Uta No Prince Sama
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Uta No Prince Sama

"Crystal Time"

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HE?VENS gets a formal introduction as they accept their nomination for the UtaPri award. Not only is HE?VENS favored to win the award, but their boss is longtime rival of Shining Saotome, Raging ?tori. Shining makes the competition more interesting by proposing both groups sing songs written by the same composer, Haruka. Both Shining and Raging also threaten that the losing group will be disbanded. This makes Haruka very worried about the fate of ST?RISH, but the boys just become motivated not to lose. Later, ST?RISH and HE?VENS finally meet each other in person outside a recording studio. The HE?VENS boys don't take too kindly to ST?RISH, but are admittedly very impressed by Haruka's song and want her to become their composer, much to ST?RISH's dismay. Thus, a heated rivalry is underway. That evening, back at the Shining Agency, Tokiya is singing his finished song from Haruka by the lake when he notices Haruka walking alone, looking rather troubled.
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