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Bored of Bell

So here's the thing, I honestly never thought the day would come where I'd actually be bored of Kristen Bell, I mean for a VMars enthusiast such as myself the mere idea is just blasphemous, but as I watch her on all of these shows, i.e. Gossip Girl [which i only count because of character's like Nate who have less personality then her voice over] and Heroes, I find myself terribly annoyed by her. I don't know how it is that my opinion of her can change so drastically in merely a year, and maybe it's that her characters are quite bitchy in comparison to the sleuth and cool Veronica, but as of late every time I see her I can't help but cringe and reminisce over the times lost... and so, i have to ask, am i the only one who's had such a terrible and unexpected fate befall them?

Amazing show - witty, suspenseful, great characters

The first two seasons were just about as much as I ever wanted from a show. The plotlines were great, as throughout each season there was a major mystery to be solved, and subplots everywhere. Each character had their own charm, and you never know when they will turn on you. I was especially impressed with how they depicted Weevil's character.. so err, temperamental, yet lovable. As for my favorite characters, I'd have to say Logan and Veronica. From the beginning I was rooting for them.. and that's probably why I have harder feelings about season three. The character Piz was kind of sickening, personally. He and Veronica had no chemistry, and it sort of didn't even make sense how they get together when she was 'letting him down easy'. Unlike the first two seasons, where they go into all the past history and make personal connections with each character, and consequently they failed with the ending. Now I must go "Mr. Monk's Biggest Fan" on you, and say that they shouldn't have changed the theme song. I mean, what was with the random background music? It just didn't fit. All in all the show was very well worth watching, but if you want to feel good..stop watching before Veronica gets ultra obnoxious :)

Veronica Mars is a student detective who can be your best friend and worst enemy.

When this show first aired I was immediately hooked, I mean couldn't miss an episode hooked. Could you imagine a teenage detective that could solve all your problems. She charmed her way into our life and we grew to love her. We felt when she was heartbroken, happy and most of all in love. Slowly over the first season Veronica formulated a romantic interest in Logan, quite ironic I know, since he made it clear that he disliked her for her sticking to her Dad's claim that the Kane's had something to deal with Lily's murder. Still They bonded over her same job as a detective. I grew to love Logan and Veronica over the seasons. That was what made up the show, how they closely formed a friendship and fell in love. Besides all the butt-kicking and manipulated and betrayal, Veronica still proved to be human with teenage problems like anyone of us in the world. We relate to her loving her dad as a single parent and loving the one guy you would expect her to love. It is Veronica's caring and kind heart towards her friends that made us love this show. I thought the series ended suddenly, it left us open minded to a reconnection between her an Logan, though we were unsure what would become of her father. Every time I think about this series I smile and it always makes me sad that it ended to begin with. I still wanted some flame or spark to light up between her and Logan a bit more. You realized how much Logan changed because of her. It's just something to think about. Veronica Mars would live on forever. A beautiful series.

The Best Show Ever

Veronica Mars is the greatest show i've ever seen. if anyone is looking for a show to get into this is the one. and if you are a fan please sign the petition to make a fourth season.

For anyone who's having problems.

If you can't find a site that works or if you can only find the first half on then go to the third season the first episode click on the link that goes via that should take you to a website with a link to part one and two of each episode from season 1 to season 3 they load pretty fast too.. Enjoy..

Veronica Mars

I've missed the first episodes of season one...So I'll watch them here when I'll have time for it. I love Veronica Mars. She's so smart...and sometimes funny, when she uses sarcasm... :) Haven't seen this show for a pretty long time now. I guess they're still filming the new episodes of season 4? I'm not sure...Haven't heard about Veronica Mars in a while. Anyways, I'll enjoy watching the first three seasons.

Veronica Mars Season 4 Pilot....worth every penny

I just watched the "pilot" of Season 4. It was killer and I am so bummed that there is only 20 minutes of it and never going to be a Season 4. Life is too unjust! :) Brutal.

Veronica Mars: My Opinion

i must say that i love this show but there are some details that i cant get over you can say that this may be a spoiler for those that have not see the whole series so if you have not then proceed with caution. - from her graduation there's about i would say 200 seniors in VM class. now out of those 200 you can estimate that there have been about 20-30 deaths. now what i want to know is know is how do so many people die when they're in high school? in my school there are about 1300 seniors and only 2 have died :( there are so many corrupt people around VM its a wonder she has serious trust issues. and for those people that like logan i dont see how i mean sure he's sweet and has a bad boy side (a big side) he's pretty much a slut if i may say so, you can tell that they (VM and LE) werent meant for each other. im kinda glad that this ended at three seasons cause frankly i dont like where its going. season one had its twists and turns and so did season three but it felt like they were running out of ideas and potential scenarios. i love Veronica Mars, but im also looking foward to watching Kristen Bell's other work such as Heroes and watching this makes me like her more. i reccomend this Show to anyone that like a little mystery and a hint of romance/Drama. Kristen


Veronica Mars has to be one of the most underrated shows every produced. It had a great mix of interesting story lines, well developed characters and smart, witty dialogs. I loved the people Veronica surrounded herself with: Wallace, the new kid she saved from humiliation in the pilot episode Weevil, the leader of the local biker gang, who never let her down when she needed to get things done Mac, the sweet, nerdy computer whiz Duncan, her on again/off again boyfriend and brother of her murdered best friend, Lily Logan, the intense, rich boy son of a movie star that spends most of his time riling her up and the rest making out with her, he is also always there when she needs him most and last but not least, her father, Kieth, the ex-sheriff turned PI who tends to look the other way when she's breaking the law but never ceases to be at her side when he is needed. She makes and loses friends along the way as she helps her dad with his PI business and solves mysteries for her classmates on the side. It was a great show, gone way before it's time.

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is a phenomenal show and i am pretty mad that it is cancelled for next season.. But Kristen Bell is now the voice on Gossip Girl which is kinda weird...