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Showtime Ending Weeds

After eight seasons of constant supply, Showtime has decided to stop selling Weeds . The network announced today that it has canceled the pot-infused comedy, starring Mary-Louise Parker, and that its upcoming season will be its last. But don't worry: Though that season bows soon, on July 1, creator Jenji Kohan is still working on the last batch of episodes to give the show the proper send-off. //

'Weeds' celebrates 4/20 with new Season 8 preview trailer

Happy 4/20, everyone! It's the annual National Weed Day holiday and to celebrate this year, Showtime's pot-fueled comedy "Weeds" has released its first trailer for Season 8. Granted, the trailer doesn't offer much in the way of hints. The trailer features every main character (Nancy, Silas, Shane, Andy and Doug) in various humorous poses while pot leaves and money rain down on them. If you'll recall, when we last left the Botwin clan, they were dining with Jill and a shot rang out. Should we take this trailer to mean none of the main characters were shot? We aren't so sure.But it is a fun little tidbit for 4/20. Nancy and the gang return to Showtime Sunday, July 1st at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. And also to celebrate 4/20 - if you're just dying for an "Weeds" merchandise, you can enter "WEEDS420" at the Showtime store and get 20% off its collection.... //

Weeds Season 8 Trailer: Who Dun It?

The last time we saw Nancy Botwin , she was in the crosshairs of a would-be assassin. Of course, the many times we saw this lead character on Weeds prior to that, she was selling marijuana... and having the baby of a Mexican druglord.... and posing as a maid while on the run and dealing hash... and sleeping with pretty much every man she came across. Indeed, it's been a busy seven seasons for Nancy and her family, and it's likely coming to an end this summer. While Showtime is yet to confirm, odds are strong that season eight of Weeds will be the show's last. On what will the focus be for the dark comedy's final run? The first official network trailer takes us back through Nancy's earlier escapades, while making it clear new episodes will center on the identity of the season seven finale shooter . Who dun it? That's the question posed here: //

'Weeds' and 'Episodes' Get Season Premiere Dates from Showtime

The Season Eight premiere of "Weeds" will air at 10 p.m., followed by the second-season debut of Matt LeBlanc's "Episodes," at 10:30. "Weeds" will begin production on the first of its 13 episodes in Los Angeles in April, while "Episodes" recently finished work on its nine-episodes in Los Angeles and London. Read More... //

Justin Kirk Will Return For ‘Weeds’ Season 8

Crazy Uncle Andy will be sticking around. Actor Justin Kirk will be returning for  Weeds ’  eighth season Deadline  has confirmed. Kirk has signed on to star in what is rumored to be the last season of the Showtime series. Also on board for season 8 is leading lady Mary Louis Parker who plays Nancy Botwin, and Kevin Nealon who is known for his role as Doug Wilson. As pointed out by Nikki Finke’s Deadline, both Nealon and Kirk will be pulling double duty as both ‘Weeds’ stars are also on board new projects . Kirk is attached to star in the upcoming NBC pilot ‘Animal Kingdom’ where he will play  the lead  role. Meanwhile, Nealon is attached to the show ‘Isabel’, also a pilot in the works that will premiere  on NBC. It looks like ‘Weeds’ final season is shaping up to be a good one, with all the regulars ready to say their goodbyes. Read More... //  

'Weeds' renewed for Season 8

The Botwins are back! Or, at least they will be.Showtime announced today (Nov. 10) that it has renewed "Weeds" for an eighth season. Though an air date has not been named, the show will go into production in 2012 and will likely return for the summer season, as it has for the past several years.Season 7 ended with a cliffhanger after marijuana "queenpin" (Showtime's word, not ours) Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) moved with her sons, sister, nieces, Doug and Andy to a family compound in Connecticut. An unknown sniper targeted the family, and a shot rang out as the credits rolled.Creator Jenji Kohan told Zap2it after the episode, "In the end, someone's out to kill Nancy. The question is 'Who is that in the bushes?' We certainly know who it is. The audience may or may not figure it out. It's something from seasons past, you've got to do a little digging. Nancy has left... //

Weeds Season 8 Scoop: Who is the Shooter?

I made my opinion on Weeds very clear in my review of the season seven finale : The show has lost all direction and should not return next summer. But while Showtime is yet to make an announcement in either direction, the odds are strong that we'll see more of Nancy and company in the future. What might an eighth season look like? In the following video, creator Jenji Kohan analyzes the finale and offers up a tease about the person who pulled the trigger in the closing scene. Watch now and then vote below. //

'Weeds' creator Jenji Kohan: 'Someone's out to kill Nancy,' lot of Season 8 possibilities

"Weeds" ended on a rather crazy cliffhanger Monday night (Sept. 27) - the entire family (including Nancy's sister Jill and her two daughters) living together in a "compound" in Connecticut and then being targeted by a sniper, as a shot rang out and the credits rolled.Creator Jenji Kohan says of the finale cliffhanger, "In the end, someone's out to kill Nancy. The question is 'Who is that in the bushes?' We certainly know who it is. The audience may or may not figure it out. It's something from seasons past, you've got to do a little digging. Nancy has left a mess in her wake and the past always comes back to haunt you."As for the new set-up in Connecticut, Kohan says it's the family getting back to its roots, so to speak."Ironically enough, Nancy really considers what the best time for her children was and I think she realizes it was the suburbs, to... //

Did the Botwins Reunite and Find Family Peace on 'Weeds' Finale? (VIDEO)

It's been a crazy ride for the Botwin family, torn apart by greed and weakness throughout this season of 'Weeds' (Mon., 10PM ET on Showtime). But in this season finale, Silas admitted his failings and apologized to Nancy. Nancy got herself out of trouble with Heylia, who told her Silas wasn't happy in the city. So Andy came up with a solution to solve this problem, as well as Nancy's custody battle with her sister over Stevie. That solution jumped us ahead four months to Connecticut. There we find that the Botwins are living together in a type of compound, allowing them to be a family without having to be that close to one another. But there are still secrets, as Shane is now attending the police academy while telling the family he's going to college. //

'Weeds' finale: Will Season 8 be answering 'Who shot Nancy Botwin?'

"Weeds" took the Big Apple by storm for Season 7, jumping ahead three years and seeing Nancy get out of prison and go back to her drug dealing ways, this time on Wall Street. Her goal was to get Stevie back from her crazy sister Jill. So where did the season finale leave the Botwin clan?Well, some stuff happened in New York. It was all kind of rushed around - funeral for Andy's dead polyamorous friend, Shane saying he can make it up to the police officer he hoodwinked, Nancy and Jill getting all her pot from Dimitry and him conveniently going away to prison. Fast-forward two months - the entire Botwin clan, plus Jill and her two kids, Stevie and Doug Wilson have bought a compound in Connecticut. And someone is hiding in the bushes with a sniper rifle and then a shot rings out."Weeds" hasn't been renewed yet for an eighth season, so... //