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Twin Peaks 1.01 Review: “Pilot”

In light of the news that  Twin Peaks  will be returning to television, we thought it a good idea to have reviews of the show on the site for people who have never seen it or want a refresher. We’ll be reviewing each episode of the show every Friday until we, finally and sadly, get to the end. Its gonna be quite a ride. Twin Peaks was a show that’s been floating around my periphery for a very long time. A lot of very smart people gush about the show and its impact on the culture. Netflix has also suggested the show to me a number of times, but I always resisted watching it. The reasons for that are uncomplicated, and unconvincing: it was an older show, it as on my ever-expanding list of things to watch, I wasn’t a fan of David Lynch’s other work. Whatever. Read more... //


I am really wanting to watch this show, however there is no link to the hour and a half pilot episode. I have tried downloading it but for some reason it did not have sound. anyone know where to find it? I can't very well skip the first episode.

Twin Peaks

Fantastic show. My family and I have been watching it obsessively. We love the personalities of the characters and the twisted mind of David Lynch. Though we were disappointed the way it ended. Can't wait for Fire Walk With Me to get here!

Outstanding show - cruel ending.

Feel a bit like we were all shafted by the ending. But man, what a great show. David Lynch at his finest.


nice movie