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Imagine the perfect American town... beautiful homes, manicured lawns, children playing safely in the streets. Now imagine never being able to leave. You have no communication with the outside world. You think you’re going insane. You must be in Wayward Pines. Based on the best-selling novel “Pines” by Blake Crouch, and brought to life as a 10-episode mini series by suspenseful storyteller M. Night Shyamalan (“The Sixth Sense,” “Signs”), WAYWARD PINES is the intense new mind-bending event thriller evocative of the classic cult hit “Twin Peaks.”
Jul 6, 2016 1:33AM EDT

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Well to be completely honest I watched the first season because the creepy, bizarre, mystery behind the town etc. made me curious. After the Abbie business was explained, I was less satisfied with the overall story. ( I won't say too much about that because I don't want to spoil anything for the new viewers.} Were it not for Matt Dillion being a lead character I would have probably stopped watching after that revelation, but I stuck with it to end of first season. Then when I heard the show was renewed for another season, I was baffled. I really thought it felt complete at end of season one. Not sure I will get through season two. I don't feel particularly invested in the characters because they seem so weird, but part of me really wants the story to get better. I just can't imagine how it can.


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