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V “Mother’s Day” Review

V  "Mother’s Day"  Season 2  Finale –  So um, don’t know about you guys  V  fans, but I about fell off of my couch when I watched "Mother’s Day". Let me just get this out early on in this review  – I’M FURIOUS THAT THIS WAS THE FINALE! I feel that I need to know RIGHT NOW what happens and how things progress. I understand that this is the POINT of a finale, but with the uncertainty of not knowing if  V  is getting picked up for a third season, I HATE to think of this being the ending of this series. But, I digress. Let’s talk about "Mother’s Day". The fifth column has decided to overthrow Anna as queen of the Visitors, and in order to do this, they devise a plan to "kidnap" Lisa. In exchange for Anna’s life, the column will let Lisa go unharmed. Obviously Erica (with the help of Diana!) has more up her sleeve than that. she’s actually going to have Lisa kill Anna. Lisa is the last person Anna will suspect, and the only person that Anna’s security will let her be alone with. So it’s up to Lisa to kill mommy. Read More... //

'V' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap (Season Finale)

Keeping in mind that this could very well be the series finale as well as the season finale (no final word has yet been given from ABC), there were certainly enough twists to keep things interesting as well as a bit of a slaughter of some major characters. It would be a shame to end the series on such a down note. Usually people prefer happy endings. From the looks of things, humanity will be licking some serious Visitor boot in the coming season. On the plus side, we saw a lot of Visitor tail this episode. They seriously saved up the CGI budget for this one. Read More... //

'V': What'd you make of THAT?!

To understand why the gory second season finale of  V  was such an exciting hour of television, it helps to consider the final image of  Crank: High Voltage , easily the most existential movie to feature a sex scene in the middle of a horse race. By the end of  C: HV , Jason Statham’s Chev Chelios has spent two movies suffering all manner of physical suffering and mental degradation. He has fallen out of a helicopter. He has witnessed the removal of his still-beating heart. He has been in a car crash, or two, or seven. He has fought off an entire gang, or two, or seven. Also,  his entire body is on fire . Chelios stares into the camera, grins through lips that are already burnt to a crisp…. and shows the audience his blazing middle finger. Viewers, I submit to you that ABC’s beleaguered  V  reboot is a lot like Chev Chelios.  In theory, the show had everything going for it when it debuted in the fall of 2009. There was the nostalgia factor: People loved the original miniseries. There was the  Battlestar Galactica factor: The concept was so inherently interesting that a modern-day remake actually seemed like a good idea. There was the Elizabeth Mitchell factor: She can do no wrong. But  V  was practically marked for death before it even premiered. It has been consistently "on hiatus" ever since its much-hyped debut– "hiatus" being a hot cable-TV idea that has worked exactly once for the broadcast networks. Read More.... //

V Second Season Finale Review: "Mother's Day"

Being the second season finale of V, I expected it to be mind blowing, and boy I sure wasn't let down! So much happened in tonight's episode, "Mother's Day," it was almost too hard to keep up. Erica and the Fifth Column devised a plan to make it look like Lisa was captured and held prisoner so that she could finally put an end to Anna by killing her. Of course, when it came down to it, Anna survived by playing on Lisa's human emotions. She pretended to care for her daughter in a human emotional way that had Lisa duped. Lisa wanted so much to believe in the good of her mother, but tonight we learned that there is no good in Anna, only evil. Read More... //

'V' Season 2, Episode 9 Recap

As we prepare for the season (and possibly series) finale of 'V' next week, story lines are speeding up to a possible payoff. Blue energy played a big role tonight. Apparently, Sid learned a great deal about the stuff by playing with a pair of balls (I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere. What exactly does a "particle anti-particle construct" mean?). The large-scale spheres that power their ships and plants also seem to be surrounded by that double hula-hoop effect right out of the first two 'Superman' movies with Christopher Reeve. Read More... //

V Review: "Devil in a Blue Dress"

With only one more show left of the season, tonight's episode of V really proved to me that this show should get a chance to come back. "Devil in a Blue Dress" began with Anna's plan to build Concordia in it's first stage of construction.  If it wasn't for Sid, the Fifth Column would never have been able to put together that Concordia is a landing site for motherships around the world. This boy genius even came back at the end to show his fellow Fifth Column members that the Visitors already have their other motherships waiting in the clearing to invade. He deserved more credit than his fellow mates had given him. It seemed like throughout this season, Sid had been picked on for being a dork, but that dork has kept The Fifth Column right on the Visitor's toes. When Sid pressed the button to destroy the blue energy, I really felt that sh*t would hit the fan, but alas, Ryan was there to deactivate it. This whole scene made me feel uneasy because I truly believed that if Sid would have completed the mission, Anna's plans would have been foiled. I don't think it was a ploy when Diana pointed out to Marcus that she is not here to create peace, but wanted what is best for their kind. Diana desperately wants to be ruler again and won't stop at nothing to become Queen even if it means that she must become allies with the Fifth Column.   Read More... //

V Review: "Uneasy Lies the Head"

Erica Evans proved to be the leader that the Fifth Column needs in tonight's episode, "Uneasy Lies the Head." In order to stop Anna from moving forward with her plan, Erica infected a bunch of humans. She knew that there was no guarantee on what the virus would do, but she moved forward anyway. Not many people could pull off the attack she did without feeling any remorse. Erica had turned into the leader that the human race needed in order to fight the big fight against the Visitors. And from the looks of it, Jack isn't too pleased with her actions. After Erica took an extreme chance by double tapping the security guard and then distinctly lying about the entire operation, I doubt Jack will ever look at Erica the same again. Do you think that this might mean that Jack is opting out of the Fifth Column? Going forward, how will he be able to be okay with innocents loosing their lives because of their actions? Read More... //

'V' Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

['V' - 'Uneasy Lies the Head'] As mentioned before, Erica is getting more ruthless in her war against the Visitors, particularly since they're responsible for her ex-husband and son being taken away from her. Naturally, since she'd be feeling lonely, she'd take to the nearest bad boy around, which would be Mr. Hobbes. Since their brief flirtation last week, they pretty much skipped all the courting and went right to the bumpy-bumpy (hey, that's war). Given time, there would probably be some sort of relationship, possibly romantic, between Erica and Father Landry as well, since she obviously cares for him too. Perhaps that's a third or fourth season story line. //

V: "Birth Pangs" Review

While not as exciting as "Siege," this week's episode was full of big revelations and major discoveries that advanced the story along in tremendous ways. In " Birth Pangs " (not the best title, I know), we actually leapt forward over a week in time to give us some distance from Joe's death and found a new, bolder and more aggressive   Erica . An Erica who needed to prove herself to Eli's global Fifth Column contacts. It was a nice shift and I enjoyed the scene where she threatened to torture the   V   sleeper chick, Dr. Rai. Also, for the record, I'm a fan of shots where people jump off a building and it looks like a person actually jumping off a building. Yeah, I know there was lots of CG used, but Rai's swan dive still looked pretty swell.   I'm not sure what to make of the little romantic moment between Hobbes and Erica while laying on the closet floor, trying to open the safe. It seems like she's been giving meaningful glances to everyone these days.   Jack , Joe and now…you know, Grizzlebee. And wasn't Hobbes an international arms-dealer of mystery? Yet there he was demanding donuts in Hong Kong? Wouldn't he be familiar with worldly cuisine? Anyhow. It was good to see him in action, providing much needed muscle and grit.    Read More... //

V “Birth Pangs” Review

V "Birth Pangs" Season 2 Episode 7 - Well, fellow V fans I need to apologize for the lateness of this review! Email issues abounded, and my review was sort of lost in transit. So, I apologize! Now onto the review! This week on V we were given a lot of information regarding the Concordia breeding project, AND we got to see Eric stepping up to take control of the 5th column! Also, V went international this week! Erica and crew take a trip to Bangkok to meet with the Fifth Column leaders. During their meeting, they discover that the other leaders are planning to avenge Eli’s death; but Erica attempts to change their minds. Instead of a heavy strike, Erica wants to use her contacts on the mother ship to infiltrate and fight off Anna. Read More... //