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Under the Dome: Season 3 Review

CBS' Under the Dome trapped us all inside an invisible box of pain right until the very end.   Read More... //

Under The Dome Will Never End, Because You Are The Dome And So Am I

Right around the time I first joined the cast of Under the Dome , I was smoking a bowl with the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey . (They make a special kind of bong for alien mega-artifacts, which is part tesseract and part vape and part flying prehistoric bone. You can only really smoke one of those if you were created by super-advanced aliens long ago, thats just how these things are.) And anyway, the Monolith was giving me advice about the huge challenge I was taking on.    Read More... //

'Under the Dome' Series Finale Recap: How Does It All End?

On the series final of Under the Dome , "The Enemy Within," the new queen prepares to take down the dome, Junior and Sam compete for the queen's attention and the resistance makes a final stand. It's been a long three years, (four weeks if you live in Chester's Mill), but it all comes to an end tonight. One thing, make that two things, are certain: 1. That damn dome is finally coming down 2. CBS execs and most of the viewing public ceased to give a shit a while ago.   Read More...   //

Under the Dome: Series Finale Review

In Under the Dome's final episode ever, humans and aliens continued to battle while trying to bring down the dome.   Read More... //

'Under the Dome' series finale recap: 'The Enemy Within'

Ding dong the dome is dead... and it took a few more of Chester's Mill's worst with it.   Read More... //

Under the Dome Series Finale: Is It Really Over? Is It?

Get on in here and let's discuss the ending of one of television's greatest dome-sterpieces.   Read More... //

Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 13 Review: The Enemy Within

Is that really how the story ends? Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 13 was indeed the series finale, and it didn't quite have the closure you'd have expected. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that it was a slap in the face to us fans who have hung in there for three seasons for a conclusion to a show that should have ended after the first run. As much as I've complained about the villains this season, I actually kind of enjoyed Dawn. She wasn't that annoying. However, her dialog was tedious. Yes, we understood that she wasn't a human and didn't think like one. We have seen these aliens on the show all summer long, so if Barbie thought she was going to be all sentimental, he was deluded.   Read More...   //

Under the Dome: "Incandescence" Review

In Under the Dome's penultimate series episode, Barbie searched for his missing alien baby while Big Jim stepped in to help Joe.   Read More... //

'Under the Dome' recap: 'Incandescance'

The dome is close to coming down, but not before a new queen is born and Jim kills at least one more character.   Read More... //

Under the Dome: Did "Incandescence" Shine Bright?

There are two more episodes left, let's make them count.   Read More... //