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i love it

omg this show is so amazing i love it..i actually like this version better than the columbian version well both are great but i enjoy this one even more i really recomended iy

'Ugly Betty' - 'Hello Goodbye' Recap (Series Finale) Season 4, Episode 20

A really wonderful thing happened at the end of the series finale of 'Ugly Betty.' Betty Suarez got a new beginning. In the tradition of many television series finales, there were many loose ends tied up, and because 'Betty' was more comedy than drama, it only stood to reason that they were mostly happy endings. All they needed was Liza Minnelli to sing about it, but alas, there was no musical number to sum it all up. However, there was plenty of character development and plot turns. For more on that and how even Halston got a fashionable farewell, read on after the jump. However, if you don't want to know, consider this a SPOILER ALERT! There were tears shed when all was said and done. And not just by the characters. Betty made a major decision and stuck to it. She took the job offer in London, set out on a new adventure, and lived up to the lofty opinion of Justin -- he told her that she was brave and had been a role model for all the Suarezes -- as well as Wilhemina. Willie admired her and said, "You've got big balls." It was the ultimate compliment from La Slater, a point Ms. Suarez recognized. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Ugly Betty' Bites: The show's brilliant last 18 one-liners from its series finale, 'Hello Goodbye'!

I already wrote about about why Ugly Betty mattered so much to me, so I won't get too sappy here in my last Ugly Betty Bites entry ever. But before I offer up the last digest of genius quips from the show, I will say that the finale last night was a nice little button for the series. A super-sweet end to a super-sweet series! Sure, you could get critical of the fact that everyone ended up with a happily ever after. But why shouldn't they? Personally, I'm happy to see all of my favorite characters end their run on television happy. Betty landed in London with her new job and even ran into Daniel, who relinquished his job at Mode. The former assistant even jokingly offering him a job as her assistant. (Oh, how the tables turned!) Hilda and Bobby got their happily ever after with a beautiful wedding and place in Manhattan. Justin continued to be happily out with his too cute relationship with Austin. Marc, rather unexpectedly, seemed to 'rekindle' things with Troy and take on more responsibility at Mode. Amanda got over Halston's death and found her long-lost father. Wilhelmina softened, reconnected with Connor, and landed as the sole editor in chief of Mode. Claire seemed to bury the hatchet with Wilhelmina and end the family drama between Daniel and Tyler. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Ugly Betty Season 4, Episode 20 Recap: "Hello Goodbye"

In the series finale of Ugly Betty, Betty had a difficult time telling Daniel that she is leaving Mode to take a new job in London. Amanda had to cope with the death of a loved one, as well as with the idea that soap star Spencer Cannon may be her father. Betty's family came to terms with her departure. What Happened With the Gunshot? The final episode begins with a funeral in the pouring rain. We're led to believe that Marc's eulogy is about Wilhelmina, since she was shot at the end of last week's episode. But the services are actually for Amanda's dog Halston - her late mother's pet. So what happened to Wilhelmina? She has, in fact, been shot by Tyler, and is lying in a coma. But thanks to Marc, who has been keeping up her appearance - manicures, hair and makeup - she still looks fabulous. When Willy wakes up, she's greeted by Claire, who isn't there out of the kindness of her heart. She offers Willy a hefty check in exchange for her corroboration of the story that the gunshot was an accident and Tyler had nothing to do with it. Though she might have been willing to let things slide without a blackmail check - Connor's visit to the hospital helped her put things in perspective - now she's infuriated and rips up the check. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Ugly Betty' Bites: 18 juicy lines from 'The Past Presents the Future'!

Wasn't last night's second-to-last episode of Ugly Betty one of the most precious hours of television ever? Between Hilda's wedding - she and Bobby are too cute together! - and, of course, Justin's sweetly subtle coming out, I was bawling during most of the hour. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic, of course, but I honestly couldn't help but tear up with the Justin stuff. I simply loved that Justin didn't ever say 'I'm gay' - instead, he just walked on to the dance floor with his new boyfriend, Austin, and his family couldn't have been happier. This kid is 16 years old, people! Wow, wow, wow. Warms my heart that this kind of thing is on network television! It's for storylines like this - and, you know, everything else, like the fashion and whatnot - that will make Ugly Betty go down in television history. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Ugly Betty' Bites: 11 genius quips from last night's story-packed episode, 'London Calling'!

You can tell that the writers are winding things down on ABC's Ugly Betty simply by looking at how many great quips there have been in recent episodes. Frankly, there aren't as many of them! (There were only 11 last week.) Why? It seems that the writers are more concerned (and rightfully so!) with doing justice to all the storylines swirling instead of dreaming up silly, fun little lines. Remember, after last night's episode, there are only two hours of the show left. (Boo hoo!) Anyway, I'm not complaining about the lack of sound bites. That meant that last night's episode was packed full of juicy-good story. Betty, Hilda, and Amanda met Christina (she's back and she's a fashion designer!) in London for Hilda's bachelorette party; Betty ran into (an engaged) Gio again, who made her realize that, as successful as she is, she hasn't really been pursing her true dreams; Betty interviewed for, was offered, and then declined to take a job as a fashion columnist; Amanda decided to quit Mode and pursue styling full-time; Marc 'broke up' with his boyfriend Troy, ate two pieces of pizza, and cried about it; Justin continued to snub Bobby, who saw his future step-son kissing Austin and promised not to tell anyone about it; Daniel tried to make nice with his new half-brother Tyler but just ended up getting in a fight with him; and Willy set in motion her plan to use Tyler to help her take over Meade by swooping in as his AA sponsor. Most shockingly - or not shockingly at all? - Betty drunk-dialed Henry, who we saw get the message at the close of the episode! Whew! See what I mean about lots of story? To Read More Click here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Ugly Betty Review: "Million Dollar Smile" Season 4, Episode 17

Last night, Betty pretty much took a cue from Alice and fell down her own personal rabbit hole. Actually, she just fell on her head, but it made for a very Wonderland/dream-like world where everything was upside-down and backwards. "Million Dollar Smile" showed Betty what the world would be like if she had perfect teeth. Granted, the show was entirely far fetched (C'mon, do we really believe that Betty's world would be that different?!) - but, it was highly entertaining nonetheless. It was interesting to see that Hilda was no longer beautiful, but a chubby fat girl getting married to the local butcher, while Betty was Queen Bee winning Prom Queen and everything (really - would dating Jeter be such a success?!). The one sad part of this made-up world was that there was no Justin and Bobby - two of our personal favorite men on Ugly Betty. To Read More Click here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Ugly Betty Season 4, Episode 16 Review: "All the World's a Stage"

As much as Betty is known for her unmistakable look, finally we are making some headway with Betty getting her braces off! Seriously, this should have happened years ago! "All the World's a Stage" had some funny moments - like when Betty punched Zack in the face - but, overall we thought it was more touching than anything else. We have to admit it, we were pretty convinced that Justin may not have been gay after all these years - just very feminine. Yet, we were so happy that he was able to come out of his own denial closet. And what a magical moment that was when Austin kissed him. Yes, we got goose bumps! Again we were deceived! We really should have known better that Wilhelmina would never give up her job and go play house somewhere! What does this new and more evil Wilhelmina have up her sleeves?! How do you think she will conquer the entire company? To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Ugly Betty Season 4, Episode 15 - Review: "Fire and Nice" Fire

We've waited a month to find out who started the Suarez house fire and we just have one thing to say about that - it was well worth it! "Fire and Nice" had plenty of interesting story lines to follow. Nothing was boring about Ugly Betty last night. Who knew that Justin isn't gay? Marc and probably all of America were waiting to hear that Justin had a crush on a boy - and instead it was someone named Lily? What an interesting twist that was! There's no way a boy is name Lily - what do you guys think? Maybe Justin is still in the closet? Perhaps he is a very feminine straight boy? How great was Wanda from the block?! And that had to be the most awkward double date ever! It was great to see Betty once again in comparison to Wilhelmina. She only went on the date with the fireman to get her report pushed to the front. Betty did gain a level of Wilhelmina's respect by pushing her to invite Justin to meet Lady Gaga. Personally, we like to see a meaner side to Betty. Claire finally let Daniel in on Tyler being her other son. Poor Daniel, he can't get a break! As much as we love Amanda, we don't love them together. It just feels off to us. Plus, what does she think she is doing messing around with Tyler? What a sticky love triangle she has created. (Also, we secretly want Betty to be with Daniel) To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Ugly Betty' Bites: The best 18 one-liners from last night's episode, 'Fire and Nice'!

After more than a month away, Ugly Betty finally came back to play last night with a new episode that - yes, it's sad to say - will be one of the show's last. But regardless of that, last night's hour, titled 'Fire and Nice,' was a pure delight. The mystery about who, in fact, started the fire at the Suarez house ended up inspiring everyone to be totally honest. Which means - my favorite! - lots of secrets were revealed to parties that were formerly in the dark: Daniel discovered that the model lurking around Mode was his brother, via Claire and Cal Hartley. Willy revealed to her old flame Don that she was only hanging around him and playing along for the sex. Bobby was honest with Hilda in an on-the-knee kind of way, asking her for her hand in marriage. And the Suarez clan found out, rather unexpectedly, that Betty was the one responsible for the fire at their house. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now