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Vegas 'Bad Seeds' Recap

While last week saw Lamb and Savino on the same side of a crime – kind of – Tuesday night’s Vegas had Sheriff Lamb in the position of having to actually protect Vincent Savino. Remember back a couple of episodes, when Savino’s boys buried Davey Cornaro’s body in a field? Well, when we walk into the episode, two farmers are moving through their fields, and come across a patch of deadened soil. Thinking it’s likely due to a dead animal, they proceed to dig, however, the find a body. READ MORE...

Vegas Review: Wholesale Butchery

" Bad Seeds " kept me guessing until the end, even though I knew what appeared to be in motion couldn't possibly happen. That's the enigma that is Vegas . It manages to pique my curiosity even when I think I know what's coming. Poor Savino. He had made things so clear when he told his men to make sure the bodies of the men from Milwaukee were never found. Unfortunately, as Savino pointed out in this Vegas quote , they could have chosen their spot a little better. You buried them on a farm? You buried the bodies where the ground is constantly turned over? | permalink It was a case of only being as smart as your dumbest employee and Savino was paying the price. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/11/vegas-review-wholesale-butchery/