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  • 16 episodes
    16 episodes
    • s610e630News Hub: Obnoxious Noisemakers, Big Moneymakers
    • s610e628Philippine Boxer Hits Politics
    • s610e627Prince Harry Throws First Pitch
    • s610e625Feuds NY: New Chapter in Chess District Rivalry
    • s610e623Mixed Martial Arts: A Sport on the Rise
    • s610e621McDowell Wins the U.S. Open
    • s610e615Socceroo Fans Head to South Africa
    • s610e614News Hub: ABC Scores Big in World Cup
    • s610e611Stars Take to the Stage in World Cup Concert
    • s610e610A Multitude of Colors for a Rainbow Nation
    • s610e608England Prepares for World Cup
    • s610e604U.S. vs England World Cup Prediction
    • s610e603News Hub: Time to Expand Use of Instant Replay
    • s610e602Red Sox Farm Team: Investing in Baseball