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  • 34 episodes
    34 episodes
    • s1e34A good team is one you can take to the bank
    • s1e33Just do it, even against all odds
    • s1e32So, where's the money?
    • s1e31John Battelle: Sell as little as possible
    • s1e30Everyzing CEO Thomas Wilde
    • s1e29Fark's Curtis says "I'm from Kentucky, what do I know?"
    • s1e28Keep it your own as long as you can
    • s1e27Wayne on the risks startups face
    • s1e26How SearchMe morphed into visual search
    • s1e25Entrepreneurs don't have to hit homeruns
    • s1e24Design for buildability
    • s1e23Nurture the first few fans you have - CEO of Vizu
    • s1e22Avoid politics and trust your instincts - CEO of
    • s1e21An Interview with Pandora
    • s1e20BuzzLogic's Todd Parsons: persistence!
    • s1e19Tapulous CEO: The virtues of going slower
    • s1e18Nickels and manhole covers
    • s1e17Entrepreneurs should accept failure
    • s1e16Knowing the rules of the game
    • s1e15Be the Muhammad Ali of innovation
    • s1e14Focusing on competition can lead you astray
    • s1e13An Interview with LinkedIn
    • s1e12An Interview with David Sifry
    • s1e11An Interview with VC Cafe
    • s1e10An Interview with Marten Mikos
    • s1e9An Interview with Saints Capital
    • s1e8An Interview with YouNoodle
    • s1e7An Interview with Buddy Media
    • s1e6An Interview with Sphere
    • s1e5Not Every Company Needs a VC
    • s1e4Passion and Thick Skin
    • s1e3Don't Take Everyone's Advice
    • s1e2Guy Kawasaki of Alltop
    • s1e1Don't Ramp Up Too Soon