Valvrave the Liberator
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Valvrave the Liberator

"Rise of the Heretic"

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In the year 211, Saki is telling the story of the Magius to a boy who looks like L-Elf. Back to the present, Saki calmly rejects Haruto's marriage proposal and proceeds to help the other 2 Valvraves hold off the Dorssian forces. Meanwhile, the drill that was sent into the Module is moving up through the space with the intention of releasing poison gas into the atmosphere of the Module. L-Elf receives a call from Haruto and meets up with him to try to defeat the Dorssians. Satomi calls Shoko and asks her to save his sister, Akira, who is trapped in the school. Akira, who overhears this conversation, tries to stop Shoko but to no avail. Shoko was knocked unconscious by the drill while trying to get to Akira, and this prompted Akira to face her fears of being bullied and come out into the open to save Shoko. Facing a dead end due to the damage by the drill, she almost gave up until a crack in the debris reveals Valvrave unit 6. Akira climbs into it and confirms herself to be the 6th pilot of the Valvraves. She saves Shoko and using the Hummingbird equipment hacks the drill and stops it short of the surface of Module 77. Haruto and L-Elf, meanwhile walks into a trap laid by Cain and A-Drei who are watching Valvrave 1. Cain and A-Drei almost made it out when Akira, piloting Valvrave 6 appears and is sending the drill in the opposite direction. Haruto and L-Elf takes this opportunity the break free and get back into Valvrave 1. As they try to kill Cain and fails to do so, Cain tells them that their efforts to kill him are futile. Cain makes it to the unfinished Valvrave 2 and plants Blue, a life unit into it and pilots it. L-Elf wonders what Cain is if he is not human. A cutscene reveal the Magius, an organization which governs the world from the shadows in a meeting which involves representatives from ARUS and Dorssia, and at the same time Cain reveals he is from that organization.
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