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Tsubasa Season 1 Box Set Blu-ray Review

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE is a 52 episode series by Clamp from 2005-6; this boxset contains the first season (26 eps). The story so far is decent, with well-defined (if somewhat stereotypical), likeable characters, and a neat twist on the whole concept of quest But it is also obvious that I am no longer in the right demographic for a show like Tsubasa, because it really felt like a show that I would have enjoyed far more when I was twelve. Young archaeologist Syaoran and the Princess Sakura grew up together as best friends, and to anybody who knows the both of them, it is obvious that friendship will turn into true love once they get old enough to realize it. Sakura's brother the King is not particularly pleased with the idea, but he seems willing to let nature take its course, even if he does playfully tease her for falling for a commoner. The reason for his acceptance is an old prophecy that concerns Sakura and the ruins outside town. When powerful magic is activated in the ruins that Syaoran is studying, Sakura is drawn to them. It is revealed that she holds the key to unlocking an ancient secret, one that portends destruction if unleashed, but Syaoran interferes before Sakura unwittingly opens them. In the process of doing so, the magical wings that Sakura had sprouted scatter into feathers and disappear. Yukito, the magical advisor to King Toya, explains to Syaoran that Sakura's memory is stored in those feathers, and he (as Sakura's one true love) now must journey across the cosmos to find them and restore her. Read More Click Me!