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'Up All Night' Finale: Wedding Rings And Proposals

" Up All Night " (Thu., 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC) came full circle for its first season finale. It opened with Reagan and Chris reminiscing back to when ... she proposed to him! As it turns out, Chris had bee intending to propose to her at that very moment, but she abruptly turned the tables and got down on one knee. When Reagan lost her ring, it started a series of events that lead to a recreation of that night. And just like the first time around, Reagan came oh so close to upstaging Chris again. When she saw him digging in his pocket, she realized what was happening and quickly put her own ring back away. Just in time, as suddenly she was hit with a flash mob, turning the proposal into a musical number that brought both the character and the actress to tears, as she revealed on her Twitter feed. While "Up All Night" hasn't officially been renewed yet, it's prospects are considered very good. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser. //

'Up All Night' creator teases season finale and Chris and Reagan's possible future

"Up All Night" ends its first season Thursday night (April 12), after which creator Emily Spivey will wait to hear whether NBC wants a second season.She's hoping the pickup comes -- and not just because it will mean continued employment. "Obviously I want another season," Spivey tells Zap2it, "because I feel like we're just getting to a place where it's starting to be really, really fun."Spivey thinks the show really found its footing midway through the season. It was then, she says, that she and the writers had worked through the post-pilot tweaks (Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph's characters, Reagan and Ava, went from being celebrity publicists to talk-show producer and host) and figured out better how to balance the workplace and family stories."The writers and Maya were always trying to adjust Ava's size [comedically], and I think we got it to a place where it's nice balance of being sort of a bigger character,... //

'Up All Night' First Look: 'Happy Days' Marion Ross Is One Mean 'Gammy' (Video)

  Happy Days  star  Marion Ross drops her classic "nurturing mom" vibe on Thursday’s season finale of NBC’s  Up All Night . "Oh, my God. She was such a dear," series creator  Emily Spivey  tells  The Hollywood Reporter . "We loved her so much, and it was such a cool way to sort of round out the season to have her there. She was just so funny and just got it. It was a real treat for us to have Ms. Ross there." Read More... //

Up All Night “The Proposals” Episode 24

Up All Night  "The Proposals" Episode 24 airs Thursday April 12 on NBC (9:30-10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis: REAGAN AND CHRIS HAVE A CHANCE TO REWRITE HISTORY — JASON LEE, CHRIS DIAMANTOPOULOS AND MARION ROSS GUEST STAR — When Reagan (Christina Applegate) loses her engagement ring , a Brinkley family heirloom, Chris (Will Arnett) uses the opportunity to give Reagan the proposal  he was never able to give. In order to cover up losing the ring, Regan must seek out her worst enemy – Chris’ grandmother (guest star Marion Ross). Meanwhile, Kevin (guest star Jason Lee) returns and tries to win Ava (Maya Rudolph) back with the help of Julian (guest star Chris Diamantopoulos). Jennifer Hall also stars. Read More... //  

Up All Night “Hey Jealousy” – Don’t Panic, Chris

Up All Night  "Hey Jealousy" Episode 23 airs Thursday April 5 on NBC (9:30-10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis: With Reagan (Christina Applegate) working more closely with Luke (guest star Steven Pasquale), Chris (Will Arnett) starts  to show signs of jealousy, but it takes his buddy Reed’s (guest star Will Forte) bad advice to send him into a full-blown panic. Meanwhile, Ava (Maya Rudolph) is surprised to learn that her rival will be competing against her in a 10K run for charity and enlists the help of celebrity trainer Gideon Kirk (guest star Fred Armisen). Jennifer Hall also stars. Read More... //  

Up All Night “Letting Go” Episode 22

Up All Night  "Letting Go" Episode 22 airs Thursday March 29 on NBC (9:30-10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis: Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Ava’s (Maya Rudolph) changing responsibilities at home, a newly walking Amy and Julian’s (guest star Chris Diamantopoulos) most recent gift to Ava, a dog, threaten to interfere with the booking of their dream guest – music legend Stevie Nicks (as herself). Meanwhile, Chris (Will Arnett) might be in over his head when he is "promoted" to a younger hockey league. Jennifer Hall also stars. Read More... //  

'Up All Night': Stevie Nicks guest-stars, silences babies and dogs with a raised finger

Thanks to a line at the end of the first episode of "Up All Night," legendary songstress Stevie Nicks is guest-starring on the show Thursday (March 29). Ava (Maya Rudolph) tried to get Reagan (Christina Applegate) to come with her to Santa Barbara in the series premiere to get the Fleetwood Mac singer to appear on her talk show, but Reagan opted to stay home with her husband, Chris (Will Arnett), and baby, Amy.Nicks saw the episode and was touched by the mention. "I said we have to call these people and see if they actually want me to come and be on the show," Nicks says. See what else she has to say about her appearance in the clip below, and check out a sneak-peek clip of the episode (above), where she proves she does indeed have magical powers -- as a baby and dog whisperer.How excited are you to see Nicks on... //

Up All Night “Daddy Daughter Time” With Henry Winkler

Up All Night  "Daddy Daughter Time" Episode 22 airs Thursday March 22 on NBC (9:30-10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis: When Chris (Will Arnett) gets a segment on the Ava show, Reagan (Christina Applegate) starts to realize how much she needs her own space at work. Meanwhile, Ava’s (Maya Rudolph) dad (guest star Henry Winkler) visits with his family, who are more interested in meeting celebrities like Sharon Osbourne (as herself), Ava’s rival, than spending time with Ava. Jennifer Hall also stars. Read More... //  

Sneak Peek: Henry Winkler and Sharon Osbourne Crash Up All Night

Ava's dad is coming to town on Up All Night , and he has one very special request. In this exclusive first look from Thursday's episode (9:30/8:30c on NBC), Ava ( Maya Rudolph ) is more than happy to give her pop (played by a ponytail-sporting Henry Winkler ) and his new family a tour of the lot. She is, however, less than eager to ask... //

Up All Night “Baby Fever” Episode 20

Up All Night  "Baby Fever" Episode 20  airs Thursday March 15 on NBC (9:30-10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis : Chris (Will Arnett ) pulls out all the stops to convince Reagan (Christina Applegate ) to have another baby. Meanwhile, Ava’s (Maya Rudolph ) decision to join a mentorship program, started by Yvonne Encanto (guest star Eve Best, " Nurse Jackie "), has less than stellar results and Missy (Jennifer Hall) is worried she’s cheating on Ava by helping Luke (guest star Steven Pasquale, " Rescue Me "). Read More... //