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  • 29 episodes
    29 episodes
    • s2009e1227How to Freeze Herbs
    • s2009e1210How to Have an Eco Friendly Christmas Part 1
    • s2009e1203Square Foot Gardening Tips for December
    • s2009e1201How to Prune Tomatoes
    • s2009e1127How to install an Eco friendly Lawn for thick and easy grass
    • s2009e1119At Home with Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl
    • s2009e1111Know when to water your plants
    • s2009e1110How to Plant and Grow Garlic
    • s2009e1107A Vegetable Garden on Sesame Street
    • s2009e110430 Minute Vegetable Garden
    • s2009e1029Getting Started in Worm Composting
    • s2009e1026How to Remove Sod and Vegetation
    • s2009e1024Composting Made Easy
    • s2009e1022How to Start Seeds Indoors
    • s2009e1020How to Start a Vegetable Garden: Selecting a Site
    • s2009e1007Organic Gardening, Halloween Style
    • s2009e925Make a Keyhole Garden
    • s2009e903Vegetable Gardening: Three Sisters Update 2
    • s2009e901How to Harvest Soybeans (Edamame)
    • s2009e830Container Gardening: Bare Root Cherry Tree
    • s2009e816Garden Girl TV: Harvesting Part Three
    • s2009e812In Store Garden Network
    • s2009e805Controlling Apple Maggots
    • s2009e710Early Pruning of Tomato Plants
    • s2009e704When is Corn Ready to Pick?
    • s2009e614Planting Out
    • s2009e402Fridays at the Farm
    • s2009e216Build a Rain Barrel
    • s2009e213How to Prune Tomatoes