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'Wayward Pines' Recap: Hell Is Unleashed And None Are Safe

"A Reckoning," Wayward Pines ' penultimate episode, provides several shocks to the system including a 13th hour checkmate that spells mankind annihilation if Ethan can't turn things around in the final 43 minutes of the series. Regardless, "A Reckoning" was an action-packed, tension-filled segue that succeeds in raising the drama (and expectations) for a phenomenal finale.   The children of the First Generation rise up to demand their place of power, but only serve to prove that what they have been brainwashed to believe will only bring about death and destruction. A major secondary character is brutally murdered, even more truth is discovered by none other than Ethan's wife, Kate makes the ultimate sacrifice, and Ethan calls his first town meeting with the intent of telling everyone the truth about everything , putting the blame squarely on Pilcher's shoulders. In the end, Pilcher gets the last laugh ... or does he?   Read More... //

Wayward Pines Recap: Power Play

This week on Foxs Wayward Pines, in the midseason dramas penultimate hour, we saw just how impetuous Pilcher can be when he doesnt get his way. In the wake of resistance member Alan mowing a truck through the fence, to his (and already-dead Andys) detriment, theres a rabid call for a reckoning, led by Pilcher [] //

Wayward Pines: Let's Talk About "A Reckoning"!

What's going to happen in this week's episode of network television's craziest show?   Read More... //

Wayward Pines: "The Friendliest Place..." Review

Pilcher begins to question those around him and we flashback to Kate's early days in the town.   Read More... //

'Wayward Pines' S1E6: The Friendliest Place on Earth

★ ★ ★ ★ It’s about time that someone made it to the outside of town. Sure, he didn’t last very long, but he succeeded where many have failed. Ethan has been right about one thing, there’s no going back to the way of life we saw in episode 1. The aftermath of the bomb on main street left no casualties, but did still manage to shake the town to its very core. Pilcher is entirely aware of this, thanks to his street-level disguise, and overhears terrified people concerned about other bombs and violence. His solution to help get everyone to rest easy? To throw a big party where the bomb went off! The whole thing is quickly shut down by Ethan, angered that Pilcher even considered the festival to be a good idea for the town during their time of need. In general, Pilcher hasn’t really shown good leadership since, well, ever. That being said, it’s still a surprise that the man behind the town is so sloppy at understanding its people and what they want after all this time, or how Wayward Pines even functions without an attempted escape on a weekly basis. The one person who really understands how the town (or at least the first generation) works is Megan Fisher. She takes what people want to hear and then gives it her own spin. Her involvement with Pilcher shows that she was an extremely dedicated follower in the past, and now she barely speaks with him. Something’s fishy about her. A lot of Ethan’s side of the story was toned down to make room for the scenes leading up to Alan’s escape. I’m still skeptical about how a bomb that couldn’t kill two children standing less than ten feet away from it was supposed to blow up the monstrous fence put up around the town. But still, poor Alan. He didn’t see that coming. It seems that, thanks to him, the Abbies are going to be able to enter the wall through the opening created by the truck, and generate terror in Wayward Pines. It’ll be a great conversation starter the next time Pilcher wants to have a mixer. The 10-episode series event is reaching its final days and, obviously, shit’s about to go down. The only conflict available seems to be the Abbies, who are scary enough, but it’ll be interesting to see how they play out the next couple of episodes. p { text-align: justify; }

Wayward Pines Recap: Weapons of Mass Destruction

  Wayward Pines s latest ep, The Friendliest Place on Earth, shouldve been titled Mission Accomplished. The episode not only ends with an insurgent finally completing the factions mission of breaking through the fence (by slamming a stolen dump truck straight through it), but also with David Pilcher getting his full George W. Bush on and telling his personnel that we are in a time of war." Any way you look at it, shit is about to get really real now in Wayward Pines.   As the show has morphed from a single-plot mystery to a multi-layered, speculative-fiction serial (quite successfully, I'll add), the writers are really letting it rip with the War on Terror allusions. I always had a feeling Pines was a pulpy, paranoid take on post-9/11 America; Friendliest, with several characters still haunted by tragedies they couldve prevented and subsequently overcompensating to prevent future ones definitely confirms it.   Read More... //

Wayward Pines: Let's Talk about "The Friendliest Place On Earth"!

What wild and crazy things will go down in the WP?   Read More... //

Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 8 Review: The Friendliest Place on Earth

Ben's alive! It's not shocking, but considering the way this show has been killing off major characters, I wouldn't have been shocked either way. Still, I'm glad he survived. Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 8 did a great job setting up some major conflicts to take us into the last two episodes. Mrs. Fisher is putting her hypnotherapy skills to work by using some mind control techniques on Ben. Is it just me, or is he letting it work a little too easily? He seems to be willing to accept pretty much anything she tells him, even if it's an attempt to turn him against his father. I know they don't have the best relationship, especially when Kate's name is brought into the picture, but I still think he was too quick to jump down his throat.   Read More... //

'Wayward Pines' Recap: Casualties Mount as the Plot Thickens

Wayward Pines has got to be the freakiest show I've ever seen and actually enjoyed. My tolerance for the ridiculous when it comes to dramatic entertainment is very low, but Wayward Pines has consistently surprised me. We're in the final stretch with episode 8, "The Friendliest Place On Earth," and the stunners keep coming. I've had the pleasure of screening the next episode, "A Reckoning," and I can tell you only this: the most shocking events have yet to unfold.   Last time in " Betrayal ," a lot of ground was covered. The same is true about "The Friendliest Place on Earth." But first, let's quickly review the details of "Betrayal:" Theresa and Kate shared their concern that Ethan has succumbed to the madness being peddled by those who created Wayward Pines, Ethan identified Kate as the master behind the subversive movement, Theresa investigated Plot 33, and then Amy and Ben were blown up by a bomb intended to take out the perimeter wall of Wayward Pines. What could possibly happen next?   Read More... //

Wayward Pines Recap: Break on Through to the Other Side

This week on Foxs Wayward Pines, Pilcher and Pam sought to suss out a subordinate, Mrs. Fisher played mind games, the origin of Ethan and Kates affair was revealed, and the resistance made a breakthrough. WIGGED BEN | Hospitalized after surviving the bomb blast in the back of Andys delivery truck, Ben gets an earful [] //