alcide, season rating records, and Season 4 teasers. TruebieTV News - 8/5/10

'True Blood' 3.08 Preview: More About Lafayette's Mom

In the episode "Night on the Sun", "True Blood" is shaping up toward the end of the season with Bill getting hungry for blood and Jason protecting his sister from him. Shaken and disillusioned, Sookie rethinks her relationship with Bill. The episode is also centering on Lafayette's relationship with his mom, Ruby Jean, who comes to visit him by surprise. Played by Alfre Woodard, the character makes the impression that she is not well recovered from the mental hospital. "That was so much fun, because she's nuts and awful," Woodard said in an interview with TV Guide. "...I've shot three episodes already and there will be more." To Read More Click Here .

Video - True Blood 3.08 "Night on the Sun" Preview Trailer

Beware, True Blood spoilers ahead! The trailer for next week's True Blood, "Night on the Sun" is as nail biting as last night's cliff hanger. We know that Sookie woke up a little freaked out after Bill saved her life, but it looks like those around Sookie aren't about to let their vendetta's go either. In fact, it looks like the noose is getting a little tighter around Vampire Bill's neck. In the video, it looks like Jason is taking it upon himself to rid the world of one Bill Compton. True Blood fans can rest assured that Bill isn't going anywhere, that would be way too big of a change to the chemistry, but it looks like big changes are in store for Sookie and Bill. Eric learned a secret on last week's episode, and this week it looks like he is putting that secret to good use in prying apart the Bill/Sookie pairing. To Read More Click here .