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Tsuritama Episode #12 Anime Review

Tsuritama went big towards the end of the previous episode with what they boys are up to in trying to deal with the alien threat. Everyone came together under different circumstances, especially Akira, in order to do the right thing after the Duck organization screwed the pooch in whole. Their efforts to deal with the symptoms were unusual to say the least, but so were the symptoms. What made things particularly dangerous though was the shift to just destroying everything in sight in order to stop it from getting any further, which is what changed the tide of events just a bit in order to make sure that their own operatives weren’t killed in the action. With Enoshima the source of things in a sense, wiping it off the map certainly is one route to take. But how many people can really get behind that action? Read More... //  

Tsuritama Episode #11 Anime Review

Tsuritama has certainly taken some unusual turns along the way, but where it is at near the end here is sort of expected based on the foundation that we got for it. While much of it focused on the strengthening relationship between the four boys, we also knew that there was an alien component to it as well that became clearer and clearer. It was also a good chance at boiling over in a big way, which is why now we’re at a point where the Duck army is out of commission and the only resort left for those in power that know what’s going on is to take it out. If they could do it from orbit, I’m sure they would. Naturally, all that stands in the way, sort of, are the boys if they can change the course of events through their efforts. Read more... //  

Tsuritama Episode #10 Anime Review

With the town of Enoshima going through quite a series of events with the Duck organizatoin doing its best to "dry" everyone off that’s been hit with the water and drawn into the events of the aliens. The show has certainly taken the left turn we all expected it to take eventually. Seeing how everyone has been thrown in different directions while the group takes over and isolates the town and makes sure that everyone is safe is a lot of fun, especially since some are wanting to get more involved and just aren’t sure about what’s going on. There’s such a fear on the behalf of Duck’s members about the JFX gaining control of something powerful or destructive that they’re taking a no chances approach to dealing with the problems at hand. Read more... //  

Tsuritama Episode #09 Anime Review

With the series having always had that surreal air about it, things have gone pretty much off the rails from the start here as Duck has arrived and those forces are brightly aligned to do what needs to be done. They’ve made quite an impact on their arrival here as they go around town in their massive vehicles and their biosuits going on about how the humans in the town of Enoshima are being controlled by some organism and nobody is allowed to touch water until further notice. It’s a pretty strict level of enforcement of forced drying events which doesn’t play out well for any of the ordinary citizenry that get caught up in it. Read More... //  

Tsuritama Episode #08 Anime Review

The series has taken some unusual turns to be sure over the course of it and has definitely felt off at times, what with Haru and his alien nature and Akira and the whole duck thing. With events in the last episode, some of the more basic human elements have been twisted a bit as Natsuki screwed up enough in what he said to cause Sakura to run away from home. While it’s not clear if she just headed out for the time being or something longer, the moment has put a lot of pressure on everyone involved and has Natsuki feeling the worst. He’s got his friends there doing what they can to help, but they have their issues as well, especially with Yuki and his inability to understand how this could have happened since his family issues preclude it for the most part. Read More... //  

Tsuritama Episode #07 Anime Review

With the previous episode having thrown up some new information and teases when it comes to what’s underneath the water out there in the ocean, Tsuritama shifts to things that are a bit quieter again. But it’s a welcome change since for Yuki, his grandmother has returned back home from the hospital and that’s a load off of Yuki’s mind. For Yuki, he’s really gotten into the fishing now and has used his funds to get himself some very good pieces of equipment so that he can get into fishing even more, but that’s now unsettled Haru who is insisting that he won’t have anything to do with the ocean anymore. The ties to what they discovered, albeit briefly, in the last episode is strong. Read More... //  

Tsuritama Episode #06 Anime Review

There’s something to be said about how work can change a person, both for the better and worse, but seeing Yuki here during his summer vacation is pretty engaging. While he was nervous and had difficult in the previous episode with getting his sea legs going, now that he’s got it, he’s definitely into it. Three weeks into the work now, he’s doing well at the job, enjoying it and loving the post-work fishing time that he gets with Haru and Natsuki. The trio have really grown as friends in a way that sometimes can only happen when working in this kind of situation as you’re able to do the hard stuff with laughter and chatter that keeps it enjoyable. And you really get to know people in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise as almost any topic can come up. And when they spend even more time together with the thrill they get from fishing, it just binds them even better. Read More... //  

Tsuritama Episode #05 Anime Review

With Yuki having used a bit of adversity to push himself, he’s gotten better at fishing thanks to the instruction he’s gotten from Natsuki so far. Enough so that he’s at the point where he wants to get his own pole now so that he can really get into it and get even better at it. It might seem odd, but there’s a certain kind of fun that really comes from watching Yuki grow in this way and explore something completely alien to him considering his past. As he looks for the rod that will work the best, there’s some real cuteness as Natsuki’s sister just rattles off the specs and things while Natsuki just makes it plain how to handle it and use it. Of course, at nearly 40,000 yen, it’s not exactly something that any high school kid can just acquire. Read More... //  

Tsuritama Episode #04 Anime Review

Tsuritama hasn’t quite hit its stride in a way but it’s been doing a very good slow build in getting us to know the characters and expanding the small world the trio now live in together. With Yuki’s grandmother in the hospital, the other two are doing what they can to make him feel more comfortable and distract him with different things to do, including fishing of course. Yuki’s had his issues with how his grandmother left for the hospital which is based on his own past problems, but he’s coping with it fairly well at this point because of his friends. And partially because Haru just requires so much work in order to keep from saying stupid thing and causing awkward situations. Read More... //  

Tsuritama Episode #03 Anime Review

With the series certainly being one that stands out visually and because of the quirks, the first two episodes did a decent job of also slowly drawing you into the characters a bit. A lot of it comes from the time spent learning to fish, something you wouldn’t normally expect, but it’s a welcome change from the kids either doing nothing all day long outside of school or being sports oriented and focusing there. This form also lets Natsuki stand out a bit since he gets to teach them how to fish and that’s something of a fun way to bring everyone together, especially since you’re dealing with the new arrival in Yuki and the really strange one in Haru. Add in last episodes arrival of Akira, the foreign exchange student, and you have a very quirky group forming. Read More... //