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Michelle Trachtenberg Gets Lost in Weeds

As Emma, the temptress who turned the Botwins' bicycle shop upside-down — literally — and stole their pot business, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer  alum is a real buzz kill. With her Lolita-like looks and too-cool-for-school attitude, her character feels like a warmed-over version of  Gossip Girl 's Georgina Sparks. And somehow she's even more annoying than the perpetually perky (and aptly surnamed) nurse Chloe Payne on NBC's mercifully short-lived  Mercy . Read More... //

Andy Decides to Kidnap the Competition on 'Weeds' (VIDEO)

Emma turned the Botwin family's world upside down, but in Andy's case it was quite literal. After taking Silas for an emotional, and physical ride, she then took the "brain" of the Botwin family drug business on last week's 'Weeds' (Mon., 10PM ET on Showtime). Then, she decided to literally turn Andy's bike shop upside down, hanging from the ceiling what was on the floor and vice-versa. While it was a pretty trippy visual, we're not sure what she was trying to prove. How powerful her organization was, perhaps? Probably, as she was certainly pretty cocky and sure of herself when Silas confronted her on the sidewalk. She even remained cool and aloof when Andy showed up on the scene with a nail gun to kidnap her. //

WEEDS “System Overhead” Season 7 Episode 10

Watch a preview of the upcoming episode of  WEEDS  "System Overhead" Season 7 Episode 10 airing Monday August 29 at 10:00pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : Weeds "System Overhead" Season 7 Episode 10 – Nancy, Andy and Silas plot revenge against Emma (Michelle Trachtenberg) after she gives them the business in a business deal. Meanwhile, Doug suffers a financial setback that makes it even more important to keep his hedge fund up and running; and Shane’s involvement with the law proves to be more involving than he expected. Read More... //

Silas' New Hire Is More Than She Appears to Be on 'Weeds' (VIDEO)

Bringing in a new employee in any business is a risky venture. If it's an illegal operation, due dilligence is even more essential. And yet, Silas let his libido do the hiring on 'Weeds' (Mon., 10PM ET on Showtime), when he invited Shane convinced Nancy to let him be her man on the inside, as part of his internship program with the cops. But his isn't nearly as savvy as he needed to be, and winds up arrested. The evidence he did bring home, though, would have been helpful if Silas had only seen it the day before. Instead, he invites Emma to flip from their rival organization, Pouncy House, and into his organization. He brings her in, shows her the operation and then promptly sleeps with her. //

WEEDS “Cats! Cats! Cats!” Season 7 Episode 9

Watch a preview and check out photos of the upcoming episode of WEEDS  "Cats! Cats! Cats!" Season 7 Episode 9 airing Monday August 22 at 10:00pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : Weeds "Cats! Cats! Cats!" Season 7 Episode 9 – Nancy and Andy try to put thebrakes  on Zoya’s attempt to take over the bike  shop; Silas has an encounter with some local rival dealers; and Doug must do some business with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Read More... //

Nancy's Caught Between Three Lovers and a Wire on 'Weeds' (VIDEO)

Well, Nancy got herself into one heck of a predicament by the end of this week's installment of 'Weeds' (Mon., 10PM ET on Showtime). She's hooking up with everybody, and wearing a wire for the SEC though we all know she has no intention of really going straight. The wire was to salvage her deal by offering up the company's CEO, Foster, to the Feds. She was pretending to be into him to try and get some dirt on him the Feds could use. But the wire was still on when she wound up back at the shop and found herself there with her supplier Demetri, talking about this great new Afghan weed. With a wasted Foster there, Nancy couldn't tip them off to the wire or tell them directly to shut the hell up! //

WEEDS “Synthetics” Season 7 Episode 8

Watch a preview and check out photos of the upcoming episode  of WEEDS  "Synthetics" Season 7Episode 8 airing Monday August 8 at 10:00pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : Weeds "Synthetics" Season 7 Episode 8 – Zoya causes problems for Nancy this week, while Andy clashes with Silas. Read More... //

'Weeds' Star Hunter Parrish to Play Jesus in Broadway's 'Godspell' Revival

Hunter Parrish,  who plays  Mary-Louise Parker's  son Silas on Showtime's  Weeds , is set to portray Jesus in the upcoming Broadway revival of  Godspell . Producer  Ken Davenport  made the announcement Wednesday that Parrish would star in the musical, which begins previews Oct. 13 at Circle in the Square Theater,  reported. Opening night is set for Nov. 7. Read More... //

'Weeds': Michelle Trachtenberg Debuts Monday as Pot Dealer (Video)

To paraphrase Vince Vaughn in "Swingers": Our little Michelle Trachtenberg's all growns up. The actress is now 25, but we still remember her best as Sarah Michelle Gellar's younger sister on three seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and from her role in the 1996 kid comedy-thriller "Harriet the Spy." //

'Weeds': Silas Gets Drawn Into Underground Model Boxing (VIDEO)

Yes, you read that right. This week on 'Weeds' (Mon., 10PM ET on Showtime) Silas entered into the murky world of underground male model boxing. Who knew that people paid money to watch male models box in seedy underground clubs? Anyway, in order to get "delivery" boys for his weed business Silas had to agree to take part in an underground model boxing match. So he stripped to his skivvies, climbed into the ring and took on an opponent who riled him by calling him "Momma's Boy!" Them's fighting words coming from a guy wearing a sparkly purple headband. //