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True Detective: Season 2 Review

True Detective returned this summer with a new location, a large cast, and high expectations. So did it throw us or thrill us?   Read More... //

True Detective: What Went Wrong

  The most damning thing that can be said about True Detective s second season is that its too amorphous to be constructively criticized. You might as well try to hold water in your hands. The sophomore outing of Nic Pizzolattos crime drama, which ended Sunday, was so disorganized, mannered, and altogether scatterbrained that its tough to say definitively what it was trying to be, much less analyze how it failed to reach whatever goals it might have set for itself. I defended it at first, but after a while I had to stop, because it was making a fool of me.   Read More... //

'True Detective' season finale recap in progress: 'Omega Station'

An ambitious, busted season comes to a bleak, unfulfilling conclusion.   Read More... //

True Detective Season TwoIs Over ... And Frankly, We Won't Miss It Much

True Detective s uneven second season wound down with Omega Station, a moody finale that spelled doom for many of its main characters. We finally learn who killed Caspere ... but the reveal is so anticlimactic amid the limp to the end, it only emphasizes how insanely overlong 90 minutes can feel.   Read More...     //

True Detective Season 2 Finale: Was It Enormously Satisfying?

Season 2 of HBOs pop culture phenom True Detective has been called baffling, misguided, even disappointing. The networks president of programming Michael Lombardo last week asked everyone to reserve judgement until after the season ends. I think the show works, Im enormously proud of it, he said at TCA last Thursday.I think you need to watch the entirety of it.   Read More... //

True Detective Season 2 Finale Review

True Detective's Season 2 ends with our heroes having to decide whether or not to try and take down the bad guys or escape with their lives.   Read More... //

True Detective Season 2 Finale Recap: Omega Station

Two conversations have surrounded what was a highly anticipated second season of HBOs True Detective: The first was how disappointing it was both in comparison to the first season and as a standalone body of work, the second how confusing the plot had become ahead of Sundays finale. Always bleak, packed with byzantine B-stories and laughably quotable, the last 90-minute chapter has been delivered and with it resolutions for its four leads.   Read More... //

True Detective Season 2 Finale Recap: In Search of a Better World

The finale on Sunday was like a microcosm of the entire season.   Read More... //

True Detective Finale: We Deserved a Better World

  Now that its second season is complete, I think it's safe to say this: We get the True Detective we deserve. I will readily admit to getting swept up into the zeitgeist-bursting first season, though I wasn't one of those tinfoil hat-wearing viewers who spent the week between episodes reading Robert ...   Read More... //

'True Detective' Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Lives and Who Dies?

It was never about the death of Ben Caspere. Not really. Great mysteries never really are just about the crime; they run deeper than that. The murder of Ben Caspere was a catalyst to open up a lexicon of conspiracies everywhere else. The double homicide sapphire diamonds case, the men's club sex parties, the California Rail commission, the political dynasty rivalry, the sex trafficking -- it's all one convoluted, giant web of a mystery that rapidly untangles in the True Detective season 2 finale, "Omega Station," until it narrows in on its characters.   Read More... //