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Tsuritama Episode #02 Anime Review

If there was a show that hit a home run with its visual style if even only by color design alone, it was Tsuritama. The series had a very distinct look to it that felt rather theatrical in a way that really drew you in with its boldness and to me was reminiscent of a number of Studio Ghibli works in that approach. What helped to make it work was that it also had a slightly surreal feel with its cast of characters going through changes, from the newcomer to the area in Yuki to the self proclaimed alien that is Haru. Add in the potential quirkiness of the prince of the sea with Ntasuki and his excellent fishing skills and you have a show that’s going to skew to a certain crowd to good effect. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2012/04/19/tsuritama-episode-02-anime-review/