Review of Tsubasa Chronicles

30 minutes

Sakura is the princess of Clow Country, which is ruled by her older brother, King. Her childhood friend Syaoran is a young archaeologist. Sakura is revealed to have strange powers when she has a vision of a mysterious symbol and places she has never seen. Meanwhile, Syaoran discovers the same symbol at the ruins he is excavating. He sees Sakura standing on the symbol on the ground. Ghostly wings appear on her back and a mysterious force begins to pull her into the walls of the ruins. Syaoran rescues her in time, but her wings are scattered across dimensions. The High Priest of Clow Country, Yukito, immediately realizes that Sakura's "wings" were the manifestation of her soul and memories; without them, she will die. In order to save Sakura, Syaoran must journey to retrieve her wings' feathers, the fragments of her memories.
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by sp393
Oct 4, 2014 1:49AM EDT

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Loved this anime. It actually had more than two pisodes but got cancelled due to lack of fundings.


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