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'Veep' Boss on Selina's Health Setback and Special Relationship With Gary

'Veep' showrunner David Mandel speaks to THR about Selina and Gary's relationship, and all those CNN jabs. ...Read More... //

'Veep' Star to Guest on Real 'CBS This Morning'

"Monday he gets his shot at the real thing," tweeted the real 'CBS This Morning' of the fake 'Veep' anchor. ...Read More... //

How Veep Caused This Politician to End Up With a Black Eye & Stitches

Caution: Watch Veep at your own risk. Graham Perrett, an Australian politician, laughed so hard at the season six premiere of the HBO comedy that he started choking on his sushi dinner.... ...Read More... //

Inside 'Veep's' Election Day Episode: Voter Fraud, Corrupt Leaders and Selina's Bribe

Despite the notable Trump comparisons, showrunner David Mandel tells THR the election episode was a commentary on the U.S. presidential campaign. ...Read More... //

Matt Walsh Says 'Veep' Press Secretary Is More Effective Than Sean Spicer

Walsh's Mike McLintock was the worst press secretary on TV.   ...Read More... //

The Men of 'Veep': Tony Hale, Gary Cole and 5 More on Their Best Insults, Trump vs. Selina

Seven funnyman foils suit up for a comedy council on the inner workings of HBO's D.C. parody, from what scandal would finally take Selina down to the difference between the show's president and the country's real-life leader: "One is a fing clown ... and the other is played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus." ...Read More... //

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals the Line 'Veep' Took From Mitt Romney

The actress plays former president Selina Meyer on the HBO political satire. ...Read More... //

Veep, Atlanta, Horace & Pete Among Peabody Honorees; HBO & FX Tie For Wins

Atlanta , Better Things , Horace and Pete , Veep and Lemonade areamong this years Peabody Awards entertainment winners, the Peabody organization announced today. HBO and FX each scored two wins. The honorees areamong sevenwinners in the awards entertainmentcategory. Other entertainment winners are BBC Ones Happy Valley and The Forges National Treasure . The seven entertainment winners join the documentary honorees announced Tuesday . The winners in news, radio/podcast  ...Read More... //

'Veep' Boss: Selinas Sex Scandal a Commentary on "Rampant Misogyny"

"Selina is a giant misogynist," showrunner David Mandel tells THR. "When you hear it out of her mouth, it reminds you how shocking this behavior is." ...Read More... //

A Guide to Veep Characters' Post White House Careers

Where does this new season of Veep find Selina and her merry crew? ...Read More... //