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Morris Chestnut Talks V Season One Finale

V’s first season comes to a close tonight, hot on the tail of ABC’s official renewal of the series for mid-season. One of the most compelling story threads is the hybrid pregnancy between Visitor turned human sympathizer Ryan (Played by Morris Chestnut) and his human wife Val (Lourdes Benedicto). The pregnancy has progressed at an accelerated pace and at the end of last week’s episode of V we caught word that Val’s water had broken. Adding to the complications is the fact that Val has caught wind of Ryan’s non-human status and is in fear for her life. With his human wife in hiding, Ryan’s humanity has become more and more tentative. To Read More Click Here .

V Season Finale Preview: "Red Sky"

In the V season finale, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) chooses to go on the offensive and take the fight to the Vs. She and Anna (Morena Baccarin) agree to have dinner aboard one of the ships, but Erica has more devious things on her mind. She's not just there for a good meal - she wants to destroy the super soldiers she believes are aboard. Meanwhile, Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto) has a scare when her water breaks and realizes she's about to give birth. Also, Chad (Scott Wolf) wises up and comes to the realization Anna was playing him like a fiddle. To Read More Click Here .

V Sneak Peeks: "Red Sky" Episode 12

This coming Tuesday night will be the season (hopefully not series!) finally of V. And from the sneak peek of these episode stills, "Red Sky" will be the hour we have been waiting for! Erica tells the other fifth column members that she has a plan to stop Anna's soldier eggs from hatching. This will lead our main characters into battle...but, will we get to see the battle end?! Follow the jump to check out our V pictures to see that Val also is ready to deliver her half alien/half human child! And one thing is for certain - we can't wait to see what It looks like! Source & More Photos

It's the V Showdown We've Been Waiting For: Anna Vs. Erica!

In Tuesday's tension-filled episode of V, Anna (Morena Baccarin) and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) finally come face-to-face as they investigate who assaulted Lisa (Laura Vandervoort). Little does Erica know, she's working with the initial attacker. So what are Anna's motives in breaking her daughter's legs? We caught up with Vandervoort to get the dish on how Lisa's feelings for the Evans family just may save their lives, and what's in store for the "Earth-shattering" finale cliff-hanger. To Read More Click Here .

Photos - V 1.11 "Fruition"

As much as I love FlashForward, things aren't looking good for a second season pickup. That means things are naturally looking peachier for V, the biggest competitor of FlashForward. It seems increasingly more obvious that for one to survive, the other must die. As such, I'll be happy if TV's newest alien invasion lasts for another year. Not as happy as I would be for the steadily improving FlashForward, but V is improving a little itself, and could prove to be exciting television once things really get going. The first season's penultimate episode airs on Tuesday after LOST, and it's titled "Fruition." A set of twenty promotional photos has been released for the episode, and they all seem to revolve around one storyline: the aftermath of Lisa getting beaten up. With two broken legs and the letter V carved into her face (on her mother's orders), Lisa has been beaten up in order to incite Tyler to return to her side in order for the Vs to regain their grip on him. Meanwhile, Lisa gets some alone time with Erica (while Anna watches from afar, outside the office). The biggest holdout of the year for me has been the fact that Lisa hasn't turned into a Fifth Columnist herself yet, and maybe "Fruition" will bring that to fruition. To Read More Click Here .

'V' Preview: Episode 10 'Hearts and Minds'

After releasing a V soldier that failed to capture Ryan and his pregnant wife Valerie last week, Anna takes drastic measures to eliminate her enemies. The never-ending quest to fight the Visitors continues tonight on ABC's V and this time, more lives are at stake when Anna sends a V shuttle with a deadly tracker team to hunt Erica, Ryan, Father Jack and Hobbes. In the episode "Hearts and Minds," Erica's team must find a way to prevent the dangerous V shuttle from landing on Earth. But while Erica is busy worrying about this, little does she know that Anna's efforts has already hit close to home. When we last saw V, Lisa discouraged Tyler to live on the Mothership after learning her mother's plans for Tyler. But will Tyler follow her wishes now that her mother, Anna, personally invites him to the Live Abroad Program? To Read more Click Here .

V: 8 Things You Should Know About the Final Episodes

In the final three episodes of ABC's V (Reimagined Series) , Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) will face off with the Visitors, starting with Anna, according to executive producer Scott Rosenbaum. The end of the season will also bring the birth of a hybrid baby who will be "more alien than human," a brutal attack and a betrayal. 1. There will be more V soldiers: "We will be seeing more of the soldiers," says Rosenbaum. "Obviously Anna [Morena Baccarin] has a whole clutch of them waiting to be born to unleash upon the Earth, but it's not going to go as smoothly as Anna planned it would." 2. There will be alien babies: "You'll see what the baby looks like in the finale. It's going to be more alien than human. The birth is going to become a big deal because it's complicated. Also, Anna will have become aware of the birth, so it will not happen behind her back. The birth will not be what you expect it to be, I promise you that." 3. There will be big realizations: "Chad [Scott Wolf] has not seen anything bad about the Vs," notes Rosenbaum. "The fun of the season is Chad's ultimate realization that he was duped and the consequences, and that's what we're building to. Anna is going to end up having a noose around his neck. You should worry about Chad Dekker." 4. There will be injuries: "Lisa [Laura Vandervoort] is going to be brutally attacked. It's going to essentially be an attack by the Fifth Column. The question is: Who attacked Lisa and why? The answer to that will be a pretty surprising one. It all falls into this bigger plan that Anna has. If something bad happens, she can spin it. Lisa's attack will have big consequences for the people on Earth." 5. There will be a showdown: "Anna and Erica will meet face-to-face in the second to last episode. Everything is leading to a major brawl between them. Anna keeps winning, and finally Erica basically says, 'Enough of this, we're taking the fight directly to her and we're going to win.' That episode is Erica's revenge. She's just had enough and the gloves are off." 6. There will be deaths: "[The showdown] is an attack on the Visitors and there will be deaths involved," Rosenbaum continues. "It's an attack that is completely something Erica has come up with. There will be casualties on both sides for the Visitors and the Fifth Column in the season finale." 7. There will be betrayal: "Lisa is the next in line to be queen. The question is: Is Lisa becoming human, is she playing our people or is she setting up a trap for Anna? That's the drama that will play out in the last three episodes. The audience is not going to know which way she's turning until the very end." 8. There will be war: "In the season finale, Anna will essentially take the first shot in the war that's to come," says Rosenbaum, noting that next season will pick up directly where we'll leave off. Do the final three episodes of the season sound enticing? Source Here

'V' Preview: Episode 9 'Heretic's Fork'

Now that the computer with contact info for other Fifth Column members has fallen into the wrong hands, the lives of the Fifth Column members are in danger, prompting Erica, Father Jack and Hobbes to take drastic measures to protect them in the V episode "Heretic's Fork." When we last saw V, Erica's team captured the assassin who killed Alex Caruso but realized that he's human and not one of the Visitors. The man refused to spill any beans but revealed why he did what he did: "Because we can't win." The assassin's answer seems to be the main issue on V and almost episode we get tidbits of clues as to whether humans can really win against the Visitors. Hopefully tonight we get more answers as Chad rolls the camera for Prime Focus and begins the process aboard the Mothership's Medical Bay to have his aneurysm taken out. Source & Preview

We Talks With Joel Gretsch of 'V'

A week ago, I had the opportunity to interview Joel Gretsch who plays Father Jack Landry on ABC's 'V.' Father Jack has been an integral part of the Resistance since the beginning. What started out as troubled faith, ended up putting this priest in the middle of the action. He has struggled with aliens, his faith, and a forbidden temptation. Here Joel Gretsch talks about Father Landry's struggles and what it's like to work on 'V.' Watch 'V' on ABC on Tuesday at 10 EST, after LOST. To Read More Click Here .

V Season 1, Episode 8 Preview: "We Can't Win"

Anna (Morena Baccarin) brings Chad (Scott Wolf) to the United Nations in Switzerland for a big event. Anna intends to offer the world a new piece of technology and Chad wouldn't turn down a chance to see this for anything. That doesn't mean he doesn't have concerns about Anna. An ominous dream about Anna choking the life out of him has Chad on edge this week. Meanwhile, the Fifth Column is under further investigation by the V Task Force, and Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto) goes on the run, knowing something is different about her baby and not sure she can trust Ryan (Morris Chestnut). Tune in for another intriguing episode of V when "We Can't Win" airs on Tuesday, April 20th at 10:00pm ET on ABC. Source Here