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  • 31 episodes
    31 episodes
    • s2008e902How To Make A Coin Disappear In Your Hand
    • s2008e827How To Read Someone's Mind: A Simple Card Trick
    • s2008e824How To Transform One Card Into Another
    • s2008e822How To Make A Coin Disappear
    • s2008e821How To Find The Chosen Card In A Deck
    • s2008e818How To Do The Hindu Shuffle Magic Technique
    • s2008e817How To Bring A Chosen Card To The Top Of The Deck
    • s2008e816How To Make A Salt Shaker Vanish
    • s2008e814How To Eat And Restore A Dollar Bill
    • s2008e809How To Perform A Double-lift Card Sleight
    • s2008e612How To Get Free Movie Tickets
    • s2008e609How To Grill A Perfect Burger
    • s2008e606How To Pass The Test When You Haven’t Read The Book
    • s2008e604How To Grill A Pizza
    • s2008e505How To Become An Extra In A Movie
    • s2008e429How To Memorize Lines
    • s2008e425How To Improve Your Memory
    • s2008e422How To See New York For $35 A Day
    • s2008e410How To Appear Younger Than You Really Are
    • s2008e409How To Never Lose Your Luggage
    • s2008e403How To Get An Extension On Your Tax Return
    • s2008e402How To Find Tax Forms
    • s2008e320How To Fake A Knowledge Of Basketball
    • s2008e318How To Make A Springtime Leg Of Lamb
    • s2008e313How To Make A Small Acting Role Stand Out
    • s2008e312How To Make Money Performing On The Street
    • s2008e309How To Get A Job Doing Voice-overs
    • s2008e215How To Take A Cab In New York City
    • s2008e205How To Pack Everything For Your Vacation Into A Carry-on
    • s2008e204How To See Through Real Estate Broker Tricks
    • s2008e201How To Research A Paper