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Uta No Prince-Sama 2 Episode #10 Anime Review

The Starish gang has come together well in the last couple of episodes as they dealt with the issues surrounding Cecil and what he wants to do and what he really does mean to the group. Especially when it comes to how Haruka had done a lot for him and the rest realized that he had a very positive impact on her, and vice versa. A lot of it does come down to the way that they do understand that he is important to Haruka, but also that she views them all in a similar light and that they’d do the same for any of each other at this point. So with that dealt with, events shift towards dealing with the Uta Pri Award itself, which has the finalists all getting announced, including HEAVENS’, an almost comical group in some ways with their personalities. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/06/05/uta-no-prince-sama-2-episode-10-anime-review/