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Warehouse 13 Review: Defining Moments

This is not how I expected  Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 6  would wrap up the series.  Using a bunch of old, but really  new  clips that were supposed to be defining moments for each character was a really odd idea to conclude a television show. Read More... //

Warehouse 13 Series Finale Review: The Clip Show That Wasn't

Warehouse 13's series finale was bittersweet, and a lot was left unsaid. But for a series that specialized in the unknown, the obscure, the odd, and the eternal exploration of the wonderful and the weird, "Endless" was an appropriate capper.   Read More... //

Warehouse 13 Season 5 Series Finale “Endless” Review

Bravo to  Warehouse 13 for giving us 5 seasons of campy, warm-hearted, science fiction adventure. Its run may have been too short, but as we know from Mrs. Frederic, the Warehouse is full of endless wonder that we one day may see again. To close this chapter, the show gave fans a well-crafted look back at past episodes, while giving us some new, emotionally satisfying gems. The premise of the episode was that the Warehouse had started preparing for its eventual move to Warehouse 14. Part of that process involved the caretaker and agents downloading their memories into a Arthurian round table artifact. This table also let them look at moments from the Warehouse’s history, which was a clever way to bring in fan favorite HG Wells. Wells popped up in 1890s England, on the trail of Jack the Ripper. Obviously, the writers were cognizant of the desire of some fans for a Myka/HG relationship. This didn’t happen, but Myka did say that HG had left her boyfriend and was now with a woman. Read More... //

Warehouse 13 Finally Proves That Love Is Stronger Than Artifact Magic

Warehouse 13 wrapped up most of the arc of its final mini-season last night, with the frenetic "Shisi Cangku." Claudia's sister and the evil alternate Benedict Valda collide in a frenetic story in which a record player nearly kills people but a capella singing saves everyone.   Read More... //

Warehouse 13 Review: From Thirteen to Fourteen

One down and one to go, as  Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 5  counted down to the  series  finale.  This was a quick and succinct cap on the main storylines of the season. And, as much as some extra detail would be appreciated, with six episodes to wrap up, things will go quickly. Alternate Valda quickly began putting his plans into outsourcing Warehouse 13 to China's Warehouse 14. It was very much the tried and true formula for Warehouse: the world is in grave danger, but there's still time for outsourcing jokes.  Valda's plans for the new Warehouse were obscured by his mind control of Claire. It was a quick twist to bring the arc to a close and move on to the final chapter. Pete's idea of transferring Claire's power to Valda, taking the fork from him and sending back to the alternative dimension was brilliant - but it brings about the idea that's touched on early: the quick and succinct path.  Read more:  //

Warehouse 13 Season 5 Review “Cangku Shisi”

Sadly, we have reached the second to the last episode of  Warehouse 13 . This week, we got some closure on the storyline of Claudia’s sister, Claire. We also inched closer to a Myka/Pete coupling that I still find profoundly disturbing. As they have many times, the team foils another plot to take over the Warehouse. This time, the culprit is Benedict Valda. He uses his Borg technology to harness Claire’s powers for his own purposes. It’s too bad that the season is so short. Don’t get me wrong; it’s better than not having a season. But, I guess I expected the Claire story to go in a different direction. With the need for a resolution, though, her recovery had to occur quickly. Though Claire fights her Borg monocle, she’s only able to fully overcome its control with the help of Claudia. In another schmaltzy sing-along of Garbage’s “When I Grow Up,” Claire finally breaks free. Claudia figures out that if they turn the monocle around, they can send Claire’s power to Valda. This ultimately is a neat solution. Claire is able to return to normalcy, while the bad guy gets what’s coming to him. Read More... //

Warehouse 13 "Savage Seduction" Review: Ay Dios Mio!

Warehouse 13 only has six episodes to tell its final story, which makes it infuriating that the show squandered one of them on this hottest of messes.   Read More... //

Warehouse 13 Season 5 Review “Savage Seduction”

First off, my apologies for the delay in this week’s review. I think there can be no doubt in the minds of Warehouse 13  fans that this episode was the funniest in the entire series. Pete and Myka get sucked into a telenovela, while Jinks and Claudia head to the frat house to neutralize a twinning artifact. There were so many funny moments. If we had had more episodes like this earlier in the show, we might not be on the brink of the series finale. Read More... //

Warehouse 13 Review: The Telenovela

If only an artifact actually exists that could trap us in a TV series. That would be the life.  Naturally, I would pick a juicy soap like  Days of Our Lives  or  Revenge  -  and life would be pretty grand except for my untimely death, knowing my luck.  Anyway,  Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 4  did exactly this, as Pete and Myka helped Kelly, a blast from Pete's relationship past, whose Nana was trapped in her favorite telenovela (that's been canceled naturally).  Read more:  //

Warehouse 13 Review: When I Grow Up

After learning that her sister was alive and in an artifact-induced coma, it wasn’t hard to figure out that Claudia would be hard at work trying to rescue her sibling as soon as possible.   And with only a few hours left in the series,  Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 3  dropped us right in the thick of it.  Read more:  //