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Up All Night Review: Happily Ava After

We traveled back to 2004 this week on Up All Night . " The Wedding " took us back to the beginning where Reagan and Chris went from Vegas to verklempt as they opted for a wedding in front of their family and friends.  I couldn't decide whether to clap for or call out Chris's Meet the Parents reference as he complimented Blythe Danner during his rehearsal dinner speech. The associated scenes did not offer leave much room for indecision as I thoroughly enjoyed all the issues the two betrothed to be faced with their parents from "living in sin" to the bride not being the only one to show off her legs at the ceremony which was featured in this week's best Up All Night quotes . Read More... //

Up All Night Review: Tis the Season To Be Hotties

The holiday season arrived tonight on  Up All Night.  " First Snow " showed just how taxing the season of giving can be as Reagan and Chris struggled to create a worthwhile Christmas card.  Despite having yet to utter a single line in the show's history, Amy took center stage tonight as the focus switched from her parents to their adorable daughter. I'm going to guess it was the Chris in her that inspired the key hiding or perhaps her Auntie Ava has rubbed off on her. Read More... //

Up All Night Review: Team Scott

This week on Up All Night , Chris and Scott struggled to get their new business off the ground. Unfortunately, " I Can't Quit You " also struggled in its effort to entertain.  Chris falling back into smoking to cope with the stress of finding jobs to work on was very reminiscent of Friends when Chandler Bing began lighting up again. There were a few original scenes though that rang funny, though. One was when Scott caught Chris second hand smoking and delivered a great addition to the list of Up All Night quotes as he talked about Chris giving Amy's wedding toast through a hole in his neck. Another was when Chris awkwardly bought smokes and the boob lighter. The third was the one pictured below, where Amy caught her dad in the act and broke his craving with her adorably judgmental stare. Read More... //

Up All Night Review: Cabin in the Woods

The sun'll come out tomorrow, but this evening belonged to the stars of Up all Night as they took to the woods for the "Funlympics." " The Game of Life ," like its namesake, was full of family fun with a healthy dose of laughs. The opening scene featured Terry and Gene's son belting out the soundtrack to Annie and closed with a mother and son cover of "Summer Nights" from Grease . Chris and Reagan agreed the latter was wildly inappropriate. I would also add that the old saying - children are to be seen and not heard - should include any form of performance including ventriloquism, the recorder or interpretive dance. Read More... //

Up All Night Review: You Never Fly on Thanksgiving

Up All Night didn't do the airline industry any favors tonight, as Chris and Reagan were reminded time and again that you never fly on Thanksgiving. " Thanksgiving " opened with a disastrous morning for the Brinkley family... and things never got that much better, but they got through a deluge of disappointment together and in the end were just grateful to have their family and friends together.  Early morning flights always seem like a good idea when you book them, but Will Arnett hilariously showed the reality of such decisions as he accidentally got dressed in Reagan's pregnancy pants. Read More... //

Up All Night Review: Neighborhood Witch

Chris and Reagan were all laughs at the opening of this week's Up All Night as they poked fun at the hipster coffee shop patrons. As " Ma'am'd " rolled on though and Reagan took a spill, it was as if her rose colored glasses gotted knocked off. Reagan went from relating to the young barista over Yeahsayer to feeling like she needed to be fitted for a new hip. She took the spill like a champ, but seemed a little thin skinned after Chris ignored her fedora flirtation. Ava on the other hand was well within her rights to be angry with her neighbor's hateful Wifi name. I liked Sean Hayes's Walter a lot more this time around. His "hooray for second chances" line was very apropos in addition to being one of the better Up All Night quotes of the week. The best of which may have been his comment about Ma'am from Webster . Read More... //

Up All Night Review: Saturday Night Jive

Forget about thy neighbor's wife, this week on  Up All Night  we learned thou shall not cover thy neighbor's babysitter. " Another Saturday Night " turned into fright night when Terry showed up outside the Brinkley household. She was a little bit of Annie Wilkes, Max Cady and Hedy Carlson all rolled into one in that scene, as she stood in the darkness outside the patio door.  Saturday nights are the life blood of any young couple. Sadly, though, when it comes to finding someone you trust with your child, good help is hard to find. So it was no surprise to see Reagan and Chris act as slippery as Bob Sugar did when he stole Cush from Jerry Maguire on the night before the draft.   Read More... //

Up All Night Review: Christie Brinkley

Who would have guessed that college wasn't a fond memory for Chris? On " Jerry Duty ," we met Chris's college roommate who, along with an incessant appetite for terming things  awesome , also reminded Chris of a not-so-memorable period of his life.  Reagan, meanwhile, had her eyes opened to the possibility she wasn't the best big sister she could have been when she and Scott were younger. While I thought his baby blanket trick was more suited for pet anxiety, Scott shined in his most featured episode yet. We were also treated to the first real sibling squabble between him and Reagan, which ended only when Chris had to take away their swords. Apparently girls love weaponry too.   Read More... //

Up All Night Review: Reboot

Tonight, as we tuned in for a new episode of  Up All Night , Reagan and Chris's television tuned out. Without Ramona and the other desperate housewives to keep them company, the young couple began to wonder if their marriage was also out of electricity. " Swingers " explored the awkward silence that can permeate a relationship and just how deafening it can be. Reagan gave us the first nostalgia of the night when she told Chris to blow on the cable cord like people used to do to old Nintendo games. For many fans of the show, I'll bet this ritual was probably one of the earliest superstitions or myths they bought into. No proof of its effectiveness ever existed I don't think. It worked enough times, though, that multitudes of people, myself included, swore by it. I was/am guilty of owning a rain stick as well. The longer Ava let that scene go, the harder I laughed. Read More... //

Up All Night Review: Honor Thy Neighbor

Tonight's episode of Up All Night took awhile to hit its mark, but the culminating scene of an outburst from Chris was worth the wait. Reagan and Chris played trading places on " Home/Office, " as Reagan tried her best to learn the ins and outs of Amy's day while Chris struggled to stay in the garage and focus on work with Scott.  Reagan had every right to ask Chris to stop back-seat parenting, but she would have been wise to ask for a bit more of a scouting report when it came to Amy's routine. She deserves credit, though, for maintaining the homeostasis in the neighborhood as long as she did. That Pomeranian would have broken me much sooner and I certainly would not have had the decency to show up with so much as a stale Pop-Tart let alone a stack of Lean Cuisines. Read More... //