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Wandering Son Episode #11 - Review

The cultural festival is about to hit and there's a lot of activity going on throughout the school. One of the classes is doing a presentation at city hall to talk about the history of the city, others are doing the painting and designing of banners and other such usual activities. For Shu's class, they're working through the script for the play but it's turned a little problematic. While Shu has written a decent script, it's not exactly working too well because the dialogue is too stiff and wooden. Doi sort of saves the day with his adlibs, cruel they may be, and that puts the play on a slightly different course as he now asks Doi for help in writing it. The relationship between these two young men is truly awkward in a number of ways since it's uncertain of where it will really go. Read More... //

Wandering Son Episode #10 - Review

Shu's attempt at going to school dressed up in Takatsuki's school uniform has not gone well with the teachers taking them all into the office to talk about it. The teachers actually take some of the blame themselves, citing their allowing of the theme for the culture festival, but Sarashina is very quick to point out that it has nothing to do with that and that it's all just what they wanted to do themselves. Shu is actually more forthright about it than I expected him to be by saying plainly that he's always wanted to do it. Unfortunately, it all cycles back to his house when Shu's friend explains what happened and Shu makes it clear that he really doesn't want to go to school anymore because of how he's being singled out. With others having changed from girls into boys uniforms, only he's getting grief over doing it himself and it's making him curl up into himself a bit. Read More... //

Wandering Son Episode #09 - Review

Pushing boundaries is a difficult thing to do for many, especially when it comes to what a couple of these kids are going through. Takatsuki is really trying to find her place with her confused feelings, so when she goes further than she has before with the haircut she has and dressing up as a boy for school, it really separates her out. A bunch of the boys find it to be pretty cool overall with how she's able to pull it off, but the girls are mostly dismissive of her at this point. Takatsuki herself isn't exactly sure what it is she wants out of it after all though, but she can't help but to feel like she needs to be true to herself no matter the consequences. Read More... //

Wandering Son Episode #08 - Review

The passage of time in Wandering Son has felt a little odd from the start, especially since it was hard to pin things down at first, and the series is moving events forward again as the cast is now moving on to their second year and discovering who is in what class, which offers up some new fun. One of the changes that's made here is the return of Saori who was explained away with an 'extensive absence' for awhile. There's also mention of Doi, someone that used to bother Shu a lot back in grade school now being in his class which offers up some potential challenges. But what you want to know more about is just how the relationship between Shu and Anna is going now that some time has passed and they've moved on to this new level. Read More... //

Wandering Son Episode #07 - Review

Wandering Son was a little surprising in that they moved past the play as quickly as they did as it seemed like something that would be a subplot for a good part of the series, if not the whole thing. Moving it out of the way at the halfway mark isn't bad though as it allows the show to explore some other areas, such as the way life at this age is simply difficult on so many levels. The burgeoning emotions, the influences of others and general social pressures in addition to the body still growing, which causes a lot of stresses, minor pains and a whole lot of necessary sleep at a time when getting such things is even more difficult than usual. For Shu, he's also got the added stress of what he likes to wear and the way he feels out of place with a lot of things because of it. Read More... //

Wandering Son Episode #06 - Review

The culture festival has arrived and everyone is getting ready for things. We've seen this act before in numerous other shows but when you get a show like Wandering Son, it has a very different feel to it. You know it will avoid the usual big dramatic moments, the overacting and the bigger than life feeling. So much of it feels like reality in a way that it's almost disconcerting. The maid café for example has normal sheets, plates and cups rather than anything elaborate and the streamers that are included are simple but effective. It looks much more honest than almost every other show out there and that helps to reinforce the way you're supposed to take things seriously when it comes to the characters and their emotions as it's being played straight as well. Read More... //

Wandering Son Episode #05 - Review

While the kids are on summer vacation break, it's not all fun and games for them. With the play still very much a focus for them for when they return, the script writing is paramount at this point and a lot of classmates agreed to help as we saw in the previous episode. Nitori was set to do it alone but you could easily see how surprised he was to have so many people offer to help. It's actually a nice event when they all get together at Saori's place as it has that kind of laid back feeling to it where they have cake, talk, laugh and kick around ideas. It feels even more nostalgic in a way because of the art style used here that gives it a light and airy feeling. Read More... //

Wandering Son Episode #04 - Review

As Wandering Son progresses, you really get a feel for a kind of storytelling that you often don't see in anime. While slice of life sows are out there in full force every season, few feel as true and honest as this one does. Most tend to spend time with brightly colored characters doing mundane but interesting things as they go from one minor event to another. There's most definitely a charm to it and we've seen a good many of them and enjoyed them. But Wandering Son provides an undercurrent of sadness and tension to it as the lead characters try to go through their days and lives with varying degrees of secrets that they either find shameful or difficult to express without being ridiculed. Though it's not always out there, there's a kind of trapped feeling about them that permeates much of their expression that's profoundly sad even as they do normal things. Read More... //

Wandering Son Episode #03 - Review

School life continues on and the latest event to hit the kids is that they're going to be putting on a play and it's going to be Romeo and Juliet. The girls are excited by it as there will be gender swapping going on and they're talking about binding themselves down well so they can play the role of boys really well. This comes amid the usual problems of growing up as one of the girls gets told by the coach to start wearing a bra to gym class, something that Takatsuki really doesn't want to do since she's far more comfortable being a boy. The reactions of those that know her well are priceless, and accurate, as there's a mixture of concern from some, nonchalance from others and outright laughter from one particular corner. Read  More... //

Wandering Son Episode #02 - Review

While the show can open strongly on a subject that's not of the norm, carrying through on it and making it engaging throughout is far more of a challenge. This is something that was definitely true of the last real straightforward controversial show that came over here with Koi Kaze, one that I think succeeded very well with what it set out to do. Wandering Son faces similar challenges just in how the audience will handle things since it's not played for the bouncy boobie laughs so many other shows play in.    Read more... //