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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Washington Spies

Thats a wrap! On Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 10 , we got to see how everything ended up for our fearless spy ring as the American Revolution comes to a close (SPOILER ALERT: The Americans win). The super-sized episode showed what was happening on both sides of the pond after Gen. Washingtons victory at Yorktown. In England, King George III is desperate to make sure that his legacy does not include the loss of the Americas.  ...Read More...   https://www.tvfanatic.com/2017/08/turn-washingtons-spies-season-4-episode-10-review-washington-spi/

TURN Washington’s Spies Review: The Royal Army Faces “Reckoning”

Fellow fans of TURN: Washington’s Spies, we have reached a bittersweet time. It’s bitter because the penultimate episode of this exciting revolutionary war series has come and gone. But, it’s sweet because I can hardly remember a time when this show was more exciting, and we have one more new episode to look forward to. The end of a beloved series is always better, but it’s been so good lately that it’s still sweet. This has always been a show about spies and intrigue rather than Revolutionary War battles. That said, some of the most exciting episodes have included a battle or two. As the war speeds toward its conclusion (spoiler alert: America wins), battles become more necessary, and though TURN has always been exciting, it has never been more so than the last few episodes. READ MORE...

Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Reckoning

We finally made it to the Siege of Yorktown, and several characters make life or death decisions (on and off the battlefield) on Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 9 . Lets begin with the life part of the equation. Peggy finally gave birth to Traitor Jr., but only with the help of that saint of a woman, Abigail. She delivered a breech baby, kept her cool as Peggy droned on about a dead British officer and even had time to reunite with her long-lost hubby.   ...Read More... https://www.tvfanatic.com/2017/08/turn-washingtons-spies-season-4-episode-9-review-reckoning/

TURN Washington’s Spies Review: Abe and Simcoe Face Off in “Belly of the Beast”

Once again, I must apologize for the lateness of my review. Especially since the summer began, Saturdays have been a tad inconvenient. But rest assured that I’m still watching, exercising my critical eye, and preparing for the final few episodes of TURN: Washington’s Spies. "Belly of the Beast" served as one of the show’s most exciting hours, and set up an even more exciting final few episodes. TURN has become a really exciting show over the course of 4 years. Sure, it has had its problems and it’s not a perfect show, but it adds dramatic flair to a lot of things that really happened. It has pulled characters off the pages of history books and breathed relatable real life into each one. Of course there are quibbles about historical accuracy, but what "Belly of the Beast" did (aside from set up for an epic last couple of episodes) is took a long running story about two men who despise each other and brought it to satisfying conclusion. I don’t know that Simcoe and Abraham will meet again before the series ends, but the ending was so satisfactory that I hope they do not. READ MORE...

Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Belly of the Beast

Could it be true? Is Simcoe really dead? Its about damn time, right? On Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 8 , Abe finally exacts revenge on Col. Simcoe. But the other part of his mission, capturing Gen. Arnold, will have to wait. Gen. Arnold, however, does share with Abe a potential strategic naval mistake, and Abe realizes he has to get back to Washingtons Camp as soon as possible.  ...Read More... https://www.tvfanatic.com/2017/07/turn-washingtons-spies-season-4-episode-8-review-belly-of-the-be/

Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Quarry

War is what happens to you while youre busy making other plans, right? On Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 7 , Pvt. Abraham Woodhull tried desperately to coordinate his murder plot with his kidnapping caper while maintaining his cover as a Red Coat. Unfortunately, he forgot to sync his calendar with the British Army, and both schemes failed. I did write in a previous review that the series would be a failure unless Simcoe met his demise in the final season (even if historically inaccurate).  ....Read More...   https://www.tvfanatic.com/2017/07/turn-washingtons-spies-season-4-episode-7-review-quarry/

TURN Washington’s Spies Review: Let’s Go to “Our Man in New York”

I must apologize for missing my review last week. My life has been quite chaotic and I just didn’t get to watch last week’s episode in a timely manner. However, I’m all caught up now and ready to get down and discuss this week’s TURN: Washington’s Spies, which was a doozy. I once labeled this show an exercise in tension building, and while every episode this season has reinforced that description, this one did so especially. Abraham Woodhull enlisting in the Royal Army in last week’s episode was a catalyst for a lot of what happened in this week’s episode, and it jolted the show that was still reeling from the loss of Judge Woodhull. It reignited the tension and high stakes that this show constantly faces. In an effort to tie up loose ends and to bring the tension to a brilliant climax, Major Hewlett (the always excellent Burn Gorman) was reintroduced. I was pleased with this not only by raising the stakes significantly for Abraham and Robert Townsend, but bringing that story full circle. The amiable relationship between Hewlett and Abraham added an extra layer of intrigue to the character relationships on this show. It proves that there is more to war times than the winning and losing sides. READ MORE...

Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Our Man in New York

The Culper Ring is expanding on Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 6 . Maj. Ben Tallmadge sent a new spy, Sgt.Champe, into New York to meet up with Culper in the American Legion. In fact, the episode could have been called Our Men in New York, as the rebels now have Sgt. Champe, Culper, Culper Jr. and rookie spy Cicero all gathering intel in one form or another for Gen. Washington. While Gen. Washington is busy planting spies behind enemy lines, he is probably unaware that there is a Tory just outside his own camp.  ...Read More... https://www.tvfanatic.com/2017/07/turn-washingtons-spies-season-4-episode-6-review-our-man-in-new/

Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Private Woodhull

On Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 5 , it looks like Abes mission may already be over. His dual alter egos -- Colonial Spy Culper and British Pvt. Woodhull -- clash in the office of the new Head of British Intelligence before Abe could exact revenge on Col. Simcoe.  ...Read More... https://www.tvfanatic.com/2017/07/turn-washingtons-spies-season-4-episode-5-review-private-woodhul/

TURN Washington’s Spies Review: The Revolutionaries Each Face A “Nightmare”

Though Benedict Arnold has been a major player so far in this season of TURN: Washington’s Spies, he largely fell on the back burner in the season’s fourth episode. Instead, characters like Abraham, Caleb, and Washington were made to face their own nightmares, which was only tangentially related to Benedict Arnold. Still, it’s incredible to me that adding Benedict Arnold to this show injected it with such robust life. "Nightmare", though, was about giving the other phenomenal characters a chance to shine, and shine they did. The other character that, when added to the show, seemed to breath new life into it was George Washington himself, who thus far has been masterfully portrayed by Ian Kahn. Washington did not have an actual nightmare manifest itself in the episode, but his nightmares were realized when his own soldiers revolted against him. The masterful portrayal by Kahn showed a remorseful Washington watching his own men executed (by their peers, no less) for mutiny. I find the Washington character fascinating, and these extremely tough calls are a major reason. It was absolutely gut wrenching to watch rebels kill their own, which is what makes this show so great. READ MORE...