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Wayward Pines Recap: A Grand Disillusion

Serious question: How do people keep getting liquor in the Pines?   Read More... //

'Wayward Pines' recap: 'Exit Strategy'

Adam Hassler returns with a message more disturbing than his facial hair...   Read More... //

Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Exit Strategy

No one died. Wayward Pines Season 2 was starting to set a precedent of killing off a fan favorite every week, but the buck stops with Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4 . We did get confirmation that Ben really is dead, if that counts for anything.   Read More...   //

'Wayward Pines' Recap: Is There Life After Living Outside Wayward Pines?

Wayward Pines ' "Exit Strategy" isn't much of one, but that doesn't mean there isn't a fair amount of meat to keep this barbecue afloat. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up on Shyamalan's dystopian Once-Upon-A-Time anytime soon, but this episode reminds me that the middle four episodes have a lot of ground to cover, just like during the first season. I just wish it was moving a little faster. Main characters Jason and Theo barely show their faces, an old character returns to add almost nothing to the plot, and Megan is anxious to steal an 11-year-old girl's virginity. Them are the yawners.   Read More... //

Wayward Pines Recap: Nurse Pam Is Back with a Terrible Secret

Wayward Pines ' "Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines" achieved two things I thought were absolutely impossible: it made Melissa Leo 's iconic Nurse Pam character even more dark and threatening, and gave the moral high ground to a totalitarian state. Yes, Fox's most disturbing series got far darker and...   Read More...   //

Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines

Nurse Pam returns! Melissa Leo proved once again why she was the best part of Wayward Pines Season 1 . Sadly we only got her back for one episode, but that's better than nothing.   Read More...   //

'Wayward Pines' Recap: Jason Kills His Murderous Mother

Lots more is revealed about Jason's upbringing as the very first 41st century popsicle baby in "Once Upon A Time in Wayward Pines." Against a backdrop of sinister Snow White -like woods andnarrated by creepyfairytale-ishvoiceovers by Nurse Pam "Ratched" Pilcher (Melissa Leo), we see Pam grooming loner Jason to be the savior of humankind. Man, it's great to see Pam back in the thick of it, even if she's batsh*t crazy with a capital BS.   Read More... //

Wayward Pines Recap: May He Sleep With Mother's Danger?

Quick, somebody slap me! I think I just felt a little pang of sympathy for Wayward Pines maniacally monstrous leader Jason Higgins. Dont get it twisted: I didnt put aside my disdain for the lil dictator because he had to choke the life out of the woman who raised him that was a necessary [] //

Wayward Pines Recap: Hello, Nurse!

It's always nice to see Melissa Leo.   Read More... //

Wayward Pines: "Blood Harvest" Review

The second episode of Season 2 was a little anemic compared to the premiere, but I guess that's fitting since "Blood Harvest" was mainly focused on the town's lack of food. While the beginning and end were considerably more action-packed, the middle felt more in keeping with Season 1's lackadaisical pace, which offered a mix of both tedium and intrigue. The beginning was probably the most exciting part of this episode, as the First Gen military arrived at the crashed truck, where the abbies were literally piling up to get inside the wall. It definitely seems like the creatures are picking up some new tricks -- which makes sense, given their evolutionary advantage as hunters. Perhaps they're not as predictable as Pilcher thought. READ MORE...