Uta No Prince Sama
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Uta No Prince Sama

"True Wing"

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Syo's dream of acting with his idol, Ryuya Hyuga, come true when he gets a role in the new Prince of Fights special. While the members of ST?RISH think they've become full-fledged idols after releasing a CD and getting job offers, Shining Saotome tells them they are far from being true idols. Shining suggests that in order to become great idols, ST?RISH must win the UtaPri Award; but that won't be easy at their level of experience. When filming for Prince of Fights begins, Syo is thrilled to be working with Hyuga. However, Hyuga blows off Syo's admiration for him, saying he needs to quit acting like an amateur now that he's a professional. Things go well until Syo is asked to jump from one platform to another at a great height, and while he has been cured of his acrophobia he fails to accomplish this - a crucial part of the show. Only later when Haruka brings him his change of clothes and ends up nearly falling over the ledge, does he finally make the jump to save her. The next day, when that scene is over and done with, Hyuga apologizes to Syo for not appreciating a fan, and comments that he is already a 'real man'.
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