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Wandering Son Episode #01 - Review

Based on the seinen manga by Takako Shimura which began back in 2002 and is still running, with eleven volumes release in graphic novel form as of now, Wandering Son is an eleven episode series by AIC Classic that definitely has a look and feel that is wholly appropriate for this slice of life drama series. The series focus is one that many have felt would be somewhat controversial if not outright unwanted, but it's the kind of story that needs to be told and given more exposure because of how many kids go through similar issues and feelings. The timing of this release is appropriate as well as Fantagraphics is bringing the manga over later this year, so those who get hooked on the show have the hope of seeing much of the manga. Read More... //

Wandering Son Episode #05 - Review

While the kids are on summer vacation break, it's not all fun and games for them. With the play still very much a focus for them for when they return, the script writing is paramount at this point and a lot of classmates agreed to help as we saw in the previous episode. Nitori was set to do it alone but you could easily see how surprised he was to have so many people offer to help. It's actually a nice event when they all get together at Saori's place as it has that kind of laid back feeling to it where they have cake, talk, laugh and kick around ideas. It feels even more nostalgic in a way because of the art style used here that gives it a light and airy feeling. Read More... //