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'Weeds' Alum to Haunt 'Grimm's' Halloween Episode (Exclusive)

Kate del Castillo will guest star as a mysterious detective who helps capture a serial child abductor in the episode, which will be loosely based on the Mexican legend "La Llorona." //

Preview & Photos: Weeds Season 8 Episode 10 “Threshold”

Weeds  Season 8 Episode 10 "Threshold" airs Sunday September 2 at 10:00pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : Andy encounters what could be a big bump in his relationship, while Silas moves towards some professional upward mobility. Meanwhile, Nancy joins Rabbi Dave for some dinner with friends. Read More... //  

Preview of 'Weeds' 100th Episode: Nancy's Going Home

Nancy reunites with a friend and an enemy in Agrestic which is now called Regrestic, and may return to Connecticut without Andy. //

Weeds: Which Ghost of Nancy's Past Will Be Returning?

TV Guide is reporting that Nancy Botwin is about to come face-to-face with a person from her past that she never thought she'd have to deal with again. Guillermo Diaz (Scandal) will be reprising his role as Guillermo, former associate turned enemy of Nancy's, in the final three episodes of Weeds . Though the circumstances of his return are as yet unclear, his attitude toward Nancy (aka Blanca) will be one of friendship and not of malice, surprising considering Guillermo's fate when we last saw him. In his then-assumed final appearance in the sixth season finale, he was ultimately outsmarted by Nancy and arrested along with Esteban, who we learned died in prison while Nancy was serving her sentence. Read More... //

Weeds Sneak Peeks: Andy's New Wife and Nancy's Old Identity

Weeds has been all about impulsivity. All the death, destruction, ruined lives, location changes - at the root, they're all about split-second decisions that have put the Botwin family on the brink time and time again. This is a show about those moments. On the next episode of Weeds , titled "Threshold", ever-impulsive Andy might be regretting his decision to marry the waitress from the restaurant. Though they bonded over her smile and their mutual lost appendages, Andy kind of forgot to ask her about his make-or-break issue: children. He couldn't do it anymore with Jill because of her false pregnancy and the low chance of bearing a child, but Andy went from someone who might not physically be able to have a child to someone not emotionally ready. The waitress is a 22-year-old only accustomed to playing with her cousins, not a woman in the right space to bring any new life into the world, and this marriage might already be over because of that. Read More... //

Preview & Photos: Weeds Season 8 Episode 9 “Saplings”

Weeds  Season 8  Episode 9  "Saplings" airs Sunday August 26 at 10:00pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : A "cowboy capitalist" comes into town with an offer  for Silas; and rumors spread about Rabbi Dave having an encounter with a nonmember of the synagogue. Read More... //  

Weeds Sneak Peeks: Silas Gets Recruited by a Tobacco Company

The past few seasons of Weeds have found Silas Botwin getting more and more involved in the drug industry. Once the reason that Nancy decided to start selling drugs, the oldest Botwin boy may not be the shrewdest businessman, but he's perfected growing techniques that produce a crop that flies out of his possession. Which is why his recent position at the company that Nancy works might be a perfect fit - he gets to do what he does well and let the people in charge of pushing product do just that. But is he truly happy where he is? Read More... //

Weeds “Five Miles From Yetzer Hara” (Season 8 Episode 8)

Weeds  "Five Miles From Yetzer Hara" (Season 8  Episode   airs Sunday August 19 at 10:00pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : After receiving  an interesting proposal from an unexpected source, Nancy struggles with a decision involving a questionable business. Read More... //  

Weeds Sneak Peeks: Nancy Hooks Up with the Rabbi

Nancy Botwin is a black widow with an iced coffee addiction. This is a woman used to getting what she wants by any means necessary, whether it be through schemes to outwit her opponent or through the use of her feminine wiles as barter for whatever she needed at the time. Last week on Weeds , she had a fling with Dr. Cornish in exchange for his purchase of the synthetic marijuana pill that her company is peddling and this week, her attention turns to the rabbi. Read More... //

Weeds “Unfreeze” (Season 8 Episode 7)

Weeds  "Unfreeze" (Season 8 Episode 7 ) airs Sunday August 12 at 10:00pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : Andy visits a local synagogue to look for work while Nancy gets a quite competitive new job and Shane is ready to graduate from the police academy. Read More... //