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A&E Network's Hit Series "Wahlburgers" Returns on Wednesday, August 9 at 9pm ET/PT

A&E Network will premiere a brand-new season of the hit reality series "Wahlburgers" as it celebrates its 75th episode milestone.  ...Read More... //

Donnie Wahlberg Goes VR in Wahlburgers Behind-the-Scenes Clip (Exclusive Video)

When Donnie Wahlberg takes you behind the scenes in Wahlburgers, its like youre really there. Or at least it seems that way in the new exclusive clip obtained by TheWrap. For the Season 7 premiere of the A&E reality series Wednesday, Wahlberg takes viewers on a trip through the kitchen of the familys flagship burger joint, where he spends the appropriate amount of time razzing his brother Paul, who busies himself with the cooking operation. Donnie Wahlberg owns the restaurants in partnership with his brothers Paul and Mark, star of The Departed and other film hits.   ....Read More... //

A&E Network to Premiere New Season of Hit Series "Wahlburgers" November 16

Look for back-to-back episodes on Wednesday nights beginning at 10:00/9:00c. ...Read More... //

Wahlburgers Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Wage Theft

Sounds like there might be something unsavory going on at the Coney Island location of Wahlburgers. Wahlburgers Franchising has been slapped with a class-action lawsuit by a group of former employees who claim that the Coney Island branch stiffed workers out of pay in a variety of ways. Therestaurant chain founded by Boogie Nights actor Mark Wahlberg and his brothers Donnie and Paul is at the center of the A&E reality series Wahlburgers....Read More... //

Wahlburgers Sneak Peek: Donnie Preps Mom Alma for Commercial Stardom

All the New Englanders, singit with me: Bernie and Phyls, quality, comfort and price! (Thats nice.) Crooningthefurniture-store chains jingle suddenly becomes a serious matter forWahlburgers Alma in this Wednesdaysepisode(A&E, 10/9c), as Donnie gives his mom some tips on her upcoming appearance in a Bernie & Phyls commercial. Youve gotta have your swag right, theBlue Bloods [] //

Two of A&E's Favorite Families Return This Summer with All New Seasons of "Duck Dynasty" and "Wahlburgers" Beginning Wednesday, July 6

This season "Duck Dynasty" follows the Robertson family as they conquer new family milestones while showcasing their down home southern charm.   Read More... //

Watch Mark Wahlberg Wipe Out Playing Softball on Wahlburgers (Exclusive Video)

Mark Wahlberg gives it his all in the Season 5 finale of Wahlburgers. With the grand opening of the Fenway Park Wahlburgers location, new investor Bob challenges the restaurants local Boston rival Tasty Burger to a game of softball at Fenway Park. All the Wahlberg brothers show up and do battle on the legendary baseball diamond of the Boston Red Sox. Alma volunteers to manage the team, but ultra-competitive Mark decides to run things instead.  Read More... //

Mark Wahlberg Prepares to Meet Pope Francis in New Wahlburgers Clip (Exclusive Video)

Mark Wahlberg has played all kinds of parts, but nothing can prepare him to play host to Pope Francis in a new episode of Wahlburgers. In an exclusive clip of this weeks episode obtained by TheWrap, Wahlbergflies to Philadelphia to host The Festival of Families to honor Pope Francis, where Mark performs the emcee gig of a lifetime. Wahlbergs friend Jonathan Angel, a former Saved by the Bell: The New Class star, comes along for the ride. Also in this weeks episode, Alma, Paul and Bob attend the annual Wahlberg family reunion where Brandon gets his first chance to join the family poker game.   Read More... //

Mark Wahlberg Coaches Friend Through Date in Wahlburgers Season Finale (Exclusive Video)

Mark Wahlberg will do anything for a friend, including telling them exactly what to say on a date. In an exclusive clip of the Wahlburgers season finale obtained by TheWrap, Wahlberg gives his friend Aaron Big A Zell an earpiece to wear before meeting a woman so that Wahlberg can provide him with the right lines to woo a woman Zell is meeting for a date. Wahlberg also provided his friend with a pre-date pep talk. You look great. You are prepared, Wahlberg says. Just relax and be yourself because youre wonderful, youre charming, youre sweet, youre a real catch.   Read More... //

A&E promo gives first look at Nick and Drew Lachey reality series

Theres nothing quite like watching famous families struggle with work-life balance. And in an exclusive promo from A&E, we get to do just that when catching glimpses ofseason 4 of Wahlburgers , season 2 of Donnie Loves Jenny...   Read More... //