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Weeds: Season 5, Episode 8, "A Distinctive Horn" Preview

The 5th season of Weeds continues next Monday, July 27th, with an all new episode titled "A Distinctive Horn". In this episode, the tension between Nancy and Esteban mounts as Pilar adds to the conflict. Nancy looks to Andy for help, just as hes focused on his relationship with Audra. Dean offers to help Silas and Doug get their dispensary back on track, but Celia sees an opportunity and steps in. Showtime already has 2 preview clips available of the episode, which you can watch now: Preview Clip 1 - Plum Juice When Celia tries to return all of her "You're Pretty" cosmetics supply, she sees another side of the seemingly cheerful Raylene. Preview Clip 2 - Laugh With The Sinners Andy, after shaving his scruffy beard, asks Nancy's gynecologist Audra if she'd like to get dinner. "A Distinctive Horn" airs next Monday, July 27th at 10PM on Showtime.

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Last night had some more great episodes of Monday summer favs plus premieres of some newbies, so check out what you missed or re-watch what you loved! Primetime TV: The Secret Life of The American Teenager - Watch 'Born Free' Make It or Break It - Watch 'Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel' Weeds - Watch 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' Nurse Jackie - Watch 'Steak Knife' Dating in the Dark - Watch 'Episode 1' The Wanted - Watch 'Premiere' Raising the Bar - Watch 'Fine and Dandy' The Closer - Watch 'Strike Three' The Bachelorette - Watch 'The Men Tell All' Hammertime - Watch 'Giving Back' Gene Simmons Family Jewels - Watch 'Movin' Out' The Great American Road Trip - Watch 'The Heartland' News & Late Night TV: The Daily Show - Watch 'Brian Williams' The Colbert Report - Watch 'Geoffrey Canada, Bob Park' The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien - Watch 'Adam Sandler, Peter Sarsgaard, Kate Voegele' Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Watch 'Will Arnett, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Tom Jones'

WEEDS Season 5, Episode 7: "Where The Sidewalk Ends" - Preview

Nancy learns the identity of the other woman in Esteban's life, as well as his plans for her childbirth delivery. With the help of Andy and Audra, Nancy takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Celia discovers that getting rich quick isn't always so easy. Silas and Doug learn the hard way that Deputy C.P. Jones is more trouble than he's worth as the fate of their medical marijuana dispensary is jeopardized. Airing Monday July 20 2009 at 10PM ET/PT. Guest star: Alanis Morissette. Source & Preview

TV Guide's Top Moments of the Week: Barack, Baseball and Beatlemania - Featured

This week is what summer is all about: Baseball, free outdoor concerts, and reality shows at their worst - by which we mean their best. Welcome to our Top Moments, Boys of Summer edition. 7. Biggest Bully: When Big Brother 's Russell verbally attacks his fellow clique member Jeff, the two have a heated war of words that involves a lot of chest-pounding and caveman threats. We're all about BB shouting matches, but based on the footage we've seen so far, the verbal assault was unwarranted and maybe hurt Russell more than it helped him. And Jeff wins by carrying on his side of the fight without breaking stride on the elliptical machine. 6. Best Toast: Nurse Jackie and the rest of the nursing staff gather around sassy patient Maureen (Judith Ivey), who wishes to die on her own terms, to say one final goodbye. With champagne poured for all, Jackie places a few drops of morphine in Maureen's glass as the patient toasts, "Here's to you and here's to me. And if we ever disagree, [expletive] you. And here's to me." 5. Best Reveal: Guess what, guys? True Blood 's Maryann has claws! And the head of a bull sometimes! And she's making everyone in town crazy with her sexy dancing and orgies of food, wine, sex and violence. Also: As played by Michelle Forbes, she's awesome. 4. Saddest Double Cross: On Weeds , Nancy writes the lovesick Andy a "Dear John" letter and instead moves into the mansion of her kingpin boyfriend, Esteban. In true ruthless criminal fashion, Esteban then dumps her as soon as a mystery woman appears. 3. Worst Performance: The Bachelorette 's Ed gets some alone time on an overnight date with Jillian - and suffers intimacy issues that may make him regret coming back to the show. (He left previously to focus on work, and drum up drama over Jillian's final pick.) Does he deserve the shame of having his failure to perform nationally aired? If he had any shame, would he be on the show in the first place?'s own Joyce Eng has been begging us all week to include a joke about Ed having E.D. Good one, Joyce. But in his defense, Jillian said he just fell asleep. 2. Best Pitch: Barack Obama vowed not to bounce the opening pitch across the plate at the All-Star Game, and he succeeded - thanks in part to a quick move forward by his catcher, Cardinals' hometown hero Albert Pujols. It was a moment with stakes as low as the game itself, home field World Series advantage notwithstanding. Sometimes baseball's best when you don't care who wins. 1. Most Welcome Guest: Forty-five years after he and his fellow Beatles launched the British Invasion, Paul McCartney returns to the Ed Sullivan Theater for his first performance on The Late Show with David Letterman. His performance above the theater's marquee draws thousands of New Yorkers - and millions of viewers enjoying a resurgence of Beatlemania. Source Here

Get Your Emmy Nominations Here! - Featured

Well fine. After SideReel obsessed over the year's TV failures in our First Annual SideReel Flunkies (get the results here ), we guess it is only fair to balance that with a celebration of TV's successes. Therefore, it's our pleasure to share with you this year's official Emmy nominations, released this morning: Drama Series Big Love Breaking Bad Damages Dexter House Lost Mad Men Comedy Series Entourage ( Really? For last season? Really? ) Family Guy Flight of the Conchords How I Met Your Mother The Office 30 Rock Weeds ( Again, for last season, the show's worst? ) Lead Actor, Comedy Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory (Yessss! Much deserved!) Jemaine Clement, Flight of the Conchords Tony Shalhoub, Monk Steve Carell, The Office Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men Lead Actor, Drama Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Michael C. Hall, Dexter Hugh Laurie, House Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment Jon Hamm, Mad Men Simon Baker, The Mentalist Lead Actress, Comedy Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine Christina Applegate, Samantha Who? Sarah Silverman, The Sarah Silverman Program Tina Fey, 30 Rock Toni Collette, United States of Tara Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds Lead Actress, Drama Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer Glenn Close, Damages Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men Holly Hunter, Saving Grace (2007) Supporting Actor, Drama William Shatner, Boston Legal Christian Clemenson, Boston Legal Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad William Hurt, Damages Michael Emerson, Lost John Slattery, Mad Men Supporting Actress, Drama Rose Byrne, Damages Sandra Oh, Grey's Anatomy Chandra Wilson, Grey's Anatomy Dianne Wiest, In Treatment Hope Davis, In Treatment Cherry Jones, 24 Supporting Actor, Comedy Kevin Dillon, Entourage Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother Rainn Wilson, The Office Tracy Morgan, 30 Rock Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men Supporting Actress, Comedy Kristin Chenoweth, Pushing Daisies Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live Kristin Wiig, Saturday Night Live Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock Vanessa Williams, Ugly Betty Elizabeth Perkins, Weeds Get the full list of Emmy nominations over at E!Online: Complete List of Emmy Nominations What are your reactions to the nominations? Surprises? Snubs? What should win?

EDITED: Translation for Episode 6 Season 5: A Modest Proposal

"You loved me good, until you got your BOY with her. But Marry her? Are you crazy? All the eyes of Mexico will be on you. All my hopes, my effort, my money, my time - I put into YOU? You should have killed the f-in white b*tch when you had the chance! What I'm saying is you have to choose between me and the white woman."" NAJX replied to the source article with this: najx nice Jul 16, 2009, 5:07am EDT The translation above is a bit off, especially the critical last line. What the woman says: "Esteban! What do you think you're doing, huh? You've gone too far don't you think? It's one thing to have an affair with a f***ing gringa [Anglo], or even, fine! to have a son by her, but to marry her? Are you insane? All the eyes of Mexico are watching you. All my hopes, my efforts, my money, I've put into you?!!? You should have killed the f***ing gringa whore when you had the chance!" Esteban asks: "Are you trying to tell me I have to choose between all of you and Nancy?" She replies, "No Esteban, what I'm trying to tell you is you have to choose between yourself and the gringa." source:

Watch Now Online: Last Night's New Weeds, Nurse Jackie, and More! - Featured

Last night had some great new episodes of your favorites and new summer shows, so catch up on what you missed or re-watch what you loved! Primetime TV: Weeds - Watch 'A Modest Proposal' Nurse Jackie - Watch 'Tiny Bubbles' The Secret Life of The American Teenager - Watch 'Ciao' Make It or Break It - Watch 'Sunday, Bloody Sasha, Sunday' Raising the Bar - Watch 'I'll Be Down to Get You a Taxi, Honey' Here Come The Newlyweds - Watch 'Who Is Going Home with the Money?' The Great American Road Trip - Watch 'Gateway to the West' News & Late Night TV: The Daily Show - Watch 'Barney Frank' The Colbert Report - Watch 'Paul Rieckhoff, Paul Krugman' The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien - Watch 'Jeff Goldblum, Bill Engvall, the cast of Hair' Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Watch 'Dylan McDermott, Wendy Williams, Sam Talbot'

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, July 13, 2009 - Featured

* Home Run Derby (8 pm/ET ESPN) All eyes are on the efficient and powerful swing of Cardinals star Albert Pujols as the All-Star break home-run leader heads a group of eight long-ball specialists in the shadow of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The beloved reigning NL MVP has finished second and third previously in an event that often leaves a more-lasting memory than the actual All-Star Game, as happened last year when runner-up Josh Hamilton set a new single-round record of 28 dingers. Missouri native and 2006 champ Ryan Howard joins Prince Fielder and Adrian Gonzalez in looking to outlast Pujols. * The Bachelorette (8 pm/ET ABC) Jillian finally gave Wes the old country heave-ho last week. His feigned wooing of our bachelorette earned him and his CD plenty of publicity, but goodwill is another matter. Good luck on that music career, Wes! Now it's on to Maui for Ed, Reid and Kiptyn, three guys Jillian says she loves. Ed, who progressed furthest into Jillian's fantasy suite last week - and got the first rose as well - would seem to be her favorite, but she's still waiting to see who'll show her the love. * Teddy: In His Own Words (9 pm/ET HBO ) Growing up a child of privilege in one of America's most famous families may sound glamorous, but the life of Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy has not been without tragedy and loss, including the deaths of four of his eight siblings before he was 40. But the senior senator from Massachusetts has battled personal demons, political opponents and health problems to forge a long and distinguished career of public service, and this documentary laden with archival footage lets the leonine liberal narrate his life story. * Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (10 pm/ET Bravo ) Bravo premieres the new reality show Miami Social tomorrow night, but it's Kathy who's doing the Miami socializing tonight. It's home sweet home when our D-list diva heads to Miami's playground for the privileged, the luxury Star Island, to buy a second home. (Now that's A-list behavior.) In Miami, Kathy meets up with Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Estefan, and Kathy delights in the buzzing paparazzi and fans that swarm them. Later, Estefan allows Kathy to manage one of her hotels. That's probably not the best idea, especially when Kathy squares off against boozy frat boys. * Nurse Jackie (10:30 pm/ET Showtime ) A couple of powerhouse acting veterans check into All Saints Hospital for tonight's episode. Judith Ivey costars as a nurse who has been admitted for treatment for lung cancer. She shocks former coworker Jackie with a request to help her terminate her life. In a lighter vein, Blythe Danner portrays Coop's mother, who has suffered a gallbladder attack (not that that's funny). But Dr. O'Hara and Jackie become privy to a shocking secret about Coop's family, and momma is it a doozy. Source Here

Weeds Season 5, Episode 6: "A Modest Proposal" - Preview

It's six months since we last saw everyone and Nancy is in full bloom. Esteban proposes, and all seems right with the world until Nancy discovers there's another woman in Esteban's life. Andy, meanwhile, has gone on a spending spree and let himself go. Now he must come to terms with the new order of things. Celia, unhappy in her job at the mall, discovers an opportunity in the world of cosmetics. Shane spends an eye-opening day with Ignacio. Silas and Doug's medical marijuana dispensary is in full operation. But Deputy C.P. Jones continues his meddling ways. Airing Monday July 13 2009 at 10PM ET/PT. Source & Preview

WEEDS Episode 6 Previews