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'Veronica Mars' to get digital spin-off

During press tour, President of the CW Mark Pedowitz confirmed that "Veronica Mars" will be getting a spin-off -- online.  Read More... //

‘Veronica Mars’ To Stream On Amazon Prime, Inc. today announced that Prime Instant Video will be the exclusive online-only subscription home for streaming the TV series Veronica Mars.  Read More... //

‘Veronica Mars’ Is Back To Business in Theatrical Trailer

“I wouldn’t be here if I thought you did,” Veronica tells a framed for murder Logan in the theatrical trailer for  Veronica Mars  the movie. The fan-funded project looks awfully sleek in the first full-length trailer which should have LoVe (that’s Logan and Veronica shippers, for the uninitiated) fans partying like it’s 2005. Between Veronica’s unflagging belief in her one-true-ex and here late-night request for him to stay, things aren’t looking good for Team Piz. That’s okay though because in addition to the Logan and Veronica goodness, there is the added boost of awesome that comes from seeing Veronica shedding her high profile lawyer persona and slipping back into her old snarky, sleuthing ways. Check out the trailer below. Does the movie look like it will live up to the hype? Read More... //

'Veronica Mars' Movie Sets Release Date

The Veronica Mars movie has a release date -- and, quite appropriately, it's coming out almost exactly one year after creator Rob Thomas launched the Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. The writer-director confirmed the news on Wednesday in an email update to backers, saying the film, officially titled Veronica Mars , will be released on March 14, 2014. (For those keeping track, that's just 366 days after the Mar. 13 Kickstarter announcement that went on to generate $5.7 million from fans of the canceled UPN/CW series.) The news was first reported by EW .  Read More...   //

Veronica Mars Movie Sneak Peek: Will LoVe Conquer All?

  There are two types of people in this world: those on Team Logan and those on Team Piz. So which one is Veronica? In new footage from the  Veronica Mars   film, we learn that the sleuth-turned-lawyer is still with her college beau Piz ( Chris Lowell ), but when she returns to Neptune to help Logan ( Jason Dohring ) out of a minor jam (i.e. being accused of murder), she might have a change of heart.       //

'Veronica Mars' actor Jason Dohring cast on 'The Tomorrow People' - spoilers

Jason Dohring, known by most as Logan Echolls on "Veronica Mars," will guest-star in the upcoming CW show, "The Tomorrow People." And, much like Logan, he will have a bit of a grudge to deal with.Warning: Spoilers ahead!According to a report from, Dohring will appear in episode 4 of "The Tomorrow People." His character is Killian McCrane, a man who once worked with main character John (Luke Mitchell), back when both were [SPOILER ALERT!!!] operatives at the Tomorrow People-hunting organization known as Ultra. Apparently, Killian disappeared from the organization at some point in the past, but he has now resurfaced and is looking for revenge. The big question is: Does Killian want revenge against John or against Ultra?The premise of "The Tomorrow People" pits a group of young adults who have evolved paranormal powers against the paramilitary "humanity first" group, Ultra. In a pleasantly ironic twist, Ultra actually uses some of the Tomorrow... //

Check Out First Footage From Kickstarter-Funded ‘Veronica Mars’ Film

Veronica Mars ‘ record-setting $5.7 million Kickstarter campaign set off a wave of similar big-name online fundraising campaigns. A little more than three months after the campaign ended, the first footage from the Veronica Mars film has been released during a panel at Comic-Con . Read More... //

'Veronica Mars': Will the series return via Netflix after movie is released?

Brace yourselves, Marshmallows -- Kristen Bell is already beginning speculation that "Veronica Mars" could exist beyond the 2014 Kickstarter-funded film.In an interview with CNN while at Comic-Con, Bell admits that she hopes it isn't one-and-done with the franchise's foray into film. "This could be my whole life," she says. "And by the way, what a lucky life it would be if it were. There's no formula for it, because it just has never been done before. Except -- and I'm just throwing it out there -- 'Star Trek' did it. They did a TV show and then nine movies. Who knows? Why can't we make a couple films? Or continue to produce content of 'Veronica Mars?'"Bell admits that her current gig with Showtime's "House of Lies" would make things difficult for the show to return to television, saying, "It gets tricky because television contracts legally only allow you to do one episode of a different... //

'Veronica Mars' Movie Adds Jerry O'Connell in New Role (Video)

Rob Thomas is expanding the "Veronica Mars" universe for the upcoming movie. There's a new sheriff in town. Jerry O'Connell has been cast in the new role of Dan Lamb, the new sheriff of Balboa County.  Yep, Dan is related to Don Lamb (Michael Muhney), the cop fans loved to hate. Thomas said that Adam Scott, who played Mr. Rooks on the series, took him to see the movie, "Piranha." That's when he noticed O'Connel's portrayal Derrick Jones. Read More... //

Veronica Mars: Book Series to Follow Movie!

Veronica Mars will live on post-movie! Series creator Rob Thomas and Alloy Entertainment have signed a two-book deal with Vintage, set to come out in the spring of 2014. After the Veronica Marsmovie comes out early next year, the book series will pick up where the film left off. Rob says he couldn't be more thrilled about the deal— he apparently first envisioned the series as a book! "I started my career as a novelist. Veronica Mars was first imagined as a novel. I'm thrilled that I'm going... //